Week 08 - 10 2002

Week 08

Coriakin was able to persuade Arista to examine the catsbane necklace, and she found out it´s components. Catsbane, with Lyfe whiskers, claw, and a tuft of fur. I am currently learning how to make one, partly because I have always wanted to learn to make jewels - but also to honor my clanmates persistence. Stainfinger told me it was going to be easy to learn. He lied, and it´s not. I have been fumbling with it for almost 2 zodiacs now and have still not learned the craft. But maybe it´s because I am such a slow learner. I don´t think I will be rich making necklaces, the competition from the witch in Fat Alice´s hut is fierce. She can make one for 5K and a catsbane. I need ingredients that takes many many days to collect, or loads of coppers to buy. And as far as I know, neither claws or whiskers are on the market yet. On the other hand, wouldn´t you want a catsbane necklace made by me rather than that witch? I would!

Update: I am now a jewelmaker! Wooo! I have learned everything Stainfinger can teach me on the subject, now I just need some ingredients to make my very first necklace. Thuja has promised me some already, so I am halfway there. I will make each necklace personal for the exile to wear. And maybe I can some day make some rings as well. I am so excited....

During the last darshak invasion we tried to persuade the darshaks to take Malkor away. At first they did seem interested, but sadly - they lost interest after awhile. That´s what I always have said - never trust the darshaks...A real pity though, as Malkor did seem to have something with Phineas being thrown in jail the other day. I didn´t understand it all I think, but Phineas mentioned something about a theft in Witkus´ hut and some window smashing, and then he of course promptly declared he was innocent. Just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean of course he is innocent. He is a Quiller isn´t he! Phineas also seemed to be convinced that Malkor was going to get him out of jail., somehow. Phineas was released from his prison cell, but outside Kahn was lurking. Ghoti and I tried to do some hypnosis on her to make her sleep, but to no avail. The Quiller thing we use for our clan Zo didn´t work on her. Phineas being the clever one outsmarted her in the end though, and dived in safety in library. This town would have been a lot safer with the darshaks dealing with Malkor. Maybe we could try another deal next time? And try to keep the negotiaters on the darshak side alive a bit? Might work...

This hmm.. creature was spotted near damp cave. When I met him, he was er... I mean.. IT was busy eating Kiriel´s homemade doughnuts. And well, I have never seen anything or anyone eat with such a haste or determination. I was quite certain it was Melabrion using this kind of hmm.. transportation-device .. but I am not so sure now. It didn´t seem to have that kind of mind and spirit as any Brion. I think it might have been just an empty vessel this time. Tenebrion used this hmm.. autonomicon some years back, when he had to defend himself in a courtcase I believe. I don´t remember exactly, I have to search my scrolls... The reason I thought it was Melabrion at first is that it was so eager to trade with Wormy for a moonstone. And remembering Tarf´s talk with Melabrion recently, and the Brion´s interest in the bloodblade - I was quite certain it was headed to Savannna and the Nacerean Order crypt. In some ways, it seemed so helpless, and curious as a child at the same time. All those doughnuts.... Anyway, whether or not it´s a Brion in there I have no idea.

Anakea, Indigo and I went on a search for Shepherd recently. We looked for entrances to the sheep pen on Tenebrion´s island, we rummaged through some huts on Ash - but came up empty. The Mystic with an attitude, Wangah Rah - hrmph , was sadly also present. Oddly enough Indigo trusted the guy. I´ll never trust anyone who tells me I will know when "he deems it necessary". And he has the balls to question me as well! Not trusting me! I even had to defend the cloaked one on our way back. And if that wasn´t enough - last zodiac I had to apologize to him of all things. He even tried to make that moment last a bit longer.. grrr..I hope the next summoning spell blows up in his face. Indeed I do.

Shamhat and Axia recently joined our adventure group, and with the new policy of no guests while we are honing our skills, we are finally able to see some progress in our ventures in EP. We went there last zodiac and used the firecircle to gain entry to the first sphere. This zodiac we used the gardenmaze under Cimmbrion´s keep to gain entry to EP. We still lack some EP battle training and EP experience as a group, but we are slowly getting there. We had problems with the QC as well in the start, but these days we travel through it pretty fast. Unless something happens that is... This zodiac an unlucky member killed the Zu trapping the Queen - and we were in so much trouble...

An angry acid spitting queen is not to be taken lightly, and well.. we fell pretty fast - us fighters that is. The healers were able to hide a bit away from the queen, and with some tip toeing around the queen most were raised. The badly fallens were chained to town and raised, and then we headed back in and into the maze. We still haven´t been able to successfully get Drablak and Callia to the trainer in the EP tower though, but every time we try we are getting closer. It´s really such an odd thing this.... many members in PTF have been to EP lots of times, with us - with other groups. They have an EP experience, but that doesn´t really help much since the group as such do not have the same knowledge and experience. Invidual knowledge doesn´t really count much - it has to be a collective knowledge. And it is the same for every new area. I have seen this time and time again, but it still puzzles me. From Snaggy to Hatred Hollow to Outback to Dred Passage towards EP etc. The only solution is to try and try again, and even with failures the collective "we" are building experience. In addition we need to learn how "we" - specifically the group we are- can handle the area as well. Because something that works for another group might not work for us and vice versa. With more possible entrance spots to EP - we are not so far away from handling it as we were some zodiacs ago though. Next time!

If you wonder about some of us falling to bursts of ether, don´t worry. It´s just Silky, Groan and Drablak doing some experiments....You know, Zo and mystics are a lethal combination. Especially when the Zo wants to fiddle with Kyuems...

Week 09

Disturbing update on the ether readings in the ocean: This from Callia

An update regarding the issue of the Ethereal Swirl we noticed
in the area of the ocean with no current. I was checking the swirl
last night, trying to gauge it's limits, when I was asked to open the
illusions surrounding Dal'Noth. I took a reading while I was outside
of the island, and discovered that I sensed Ethereal energy swirling
around me there as well. Further surveying revealed that the Swirling
Ethereal energy now covers the *entire* ocean. The size of the
effect is growing dramatically.

Callia later had a chance to speak to Melabrion on the matter and kindly sent me a copy of the transcript.

Henryk told me about Ether Clouds attacking in the ocean. I soon learned he was right. A small Ad Hoc adventure-group gathered on Centaur one day. We were eager to try out anything we could at the time. But when we were about to head off, we met one of these clouds in the ocean. I come from the woods, and I am not particurlarly good in fighting on the ocean. And as it seemed - so was no one else. Soon most of us were drifting around, with an ether cloud pursuing anyone who tried to rescue us. During this fight though, we noticed some still water just outside one of the island. A curiosity at the time. When PTF later in the zodiac was gathering to try an EP raid, we headed to the spot to check it out.

It´s right outside the island west of Centaur. Most on the sketch are not using any kind of anchor. And Drablak took a reading as well. Combined with the ether clouds seemingly leaking from somewhere... the conclusion we all came to was that there might be yet another Brion-illusion collapsing. Maybe. Or something else ether-like... I urge all mystics with high Se´el to keep an eye out on this island as well as make ether readings.

After this we headed off to Scarmis. We have found that the path through Scarmis, Maze and to EP is the best way for our little group. It allows us a bit more control in the entry, as we have not the power to go for a full frontal assault. We tried to do a controlled running to the tower again, our goal being to get Callia and Drablak to the trainer. After meeting up in the temple in town after that failed attempt, we decided we wanted to try again. We were a bit stubborn that night, indeed. Arriving in the Warrior circle on EP, we went for the very safe way, killing off the beasties on the snell and luring from the tower snell. See, we had failed the first time mainly because of a mean ether cloud. This time though, we killed it before we entered - and straight way to the tower. Woooo!

In other news, Sor recently talked to Melabrion and he could confirm that DM had said no to his offer of a permanent portal for 6 Orga Stones. He also could tell that the Brions have received one or two of these stones. These does not count towards the six stones though. I am a bit surprised at the Mystic Guild´s objections to the deal.

No, I am not looking to help the Brions. I am looking for ways to help the town. Even if it turns out that the Brions will use it for their own benefit - they will at least show colours. It´s also a way to smoke them out. If not, we have a permanent two-portal to EP, which means less strain on Purgatory as well. As far as I can see, it´s a win win for us - no matter what.

Week 10

Since our successfull tour to EP, where Callia and Drablak met yet another trainer - PTF have ventured to Umbrion´s Keep. A place we think the Ethereal Helmet might be - on the other side of the Zodiac Circle. We have started on the very slow task to uncover it´s secret. There are many reasons we haven´t pursued this before. One is the time requirement you usually need when going to KI. There isn´t much exploring and testing you can do when you need to get to the boatmaker in our alloted time. We also haven´t been strong enough for night-time, so finding a time day happened when we met, proved also to be difficult. And last, but not least - we have been busy doing other things. Our first tour there was last zodiac. And the organizer, that is me, had completly forgotten about the upcoming storm. We usually try to avoid that day as the plague, as it´s rather annoying to have struggled to get somewhere, only to be drawn back to town by the altar. We were in a bit of a hurry, as we expected the storm to hit any time. In a rush we got the ash key and headed to the circles. After many many hours down there my head was spinning. The storm didn´t hit though, thank Gaia. We got quite some testing done, and started slowly to understand bits and pieces. Afterwards, I was so exhausted I slept in the library for almost a zodiac.

After that long recreation, I learned that many other groups had headed there in my absence, testing some of the things we found out previously. This zodiac we headed back in. My head is still spinning. We are starting to see a pattern, we are starting to understand the lay out of the area, and how we think it might work. We still do not know if our theories are wrong or right though. Only more time and testing will tell. In addition to unravel the mystery, we are also facing the challenge of how to deal with the place, as it can be quite deadly. Just before we were headed back home, Haenk insisted on doing just one more run, and dived into a sign and faced no less than 4 Liches. Haenk survived. There are interesting times ahead of us. And Slyph has joined our little adventure group, as well as Kirth Gersen and Olmy. Maybe I can keep Slyph away from my locker and those shoes she keeps putting glue on.

The one thing that has made it possible for us to go there now, is the portal from Tenebrion´s Conference room that leads to Umbrion´s Keep. And back. Using that when we go home, means we have so many more hours available actually exploring and testing. I don´t really know what we would have done without it. Probably using a portal stone and head to EP on the way home, with variable results. That too , takes a long time.

This for all of you who are asking: Aren´t you 6th circle Yet???!!! Bah. I will whoop, slice and cut anyone who says that. From now on! Hear my sad tale and weep. Yes, I do know I am stronger in lessons than some that have passed already. I also know I will probably need one more year to be able to pass the test. Small confined area, with pebbles you need to dodge, and beasties you need to dance, is the worst combination for me. It´s almost undoable right now. And it has less to do with training than with the right shoes. I live with constant tripping, fainting, maniac activity - then full stops etc. All this usually managable in larger areas, with groups and healers. The margins for failing is larger out in the lands. In the confined room one wrong step and I get hit 4 times. I will be able to make it when the margin for failure is lower, that means the bouncer will probably tell me I am stronger than those who have passed - when I pass. Many have offered help in the form of "loaned spirits" with better shoes. I thank them for their concern, but I don´t see the point in that. I can wait, and dream of getting that nice blue belt in the meantime.

A newling named Feauial had a surprisingly friendly meeting with a one of the Tr´ool kin at west gate. The whole conversation can be found here. The hightlight of the conversation was that Qual make the Tr´ool attack, and that the Separ can hurt Qual and that is why he wants it. Sketch shamelessly stolen from Feauial, along with his visionstone.

Many many years, some exiles found a talkative trool down in south forest. I think one of the visionstones from that can be found in the Vault, This was one of the Trools leaders, it was later killed. Another leader was also killed - by us, and Qual could easily control them. Without leaders they lacked direction probably. Since then , they have been busy doing his bidding. Digging through Gaia knows what - to gain easy access to Puddleby, as well as charging Puddleby in suicide runs. The Separ, both in myth and in Tessa´s talk with Kala - has been referred to as a threat to Qual. Either by stopping the source where he gets his power from , or by destroying himself. Both would be devastating to the wizard.