Week 12-13

Diary archive

Week 12

It has been a busy week. It all started with a regular RQ hunt in lily pond. After some initial successes we all fell to this mean queen maha. That is where the regular RQ hunt comes in.. Geraldus comes to save us, but so does another - and she had no intention of saving us. Fast on her feet, she grabs my beloved Sleipnir on a chain - and runs off. After much searching and mystic help - she was found together with my beloved in savanna. I examined my love after that encounter, but he did seem to behave normally - as in how my beloved behaves that is. I couldn´t sense anything unusual at all.

Some days later however - I met him again, and it was clear that whatever it was, he was not himself. He drooled all the time, didn´t speak much. All he could say was "Yes, dear" to whomever asked. And that is far from what my beloved usually answers - to anything! I asked Gold Moon for help, and she prepared a potion, but there were no way we could get that knight still long enough for her to give it to him. He ran off, and we chased him to the arena - where I swiftly fell him, and got him on my chain. Outside I am cursed by evil weather, I can´t move nor talk. Prue then pushes me into the colio hall, my chain slips loose , and when I recover both Prue and my beloved are gone.

After some more searching all over the lands, and an encounter in the inn, we learn that Prue intends to auction my beloved off! We rush inside the auction hall, and there is my beloved, with that evil one. Many exiles gather, and I try to convince them all not to bid at all. But when Luce comes in my heart sank... Quite right, she starts to bid, and I have to follow. Kind exiles provide me with coppers, but at 700 I am too late in my bid, and Luce gets the final.

Then they all rush over to the wedding chapel, and Sleipnir marries Luce! And my heart stops beating, indeed it does. I fall there in the wedding chapel, struck with sorrow so unbearable. I escape trough purgatory and hide in library.

Nyssa however was more clever than me. She is able to grab Sleipnir while the witches are not looking, and hide him in a cup. Yes, that´s right. A cup. A silver and golden one. Although this seems a bit drastic, it was very wise at the time. I would not want the witches to lay a hand on my beloved! When I later meet Nyssa I convince her that a cup might not be the best place for him, and after some discussion she agrees. But he is still a drooling fool, very much like Algernon. Goldmoon, Slyph and I are able to pin him down in the temple, and Gold Moon can finally give him the injection. It doesn´t work, sadly enough. About this time the Order of True and Gentle Knights gives my beloved Sir Sleipnir indefinite leave of the order. They feel he is unable to perform his knightly duties.

Many exiles tried to cure him, but to no avail. Some had this brilliant idea that divorcing him from Luce might help, so we proceed to the wedding chapel. Only to learn that Licenses has been bribed to make the marriage license for him. So we return to town, thinking we need to talk to Licenses first. Some days later I get this wonderful idea that we really do not need that all. Marrying me again will do the trick! Eagerly we approach the wedding chapel again, but the registrar need a yes from Sleipnir, and he is in no condition to say yes at this time. Only the drooling remains.

Tired of the recent events I rest a bit on the floor there in the wedding chapel. And ask if there is anyone able to learn my beloved this simple word.. yes. Nyssa is concerned that I am trying to force him, since he was forced to marry Luce - this would not be good for him. But I am convinced at that time that this is what he needs. A bard named Roowan is also present, and he starts to play some music, thinking it would help since my beloved is a bard quester. Looking at my love I am startled by the reaction. Tuan suggest we play some tunes Sleipnir wrote to me, and Roowan plays Meadowdance.

While the drooling stops for a minute, and the reaction is greater then when Roowan played his own things - it doesn´t do more than that. Sadly the bard has to leave us at this point, but my public sunstone for another one gets us Relkin - who is busy but still willing to try. Encouraged by our success however, Tuan gives Relkin the notes for A lover´s heart. And the cloud that my beloved has lived in for so long seems to lift! We run inside the wedding chapel and now Sleipnir is able to say that blessed word " Yes!!" And the cloud seems to lift fully. I am forever thankful to all those exiles that helped us in this terrible time. You know who you are. Thank you!

A cloaked one told us this horrid news in town one day. That the darshaks are planning to settle on another island near our town. And that their forces are made up of elite soldiers this time, the Darshaks intruders and the other ones we have met, although briefly. I still can feel the pain after one of those hits, and shudder to think of what a large group of these would do to our community. As always, be vigilant!

Do you know an exile called Lacrima or something? I don´t, and yet she seems to know things about me that are far away and long gone. I haven´t talked to many of my past. And it´s been awhile too. All those close to me knows, not many else. This is odd, very odd. She scribbles down small notes, and posts them in the newscrolls as L. Quite disturbing actually. I have talked to all those that know my history, and they all claim innocence of loose lips. Hmm.

Aki and Sutai never got a chance to fight over the Phoenix egg, as the Peerless Urgelt both talked them into not doing it. Which is a shame, but I think POS has this thing against not hitting exiles, even when the cause is just and all that. Especially Urgelt. Sutai will I hear issue another challenge, soon.

A yet unconfirmed rumor tells me that Luce´s child is stolen! That the "destroyer of worlds" blah blah, and the child Luce claims as Sleipnir´s is gone. Although Luce insists that the child is healthy, she has yet to confirm whether it´s gone or not. I would guess it´s even more healthy now, as he has been taken away from the witches. I of course know nothing. Not a clue. Indeed. But still, this strikes me as not all bad.. I mean, if you look at it from the child´s perspective that is.

Wooooo! Look at that! I finally made it! And it was all due to weather. Or rather lack thereof. The luck and weather combination finally striked together. Not that you don´t need to be pretty strong to pass this, but after you have reached a certain point, it´s all about getting those two to work together. And the skill of course. I am so proud! First sylvan and first female ever to pass it! Hooray! For those who do not know, a fighter have to meet a green arachnoid, a greater wraith and an orga fury - all at once. You have to dance a lot and move around a lot, not allowing them to swing at you in a joined attack. And use your time, you have more than you think.

Week 13

I was, among many others, auctioned off in the Bard´s field. Charity work it was. The coppers were to go to poor healers. If I knew who would show up at the auction I would have been in doubt though. Who else than the Fisherman! And he had the nerve to bid on me! Thankfully for me many exiles searched deep in their pockets, and I slipped away. You can read more about it and the others at Koric´s pages. If I hadn´t challenged Chum to a duel already, I would have after this.

The duel preparations are moving slowly forward. We now agree on the weapon. Now there is one thing to do, to choose a time and place. Here is Chum´s challenge, unedited.

Ok, then, without giving it much more thought, I will
move foreward with my original idea:

I choose as my dueling weapon: beer.

We shall settle this via a proper drinking contest.
Each of us wil bring a keg of beer, full, to the grounds to
be determined (please NOT the bard-field!), at a time to be
determined. At the referee's signal, the first one to finish
their keg shall be deemed the winner.

(And people think that non-violence is no fun!)
Of course, we will each select a secondant, as you stated,
to take our place in the event that some catastrophic event
should prevent one or the other of us from the competition.
Before the dwarves all trample each other volunteering, I
should make clear that I plan to be there, on time, ready
to settle this in proper fashion.
As promised, if you require a keg with which to practice, I
can meet you at the Purple Tor at your convinience... They're
not cheap though and, as I don't hunt, I am forced to make my
funds by swind... er, via sucke... that is, through the generosity
of other exiles -- so please be respectful of that.

aa pockets Baba's thrown glove -- he's hoping to collect the
entire set <g>

The DM have learned me a lot about drinking the last few days. I am now a Beer apprentice, or something. I usually do not drink beer. Wine or martini are more down my alley. So, it is with a slight handicap I meet this duel. But I have great hopes I will prevail. And, it is in the mere challenge itself I have done my clan honor.

The Healing contest was held in arena and here are the final results:

Moonbeam says, "Thuja 1:18 Bones 1:23 Xantcha 1:29 Vequalir 1:32 J'nder 1:34
Sisyphus 1:36 Moonbeam 1:41 J'jh 1:46 Jade 1:47 Shadowmist 1:51 Rieger 1:53
Algernon 1:54 PureHero 1:55 Nelaton 1:58 Healery 1:59 Tayra 2:02 Tegan 2:02
Azure 2:03 Zippy 2:04 Jacobson 2:11 Telisiane 2:13 Prue 2:16 Oracle 2:23
Polgara 2:27 Luthic Darkus 2:32 Astrid 2:35 Magnels 2:40 Otter 2:55 Thrund

Then there was a 'clan' contest, OWE was the only clan with 5 healers
present, Artworx, Polgara, Sisyphus and J'Team. It was an easy win (-:

Red Quill, with the help of 2 non clan members was the only competition:

1. OWE 22 sec
2. RQ 25 sec

Squirr'l was the fallen, Moonbeam did the timing.

Apparently Zonk is still working on his spells. Some earthquakes in town alerted us that he was on his way. And quite right, just some minutes after he was standing on the top of the temple roof. He was accompanied by his new pet, Little Death, which he of course let loose in square. After watching us fall he was content I think, as he led that horrid beast back inside his tower and disappeared. On a related note, music seems to be a powerful weapon and/or tool on these islands. As you all know by now, or so I hope, Perkusi was able to soften up this sorcerer by playing tunes. And Sleipnir gained his self back by music too. I wonder if the Darshaks or Orgas can be persuaded in such a manner? What if we sent an army of bards against them.. I wonder..