Diary Archives

from year 1999 - 2003

Week 29-34 Finally Ranger, Fighter tests, Hunting in Dark chamber, Malachi on Lilit , Lilit forges a visionstone , Attempt at reaching east of Orga Camp, Where to hunt... , Xantcha´s and Bran´s shared vision , Hunting savanna solo, RQ hunt in savanna
Week 35-37 The case of Lorian, and Zwei´s meeting with Sendorian, Nevyn sighting in library, The discovery of Dal´Noth, and my first meeting with Qual, Sendorian claims Vagile is abducted, Zonk in deep cavern, Vagile is kidnapped, The third circle, Lorian-The Grand Inquisition, first meeting, Another adventure on Dal´Noth, Yazza is kidnapped, Puddleby Navy, Dreams and signs, Zonk and his tower, Syndir kidnapped, and the second meeting of the Inquisition
Week 38-39 Ksyr Agasha appears in town , Meeting with Astral Spark, Solome´s curse, Sir West murdered, Lorian-The third and final convocation of the Inquest, The rescue of Yazza and Vagile Savane, My first meeting with Draupnir, the brother of Sleipnir, Sir West´s funeral, Minx in town, speaking of death in Lok´groton, The Inaugural Ball and Tourney and The Black Knight
Week 40-41 First Grey Wyrm solo, Slave Galley outside Ash, parchment found, Large orga invasion, and a quarrel with my love, Toosa´s translation of the parchment found on Ash, Bartok the Orga Chief steals the Temple altar, The final battle against Bartok, The hunt for coppers to the altar, Meeting with an old foe, Zonk, and his newbuild tower, Toosa´s 2 translation of the Ash parchment, Ksyr Agasha steals Altar funds, Necromancer in jail, and challenged by the Mist Walker, Vermins, vermins everywhere..
Week 42-45 RQ hunt in lily pond, Exploring the caves on Dal´Noth, Altar complete, My first Greymyr hunt., Gumdar the innkeeper charges my love for theft, Keemhan the storyteller, My love moves up to the lake, The feast of Tsrrin, Puddleby´s first pun-contest, Mystic Hut burns down, Vagile´s stabbing service, New bards, About TG´s, Oak Giants and training, Arod conned by Brak'trin, Vermins, vermins everywhere, Sun Dragon Clan Jam, Jackie the rescuer, Pirates
Week 46-47 Attempt to reach Orga camp 4, Sun Dragon Clan Bard Jam, A normal day in the life of an exile (or the day I should have stayed in the library), Slyph´s letter regarding Nita and her search for parents, White Wolf meets Zonk in his tower, Traditional Zo Marriage. Ton To and Kren´daa, New cave opens from the River Tunnel, Tarf´s search for answers, Trauma´s insanity and his raving letter, Sylpha, the new healer trainer arrives, Althea is back from her imprisonment, Another typical RQ hunt..., Lilit performing her rites in the undine cave, and summoning lesser spectres,
Week 48-50 Zonk summons his minions in town, Trauma tries to take his own life, A failed attempt at a rescue, and a new friend, Pressure is on, preparing for fourth circle test, A witch (Prue) stabbing, Luce claims Sleipnir is the father of her child, Prue and my beloved in court, The first BOW (Best of the Weak), Aki the Mystic, Dr. Jabobsen examines my love, My love leaves for a long time, and about friends, K´pyn is enslaved by the witch Prue, A Culcan bites the dust, Althea brings Sendorian back from the mainland, A large invasion in south forest, is it connected to the mirrors?,
Week 51-52 2000 -01 What to do with Sendorian, Falinea rescues OC3, Adventuring in the Abyss, Dal´Noth is in!, Young ones, Poems from the news-scrolls, High-leveled fighters in arena brawl, The Puddleby Zoo, Aki tricked by the witches, DM hunt in deep cavern, Dal´Noth is even more in!, A successfull witch-stabbing,
Week 02-04 Exiles discover Snaggywood, Sleipnir´s captivity in the library, Another attempt on the abyss, Pen is mightier than the sword, Strange happenings, I hire a bodyguard, Zonk captures Sendorian, A conversation with Sendorian, Zwei´s faith, About threats, and keeping a bodyguard,
Week 05-08 Zwei awakens, Zonk wants Sendorian back, A witch attack, East wall collapses, A ripper-hunt gone bad, Diotima wins the first SSTG scholarship , A Peaceton emissary meets Vagile, Jade saves K´pyn from the enslavement, Zonk susceptible to music?, Aeaea´s research on obscure magical rituals and the claim from Luce, Zonk in a terribly bad mood
Week 09-11 Bartok the Orga chief appears again, and the catapult is stolen, The first Puddleby Beauty Pageant is announced, A letter concerning Darkane, and his supposedly alliance with the Darshaks, Aki gives us more information about Darkane, Luce´s birth and her crime - murder, Ladies' Loo´s scribbles, The first Beauty Pageant held in the bards field, Finally, the abyss is taken over by a group of exiles, I am awarded medals from the Navy, The fight between Aki and Sutai over the Phoenix egg, Puddleby Bard's Concert, I challenge Chum to a duel
Week 12-13 My love is controlled by Prue, and how we are able to save my Knight, Rumours of a new Darshak Outpost, Lacrima, who is she?, Aki and Sutai´s fight over the Phoenix egg stopped, Luce´s child is stolen, Finally, I am a fourth circle fighter!, Auction and an upcoming duel with Chum, The Heal Squirr'l contests results, Zonk presents us to his new pet, Little Death
Week 14-17 Battling a superduperfuper Sar´Noth, Diotima about the power-room in OC4, A prayer for Maenygh, Aki meets Sutais challenge, and the Fenix hatches, The duel with Chum, Solo and Solome becomes one, Luce offers a deal, Something related to the mirrors?,
Week 18-19 The Tr´ool´kins, About monsters that gets stronger and exile preservation, The hut on Centaur isle, Darshak raid , About OC4 and the power room, Noivad for Sheriff?, The Tr´ools invade, An awsome rescue in the lavaroom in DT, Sleipnir the Noble Knight takes on bowing in Bones/Snaggy as a way to open the gate., Azriel on dying trees around Puddleby, Insanity in the Fellowship of the Red Quill. Foxfever strikes?
Week 20-22 Meeting with Qual the Wizard on Dal´Noth, Libros and the new library, New trainer in town, Lovma Geer, What Aki and his scrying stone tells, A Greater Death bites the dust, Blitz, the new fighter-trainer, The Puddleby fall-in, Snowferals outside feral Den, Falling to vermines...., The Trool/Noth alliance
Week 23-25 Shepherd and his herd, Destroyer - Luce´s son, Darshaks elite force on Ash and their leader, MichaelAridfox´ dilemma, Clothes woes, My beloved and Prue, Fullmoonraid at OC 4, Alchemist´s Folly and beyond, Minx sighted
Week 26-28 Falinea can heal again , The Qual-Baba clone and Votenkath, the keeper of the Castle on DalNoth , First meeting with Votenkath , RQ hunt successfull , Darshak spy in Town , First meeting with a Tuz´Noth , the Volympics , Koric got his training ledger, Lorian dies
Week 29-40 Sleipnir and I are separated , Wild Snaggy rescue , The proof of Geraldus´wizardhood, A new exile in town, Rephisazootifiss, In Tenebrion´s keep, My first Great Sword ever., About the "Kala Shana" and Qual, Strange scrolls found in Tenebrion´s keep, Indigo´s Mist Key opens a door in Tenebrion´s keep, and the exiles meet the smit DunDur´a
Week 41-43 Tenebrion has to "ease the congestion in his barracks", RQ song in Noid caverns, RQ becomes nr 1 in Dunil´Sar, A large group explores beyond Wisher´s Gate and into Orga Village, White Wolf and Kaitlyn married, Zorton doing his mystical thing, Morty in The Keep´s "fridge",Sir West´s grave moved to east forest, The storyteller Keemhan visits, Elenis´plan on how to get Tenebrion´s smith on our side, RQ´s first mascot, Stunti, Chitra talks to Master Hekus about Tenebrion, The gullible Shepherd and his Magic Witch Club, Tarf kills Tenebrion´s emissary, Shepherd on sheep and clubs
Week 44-45 Sor makes a portrait of me, My guestbook stolen, I am charged of assault and attempted kidnapping by Sir Sleipnir, Feast of Tsr´inn, Tenebrion´s invitation, The fullmoonraid on Autumn 24, 539, where Robin Greyhawk finds a stone in OC4.
Week 46 Daylong rescue in Dark Chamber, Shatuga gives Tessa his the RQ pin as collateral, McBain´s and Olie´s discovers the trail to the fort on Devil´s Isle, The drunken Crius, Qual invades town, and searches the Mystic Guild for something, Exiles ruins the mystics concentration in the latest fullmoonraid, The battle with the Queen of Myrms,
Week 47-51 The search for Gayla and Trillbane , Puddleby meets Tenebrion, Interview with Umbrion, Tenebrion´s brother, The search for the Separ, Koric´s feeble mind, Algernon back at the fence, after a long and hard rescue from DC, Tenebrion probing exiles spirit., Tenebrion´s guards rebell, Purgatory problems, Tenebrion no longer wants to wait for a treaty with Puddleby, Malkor steals a Sword of Souls from Tenebrion, K´pyn meets Tenebrion, Sor´s history project
Week 01-04 Tenebrion denies that the problems with Purgatory stems from his experiments, Votenkath summons undine to patrol the Castle on Noth, Raid trough Wisher´s Gate and the orga Outback , Callias analysis and my thoughts on Tenebrion, Kira abducted, Fullmoonraid day 27 of Autumn, 540, Votenkath on Noth juice and Qual, Charlos and Solas´ wedding, On the WG raids, Drenn hears voices on Tenebrion´s island
Week 05-09 Votenkath speaks of the Separ, The Clan Pogue Mahone reach Foothills, PMC finds a cave on snéll 33 in Outback, To kill a Zo,The entrance to Dred Passage is found, Nox Sorora declares Tenebrion war, Brions in heated family discussion, Umbrion on a town visit, The Dred Passage, Ataru gets his RQ parade, Mystic tactical search, Having tea with Emmei, Algernon gets to tour Orga Outback, The Crystal is assembled, and we travel the planes, Another tour to the ethereal plane
Week 10-12 Kira and Brae´s wedding, The Sword of Souls reacts to the ethereal sword, Cradlesong´s fate in Tenebrion´s tower, Umbrion unleashes his forces on Tenebrion´s island, The illusions surrounding Umbrion´s Isle is brought down, and carnage ensues, A successful? tour through the Zodiacs, Sutai leading RQ in workout, Dred Passage conqured, and exiles meet Katpus in Foothills,
Week 13-16 Qual speaks, Tenebrion upset by exiles in ethereal plane, Pool found in Foothills, Successfully leaving Lyfe Isle for the first time, Travel through the Zodiacs, and the missing phrase on Tenebrion´s scrolls
Week 17-24 Carnage on Tenebrion´s Island, Prue weaves her evil spell, and makes me trip in the fifth circle test, Storoenna the mad one, RQ meats the valley beasts, and stories about the ethereal plane and odd clouds, Alhemy bowl, Ethereal Stone, Darshak invasion, Dream about Falinea and the Orga Stronghold, Librarytales,
Week 25-30 Fifth circle fighter, Presents and Cutlas, Lyfeledias, Fat Alice, Tenebrion warns us against a path leading from EP to our Purg is becoming more defined, Aeaea, RQ´s Master Scholar is missing, The Tower in the ethereal plane, FMOCR and blackjack, Travelling the planes
Week 31-33 EP raid , A disaster on the Plane, Lugubrion, Tenebrion´s brother meet Puddleby, Karkras, Healery and Nevyn the Full Mystic, Refareus and his potion of energy, Small group conquers Hatreds Hollow
Week 35-38 Aeaea is rescued from the void, Tenebrion wants a scaramis egg, Tan Team in Tenebrion´s keep, Fat Alice moves to South West beach, Gerag the drake, PM rejected by Umbrion, Robin Greyhawk gets a stone in a Full Moon Orga Camp Raid
Week 39-41 PTF on KI, The Nox Chapterhouse burns down, Raids to KI, Fat Alice gets rescued on KI and gives exiles the Luminescent salve, Tenebrion and the Ethereal Amulet, I get a training ledger, Gerag dies, The Puddleby Task Force
Week 42-45 Zorton´s readings in the Ethereal Tower, Sued by Azael the Mad One, The Feast of Tsrinn, Tenebrion and Umbrion talks about ether, portals and science., PTF in cavebrawl on KI, Tharloch decipher the cypher found in EP tower,
Week 46-49 Zonk is back and kicking..., LIFE succeeds and finds their way through the Foothills , Malkor freed from Qual´s enslavement, and finally I am too - after 6 years., Kala Sahar talks to Tessa about the Separ, Confessions: The betrayal of the Knight , SDC and me in Orga Outback, Disaster and superbeasties in Dark Chamber, Scarmis Pen on Ash, Second sphere of the ethereal plane?, Cimmbrion, another Brionbrother , Slyphonics looking for singers to their first opera,
Week 02-07 The Gardenmaze under Cimmbrion´s Keep, Acid spitting Scarmis Queen, Scarmis Cave under Ash, PTF in Tenebrion´s Keep, Kalian becomes Melabrion´s servant, Shepherd is missing, and Skirwan´s body is found on Ash, Fat Alice seeks a gem, A run through the second sphere of EP, PTF equips the Ethereal Boots
Week 08-10 Babajaga, the jewelrer, Malkor-woes , Meeting Sarir , Searching for the missing Shepherd, PTF raid, Ethereal Swirl in the Ocean, PTF in Umbrion´s Maze, Feauial meets a friendly Tr´ool ,
Week 11-14 Ethereal Stalkers and water bursts attacks town, Zodiac Circle under Umbrion´s Keep, The winning game, Qual the Wizard killed, welcome Qual the Sylvan, Entil and Drue = True?, Sarir talks about his people
Week 15-22 Tenebrion on portals and the orga stones, Ethereal travels, The Baba oops and PTF, Melabrion speaks to Nacerus through Sarir, Slyph`s branding, Steam in the ocean
Week 22-24 Yor and his chain, KI tour and gerbils, Wedding date is set, Nathar the Darshak
Week 25-27 Back from 4 years of libraryhunting, Dark Cloud and jumping, PTF 8 years old