Week 05-08

Diary archive

Week 05

Zwei has now returned to her formal state, also her mind. But alas, she feels she can no longer be a part of our fellowship. This saddens me. Indeed it does. But after a talk with her where she seemed skeptic as ever to Lorian and Lilit, I was assured that she indeed was of our own mind and that made the loss of her easier to bear.

I do miss him so much. This is the sketch I carry around with me these days. Not a minute passes without me thinking about him and longing for him. It has been so long since I saw him last. He is so sweet. When we met last time he insisted on wearing my colors. Black and red. After some hesitation he chose black. Isn´t he a handsome one!

Zonk was trying to beat his record of how many exiles he could get down on that cold floor in deep cavern. He was quite pleased with himself when that number reached 40. Sendorian seems to have escaped trough the crack in the altar though, and oddly enough Zonk wants him back. He wants him back so much that he goes to great lenghts to get him. Even trap many exiles in his tower and tell them he will keep an eye on all of them. A link between him and them. So beware, there are spies in our midst. Why Zonk wants Sendorian back is not quite clear though. But it seems that while Sendorian was trapped - Zonk was able to get the knowledge of mindcontrol from him. Before that, Zonk didn´t even knew what made us intelligent.. we have brains. Maybe Zonk didn´t get it all, maybe there is still something he lacks. I don´t know. But I know my alarm bell is ringing. Just that he wants Sendorian back should be enough reason to not let him.

While I was fallen in townsquare, helpless after we had played freeze-tag with the orga´s in OC3 - Prue sneaks up to me,and pulls a hairstraw from me. I yelled and kicked and screamed. Xantcha came running but it was too late. Prue had already run off, with that straw of hair. Sadly enough, my bodyguard was not there either. I have no idea what she wants to do with this, or what dark rite she is going to use it in. But I know for certain it will not be of any good. So if you know someone who knows someone who knows something about how I can protect myself, please approach me in town.

Week 06

The attacks on our town are growing in strength, and just some days ago some orga frenzies were able to destroy the east wall guarding the gate. The Bones sn´ell in Snaggy has some peculiar things in the centre, and up in the north east corner there is a purplish thing that looks like it could be a gate. Every mystic and pathfinder in the lands have tried to open it but to no avail. There is also some large footprints leading out from this gate. Is this where the orga fearless come from? Does it lead to another camp? A camp inhabited by Orga fearless and Dissents?


I hate these beasties. Really. I do. And 8-10 of these is really too much.. But those were the ones who greeted us as we came out from the tunnel. We couldn´t escape back south, since our pathfinder fell. We couldn´t get past those rippers as they were surrounding us. We just had to stay , fight, and pray...It was like my nightmare come true. Every hunt in these caverns my hunting partners are having fun at my expense. Aki for example finds great fun in whispering "Rippers!" to me, and "They are after your guts!" whenever we hunt here. So is everyone else. I gather I am part of the hunt-entertainment, when I start shivering uncontrollably and decide to hide behind the nearest healer. I have even hid behind Aki..... Ok, so I am afraid of these beasties. They fill me with such terror I can´t describe it. We had some sort of grip on the situation awhile, but those rippers have a long reach, so they managed to get to the two healers still alive. And after that if was a matter of time. Gurgi were able to escape, but as he did so the rippers became even more interested in me alas. Ah well, we had company in eachother as a rescue party were forming. A rescue on Dal seems to be among the fun things exiles do, so we had a huge rescue party coming for us. And the revenge was sweet. Striking those nasty critters down afterwards was a pleasure. But, no more ripper hunting for me in awhile.

SSTG press releases

SunStone Tuner's Guild Scholarship Foundation (SSTG-SF)
proudly announce the first scholarship winner. Mystic
Diotima had sufficient training to show her strong will
to master the craft, and was the best candidate among the
all the candidates. She has received 1500 coppers for her
lessons to master the craft.
SSTG-SF still has fond to select two more scholars. We
will be looking forward next qualified, good candidate.

SSTG had made a new arrangement with the west foundation.
If you apply to the west foundation and qualified, your
entrance fee to the SSTG is set to be 50 coppers, instead
of 100 coppers. Contact Lady Sadraz and Artian Aki for

Aki, the founder and an artisan of SSTG

Vagile was approached recently by an emissary from Peaceton. They will give the Puddleby Navy some ships to provide protection for the fledgling import / export business. Puddleby Navy will be offering some passenger berths for prospective adventurers and merchants interested in visiting Peaceton. Read Vagile´s letter that explains it all.

Week 07

Jade saves K´pyn

Jade was finally able to break the spell that has held K´pyn in enslavement for so long. I didn´t understand much of the ritual she was performing, but the end result was that K´pyn seemed to be of his own mind. Two drawbacks though.. Jade fell, beyond the moonstone to heal, and K´pyn seems to be in love with Prue. I met Jade in town some days ago, and she told me that when she woke up, her sister Pixy was there. She had used a potion they were going to use on their father when they found him. Thankfully Jade seems to be healthy, although she told me about an urge to kill things. Must be the blood from the black widow she drank. Not your usual.. cup of tea that.. I am very glad this whole sad affair is over. I did miss my friend the dear thoom, and now he seems to be back again. Now we have to find out how to get rid of that nasty lovesickness . In love with Prue! Really!

Fellow Exiles and others

I would like to announce another ELF auction coming up soon!

I've scheduled the date and time for 8:45 PM Pacific Standard Time on
Friday, February 25.

We use these auctions to raise money for our clan and for other noble
purposes. In addition, 10% of the money raised will be donated to the West
Foundation to help new exiles.

If you wish to donate items to the auction, please do see me or another
member of ELF prior to the day of the auction.

Note that we would like to allow others to auction off their items to the
crowd as well. However, since we are organizing this event, and as a
courtesy to us, please conduct your own auctions after ELF has completed its
auction. And please, if you are thinking of scheduling your own large
auction, be sensitive to this one and don't "stomp" on it by conducting
yours, say, the day before ours! :)

I will post a list of items available a few days prior to the auction so you
can see in advance whether or not you want to come!

Thanks everyone for your support,


Does Zonk have a weak spot? Perkusi was able to soften him up with her music one day in noids.This is what she wrote me:

Fair Babajaga, I write with good news!

Many months ago I had played music for Zonk in town
square, and he left the square without hurting a soul.
So, today when I heard he was in the arachnoid caves
wreaking his usual havoc, I went to see if I could
again soothe him with music. I saw him floating about
as always, and asked if he would like to hear a song.
He agreed and I began to play. He smiled after it was
done, and clapped! I asked if he would like to hear
more and he said yes. Soon, he stopped counting dead
bodies and people began to be raised to fight the
creatures successfully.

I was right pleased to have been of help. I pushed it
even further, though, hoping to find out if he had a
weakness. I asked him if we could have tea, and he
agreed! He took me to his tower and showed me around
as we sipped our black tea. He was most gracious! He
let it slip that my music seemed magical.

Babajaga, I think I have found a weakness! I am
working on a tune right now that will render him weak,
maybe weak enough for us to accomplish our goal.

For Argh!

Week 08

Some time ago Aeaea wrote a letter to my beloved, explaining some obscure magical rituals. And alas, it seems to be highly related to what Luce claims. That Sleipnir is the father of the baby she is carrying. If this is what is happening, if Aeaea is right about the connection, oh dear.. I do not know what to do. How to fight something so powerful as this? Here is a quote from Aeaea´s letter. I have the whole letter too.

It is said that these beings have such power that they can "take" a man in wild and raucous abandon while his wife sleeps contentedly beside him!

Is this what happened? I recently found a torn note in the library. Read it and feel that cold hand around your heart as I did. If only my beloved was near me!


Our pawn is nearly in place. The fool knows not what guides him, but
success is almost certain. S and his whore will never suspect -- let
alone the rest of the sanctimonious brood.

Our vengeance will soon be complete!


Imagine these eightlegged as far as your eyes can see. Everywhere. Even inside the temple. That is what I saw one day when Zonk came to visit. He didn´t seem like his usual self. He seemed to have left his politeness on the way. All he could say to us was "Die. Just.. die." The battle lasted for many many hours. Wave upon wave of these beasties. After awhile we managed to get the battle moved to eastfield, but had to retreat several times. We couldn´t locate his tower however, and neither him - before he self decided to show himself for us. Then he blocked the south bridge, along with many of his pets, the black widow. If a bard had been present, we might have tried what Perkusi found out - that he can be persuaded with music.