Last updated: 12.10.99

Week 29-34

Week 29

I have worked hard for this title. Indeed I have. Altough I usually don´t think twice of what the peasants think of me, in this I do.... I think I was the first Sylvan Lady after the war. And maybe the first Lady even, but I am not sure about that. Joy may have beat me to it.

Week 30

I was able to make the final quest , and am now a full Ranger! Master Ranger Cadrell gave me the token of the Hawk, and I was ready to explode of pride. It has been a long and hard journey, but I am finally there. Now it is time for me to decide who to train next.

My love returned to the lands in this week too! Oh joy! He has been sorely missed, as the lands seems so dark without him. We have spent a lot of time together, hunting for those elusive berries.

At last. I have been hunting this thing for ages. And with moral support from Polgara and DarqMax I was finally able to solo the thing. I have been trying and trying and trying. It always got in those blows, and I can not take many of those. And then I had to flee, Troilus, and try again. I was doing it all wrong see... I realized that I had as lousy regia as the crawler, so I did as it does, only I skipped the circling part. And won! Hooray!

Week 31

Fighters now have tests too, as the healers have had for quite some time. As I entered the area to try for third circle I was very nervous indeed. My weather was uncontrollable, as it has been the whole week, and I was a little afraid that I would faint in the middle of it all. I didn´t, I merely ran out of time. I am a Sylvan and not one of those hardhitting Zo´s, time is usually what I need to defeat anything. But I have talked to Master Darkus more recently, so we shall see. I have to practice my Rage trapping skills too. And if you sense me falling to a Rage in the Colio, you know what I am trying to do...

We are still battling those imprudent Orga´s. We have defeated them and driven them back from the meadow numerous times, but they still try. When will they learn I wonder...

Week 32

As we saw the kudzu slowly die, we decided it was time to leave. I did my most daring rescue to date. The others were waiting outside, I equipped my chain, and with Death furies as shields I managed to tie it to Baerwizz while that Liche was staring at me. When I arrived in the safe tree with Baerwizz, I was so shaken I had to sit down for many minutes to calm down. Whew...

I hate Bindra, I really do. My last chain broke when I was trying to use it for the first time, and this time it didn´t even leave metal! If there were any way I could sue her or hang her from a tree I would!

That sweet dwarf Coeur de Leon actually gave me some berries! I used them to dye my skirt, and after some time I found a cluster of berries myself and dyed my shirt. So now I am all new!

A Fen named Malachi approached our Clanleader this week with some disturbing news. This boggles my mind, and I do not know who to believe. That visionstone left my heart cold as ice. If anything of what he claims is true... Gaia help us all. I use much of my time in the lands now to find solutions and talk to exiles.

Week 33

Lilit was able to forge a visionstone! Since I was there I know what really happened, and yet Lilit somehow altered it to look like.. well. See for yourself! This undermines Malachi´s accusations of course. Who is he then? And why does he accuse Lilit of such horrid things?

Alas, I failed the third circle test again. I really hate that Orga beast. I have large problems with circling beasts in general, because of my constant weather condition. I have troubles with rats and vermins now even. I cannot trap the thing, neither in Colio or in the testing area. I stumble around, uncontrollably. I guess I have to wait till I can solo the beast without having to trap it. So, I made a decision after this failure. I will continue to train like I have been doing, and not train specifically for this test. Third circle comes when it comes. I soloed a Purple Arachnoid in the Colio earlier, and a Queen Myrm. Last time I was in colio I fell to the purple because I suddenly was caught in a storm, right after falling to the rage. When I then fought the Queen Myrm after that , the odds were sky-high. Most were sure I was going to lose. One exile told me that he got 87 coppers after having bet 5 coins... So, if you know your fellow exiles, you can make a lot of money in the colio.

The Grand Ball and Tourney was canceled. We got a chaos storm instead. Both I and my love was terribly disappointed, and so were many exiles I think. Nevertheless, I have faith we can reschedule later. I surely would not miss this.

I do not trust Lilit anymore. I simply cannot. After what Ser Zwei told me about the recent happenings, and what kind of beasts now inhabits the Undine Cave... I had to get help once, because there were a GW roaming around in north eastfield. A Greater Wraith! I have not seen those in the Undine Cave since the war! And Ser Zwei told me about large forces of undines pouring out from the cave... Gaia forgive me for having doubts still. I do not know who to believe anymore. Lorian was able to cleanse Ser Zwei´s eye last night, It was full of puss and ugly things. And I do not even want to speak of what Lorian found... Oh I wish my love was in the lands! Why does he always leave me like this, alone, and with no one to confide in!

Another attempt at trying to reach further east from the new Orga Camp failed. I didn´t had to depart this time though, thank Gaia. We were doing well for a very long time. I was in a group defending the rear, controlling the spawns from the west. But this place is nasty, the beasts just kept pouring in, and eventually we had to retreat. I do think however that most got out of there standing, and not the easy route trough Purgatory.

After this horrible treatment for a long time, I was deeply concerned. Would the healers be able to raise me at all?

I required 5 healers. 5 healers! This is the first time this has happened to me. And hopefully the last. But those rats really nibbled on me. A lot.

Week 34

Well... sigh... I failed the fighter test again. This time I tried a different approach to things, but it didn´t help much. I still got that " Ding, your time is out.." Stupid Orga beast. I can´t seem to keep that beasts interested in me for the required amount of time it takes me to kill it. The Rage just wanders off! Silly beast indeed! Why can´t it just stand still and let me kill it like a courteous and gentle beast!

Where to hunt these days, where to hunt... The Dark chamber is off limit since the Greater Wraith cannot be walked anymore. Although I have high Atkus, I am of less use now in there. I don´t even know if I can hit those regular Wraiths anymore. The arachnoid cave has currently visit from two Black Widows, so that one is closed now too. As if one is not enough... I have tried to solohunt down south in the savanna, but that is a dangerous task. Hard to stay alive, and not very efficient hunting. Those yellow maha´s that lives there seems to have higher atkus than the other one. And hit me more than I care for. So after one such encounter I usually have to seek shelter and troilus. And wendies, well - I have to kill a zillion wendies to earn that one rank, but I do hunt them sometimes. Those nightwendies are good practice for the beast-I`m-not-going-to-mention. Bears are a nice change of pace, and the TGbg has been more quiet after they stopped to drop chests regularly. I have had some really nice hunting hours there with good companions. Those Giant Foxweirs are nasty though, and the Vixen´s are hilarious. If you don´t have Atkus to hit them, you can actually get trapped , and be unable to get away. Hmm, and of course, then there is that regular visit from the Orga´s. Hemlocks and Spites, along with Dark Vermins. Not a place for newborns, that is for sure. My choices are few these days. If only we could get further east from the new OC....

Vagile Savane has done it again... Listen to her song The Epic song of Puddleby.

Michael and Heccacia are getting married, tomorrow! And my wedding present for them is not ready yet, oh dear.

As soon as I had finished reading Xantcha´s and Bran´s shared vision, I jumped out of the library in a hurry and rented a small boat. I explored all west of Puddleby, but could not find anything unusual. Visions of the future is strange that way, because you never know how far in the future they have seen. Anyway, I do hope this town will be discovered soon, cause they seemed to need help from us. If you are not familiar with Bran´s visions, now is the time to read those scrolls.

The last days in the land I have been trying out Savanna more. It is an interesting, but dangerous hunting ground. Sometimes I think the beasties have it all wrong. I am supposed to be the hunter, not the hunted... Part of solohunting anywhere is to find out what you can and can not do. When to swing and when to stop. Where to retreat and when. After several attempts I finally figured it out. But at night its bad. I cant take on more than one of those yellow ones at the same time. Bricking three is.. well, ouch.. And I haven´t even dared to try to dance them. They are hard and fasthitters. On another note, I gave in and talked to Skea today. I want some coppers from those vermins that seems to be everywhere. Although I really should be talking to Balthus more. All that atkus and less balthus makes me unbalanced right now.

Michael Aridfox and Heccacia are now properly married! Hooray! My best wishes to this lovely couple!

RQ are not usually known for its hunts, although we should be. There is no clan that can after two areas be scattered about all fallen. We can, and have. But this time Healery wanted to try another approach to things. That meant a plan and a hunt leader. We were going help one of our <censored> to look for a <censored>. If I had known what the <censored> was looking for we might have taken another route, but as it were the <censored> didn´t know more than we did about the <censored> thing. So, we headed boldly south.

We should have gotten the hint.. really. They all fled north while we were headed south...

We managed to stay up for a very long time. Actually I think this is our best effort to date. Considering that we met a Large Sand Wurm and killed it, without too many injuries and bruises. But then, of course, disaster struck. The last one standing was Trauma, but he had to bite the dust too. Even he has to give up when trying to dodge two large sand wurms, some deadly crawlers and other assorted beasties, all the time trying to raise the fallen. So, our trip back to town was a short one. But, now we finally understood what <censored> that the <censored> was after, and the proper and less dangerous route was taken. For, even when faced with danger greater than what we possibly can imagine, RQ do not give up. The <censored> got his thing, and we made it back to Puddleby, up and running this time.

Vagile told me where the Mist Walker keeps his bottles of Martini. What a splendid little revenge for the Courteous Stroll to the smelly village it would be if I could get hold of all those bottles....

Back in town there were a large feral convention being held. We, the inhabitants of this small-town highly objected to that of course, and had to get close and personal with the uninvited guests. Much carnage to be had it was. And I just love that!