Week 09-11

Diary archive

Week 09

Bartok the Orga Chief has yet again been seen in the lands. Mork and Angel met him in the meadow. All he said was "Leave!" . Of course they didn´t .. Shortly followed a long and hard battle, where we tried to take control over the meadow. The orga´s are getting better at defending their Warlocks. They had formed a line of regular orga in front of the locks, so the bolt throwing ones were hard to get to. Finally we prevailed, only to find that the orga camp was full of a new battalion of Warlocks. Bartok must have fled this way, and these were defending his escape route. Bartok was the one who lead the Orgas to victory in the recent Orga War, where they stole our temple altar.

Some days later a huge force of locks together with Zerks were holding the orga camp. Some counted as many as 30 locks... If this is true or not I can´t say. I was able to stay up for a time, but eventually fell near the campfire after a failed attempt to charge them. Knowing that it might take several hours before any exile could reach me, I let my mind wander a bit, so I didn´t see the successful takeover. I hear they finally made it with three rods, splitting up the bolts to a number the healers could deal with. The orgas keep hammering our defenses, and only some days ago they were able to destroy more of the east wall guarding our town, and take our catapult. I have no doubt we will see the catapult again, but this time aimed at us.

To all Exiles, greetings.

The Fellowship of the Red Quill, in association with Elenis Reyav and Rank
Whore Magazine
(we hope), is pleased and proud to announce the very first


Saturday, March 11th
2.00 pm PST, 5.00 EST
In The Bards' Field

Contestants will compete in two categories
• Swimwear
• Interests and Hobbies

Come and cheer for your favourite Sylvan Lady! Come and barrack Chum when
he takes his pants off! Come and admire! Come to be seen! Come to mix with
the creme de la creme of Puddleby High Society.


There will be prizes for the winners of the beauty contest, as well as a
prize for

The Celebrity MC will be (we hope) the famous and much-loved KOJIRO!!! of
Rank Whore fame.

Huzzah, Huzzah!!!!!!! Tally Ho. Anybody who wishes to compete must send a
message via courier to Sleipnir, or contact the fair Babajaga
or the noble Elenis.

Sleipnir (a humble Knight of great heart)

While strolling trough the mystic garden, I stumbled upon this worn letter. I am submitting it here because it contains important information, if true, about an exile who is a trusted member of our community. Although leaking of such information might be a crime, I am not a mystic and therefore not bound by their laws. I can hardly believe that Darkane did actually sell the ring to the darshaks, but how can the mystic council be wrong. They are after all mystics, and supposed to "know" things..

Vagile have been selling tickets to Peaceton lately, so has Malkor. I think they are sold out by now, as they didn´t have so many for sale from the start. I tried to buy one from Malkor, but the price was too steep for something that can be my last journey. No one knows the captain of the ship that will transport the exiles there. And there are rumors of great dangers ahead of those that sail. Xantcha and Bran´s shared vision gave us a glimpse of what the exiles might face.

It seems that Darkane has disappeared, unable to defend himself against the charges. Aki has written a letter concerning the case. I still have a hard time believing that this gentle and kind human could do such a thing. But Aki states in his letter that the evidence is clear..

Luce the witch has given birth. Two were born, but openly in public Luce confessed she had drowned one! In the lily pond ! The reason was.. The sideshow didn´t want it because it was too healthy, too normal. I immediately ran to Constanze charging Luce for murdering her own child. She was sentenced to jail, however - only for 17 minutes! 17 minutes in jail for the murder of a child! It´s nothing more than a slap on the wrist. After she was released, we exchanged a few pleasantries outside the jail. She still is convinced the father of the remaining child is Sleipnir. In this I can do nothing but pity her, as she is obviously in denial of her actions. My bet is still Bartok, as it fits in with the time of when the baby was conceived.

The scorning of my beloved and me continues. Just read this that someone not named found written on the walls of the Ladies' Loo in Puddleby.

Last night in the square, Babs was pissed
When she heard five young dames, who confessed
That they'd all like to sleep near
That handsome Knight Sleipnir
'Cause they've heard (in a word) he's the best!

Whoever wrote this even use that terrible name Babs!! As the other content is not enough!

Week 10

There are two forthcoming auditions:

A Bard Quester audition will be held on Sat 18 Mar 00 at 11:00am CST (5:00pm
A Full Bard audition will be held on Sat 25 Mar 00 at 3:00pm CST (9:00pm

Requirements for these auditions can be found at the Bard's Guild scroll
As always, Full Bard
members are encouraged to attend the auditions to assist with the voting
process. Also, the Bard's Guild has built a new stage within the field,
making performances easier to hear! Stop by and have a listen!

We hope to see you there!


Puddleby´s first Beauty Pageant was held in the bards field. There were a lot of exiles gathered there. And the contestant line was long. The swimwear they presented was everything from starbuck steaks to complete nudeness. Yes, indeed! Bloodhawk feathers, maha furs - you name it, the exiles had it. The judges were Reye, Papa, Kevin, Shamhat, Elenis Reyav and myself. Sleipnir the Noble Knight was MC, since Kojiro didn´t show up. The winners were :

1 prize Sutai - Lila berries and 2000 coppers , Runner up Pacifist Thoom - Shiny dagger, Best dressed Exile Althea - 1000 coppers and sadly but true, disqualified for attempted bribery of the judges, Una

See, the sisterwitches were trying to bribe the judges, handing them a note saying " Una must win" together with a small sum of coppers. This cannot be tolerated. The judges promptly told the judge-panel about the on goings of the witches, and we decided that we should not let this color our judgment of Una, neither good or bad, but that it was of course a disqualify reason. After this the judges have taken much abuse from the witch community. They somehow think that the blame is on our part, while it´s clearly their actions that led to this sad result. And just look at what Paramedic reports in his #2 Daily Fishwrap

More Beauty Contest news:
Noivad reports that he may be taking the contest judges to court,
pending evidence of a conspiracy to disqualify Una from the contest.
Noivad also says that he is still running for sheriff. "I realize the
possible backlash, but I must do what I must do", he tells the Fishwrap.

Late news into the Daily Fishwrap: Althea has given Una half of her
winnings from the pageant, in protest of the judges' decision.


If you haven´t heard, Noivad is actually going to marry Prue. And Noivad is the one running for the sheriff title. Just imagine, witchery and law enforcement together..

A dream come true. A moment I have been waiting for. Ever since the Ripture War this has been a goal of mine. To be able to hunt the abyss, and especially the Abyssal Hunters. The attempts have been many, departs even more. But at last. We had been hunting liches in DT, and Astral Guardians in the astral plane, when Gurgi tells us we are going to the abyss. We are? I asked, and I could feel how my knees sort of clapped together. Yes, he said. trying to get a party going he said. Oh dear. I have to admit my heart sank a little, with our last attempt fresh in my mind. As the party gathered around the red cloud, I found some courage.. somewhere.. These brave exiles formed the group: Yoshida-X, Dianus, Knucklehead, Thuja, Degu, Gurgi and myself. Gurgi went in alone many times first, to clear out the demonic vermine, the largest threat to our healers. he then proceeded to trap them all in the northeast corner. This way we only had to face one Abyssal Hunter at a time. Which is a Good Thing.. They swing fast, they are the fastest in the lands in that respect. So when I moved up to one it would wiff me some, but then suddenly strike me - and usually many times in a row, leaving me bleeding on the ground. But I hit many- almost all I think. And the joy I felt when I sensed that I had helped vanquish an abyssal hunter is hard to explain. We were the first group to take over the abyss since Beastie 2.0. Quite an accomplishment. I am proud to have been part of that. Thuja made a visionstone of a part of the hunt. Later I heard that several groups had been there after us that day. We showed it could be done, although still highly dangerous.

After clearing the abyss for all the Abyssal Hunters that were there, we went back to the astral plane -looking for astral guardians, and from there to DT where a liche roamed. Heading back to abyss we went the red line. I have never been any good in walking that line, and I much prefer to go trough DT. Of the sketch you can figure out why I loathe that line so much. I never seem to be able to manage good enough. I fell. And in an attempt to rescue me, all these brave exiles fell too. In the end there were not even one spot free so others could enter. We then had to resort to outerly D/C tactics to clear a spot. Many more fell, before Edomae charged in and managed to kill that skeleton near Viper there. And after another round of cleverly managed d/c ing.. Tarf stormed in, and survived! He had departed earlier, bless him. We were all saved, and I could meet my love in town while the rest of the group went back to abyss..

To Vagile Savane, Captain and Squire, greetings.

Let it be known that, in my capacity of Captain of the Puddleby Navy
Fleet One, and in my capacity as the Honorary Admiral of this above
Navy, I have officially awarded Babajaga Vanimalda the Bronze Star of
Swimming Excellence, for her heroism above and beyond the call of
duty, for her compassion and bravery in the face of overwhelming
adversity, and for her abilities above and beyond those of any other
exile in the Land (except Captain Vagile and Admiral sir Sleipnir).

Furthermore, I have also awarded her the Red Chain of Celestial
Beauty, a medal not on the official Navy List, lying, as it does,
entirely within the Admiral's jurisdiction and outside the usual
chain of command.

I remain,

As ever,

The Rt. Hon. Admiral sir Sleipnir Na Gralam, Knight of the Rose

Aki and Sutai are at eachothers throats these days. The matter of dispute is over a phoenix egg. To find one has been Aki´s quest on this island, but the one who found it was Sutai. Aki has written a letter where he explains his concern.

I met them in town, and got drawn into their argument. Apparently Sutai would not let Aki see the egg, not even examine it. Aki was of course very concerned that Sutai´s carelessness could destroy the egg. I tried to let Sutai give it to a trustee, but that seemed hopeless as it turned out he doesn´t trust anyone. Since I understood Aki´s concern, I pretended I didn´t believe the egg was unharmed. And went on and on with how much exiles would hate him for destroying such a precious item.. etc. Indeed. I tricked him. I was worried about the egg too! Finally Sutai gave in and showed the egg to Aki, but the place he kept it didn´t calm down Aki a bit. On the contrary. Fining that the egg was kept in a dark and cold cave, Aki became frantic. And accepted Sutai´s challenge, to fight over the egg. So if you see Sutai struggling to lift things, or running around the Sentinel, you know why. He tries to get in shape.

Week 11

Announcing: Puddleby Bard's Concert

A grand concert will be held on the 28th day of Summer y537 at 10:15am at the
Bard's Field (Sat 22 Apr 00 at 8:00pm PST).

This concert will showcase duets and trios of the Bards. Those Bards
interested in performing should contact Phineas, Tonle or Perkusi by 89th day
of Spring y537 (Sat 15 Apr 00), and should have one piece of music written for
a duet or a trio.


A diplomatic courier has been sent to Peaceton to invite several Peaceton
dignitaries to this event. We hope that our new trade partners are able to attend.

We all dream.

I was so lucky to provide Polygon with a Tor shell that Hendrux actually accepted many many moons ago. I met Polygon when he approached me, eager to learn how to dance the beasties. We had a nice lection in the eastern pass, and when I found a tor shell it was natural for me to give it to this fine exile. He honored me and thanked me by writing me a tune, especially for me! How terribly sweet of him that was. Alas I was not able to write the notes down, but as soon as I see Polygon again I will.

Chum is at it again. Slandering and scorning and trying to humiliate my clan, and my beloved and me. Yelling corruption because some witches decided an RQ event was an easy prey, which proved to be wrong. While Healery, RQ´s soulguider have taught him a thing or two in courteous conduct, much is still to be learned I fear. I have challenged him to a duel. I know, rather hasty on my part - but still. Someone has to step up to the plate - why not me. He is of course a slippery one, and he refuses to take my challenge. Instead he wants to be able to choose the weapons and place himself. Hiding behind - Do as the Puddlebians do.. pfft.. The ongoing discussion is found in the newscrolls. Whenever, or if ever we come to an agreement, you will hear it.. I have been in.. clinch with this one before, ever since Our Stroll to the Smelly Village just after the war, he hasn´t been able to fool me. Or well, he has..... actually, sigh , but not his intent. He tricked me into meeting a necromancer in jail, and it was after that my beloved and me tried to get even. I will watch my back carefully this time. And yet somehow I feel like I being lead into a trap...