Week 26-28

Week 26

These exiles were blessed. They were all rescued by The Winged Centaur. And, hold your breath, she had a moonstone! Hooray! Whatever evil force that destroyed her moonstone during the Orga War, she is now able to heal again.

Sometimes you just know you shouldn´t have stepped outside of the library.. Caddrel and I had a meeting in the South Forest tree, talking of Ranger-related things. When all of a sudden Qual the Wizard pops up, steal the SS´s and takes us to this .. prison. He traps us, weaves a web of.. something around us so we can´t move. He then gloats as usual, and runs off as me, leading many brave exiles in a trap on Dal´Noth!

He releases us when he no longer has any use for us, and we rush off - only to find ourselves in the middle of Dal town. Soon after we fall. The exiles that first was lead by the imposter are slowly able to rescue us however - and we all run up to the Castle, to there find that Votenkath is talkative again.

Again we try to gain his trust. This time he says that if we are able to separate the Noths, he might be able to trust us. We have no clue what he means, or how to do that. After long discussions it becomes clear that he will not tell us any more, and we all try to reach the beach. Which was easier said than done. For 12 hours dear reader, are we fighting. Insane amounts of Sar´Noths, vel´Noths and the like are summoned . At one time, only Thuja and myself are up and standing - the rest are scattered all around, fallen. With a bit of luck and skill, we manage to get more up, only to be met by 15 Sar´Noths.... It was a wild, long battle. When we finally reached the beach we were all quite exhausted.

Many strange things have happened on Dal´Noth lately. A hunting party heard Votenkath´s voice from inside the tower. They were speaking with him while Qual tried to interfere in all the ways he could. Summoning beasties, treats on sunstone etc.. The exiles tried to win Votenkaths trust, but he seems to be rather suspicious.

The visionstone of this meeting is archived in the RQ Vault.

I am very proud of this, that´s why I have to tell you all. See that sketch? Seven clanmembers in Snaggy, and we are all alive!! Hooray! We were close a few times, but, we actually survived the Snaggy trip. We only needed a rescue when we came back to Orga Camp..A all new experience for RQ that is. Hooray! We were doing the Vagile-tour, which is highly recommended. It simply means you have no idea where you are going at any given time. Vagile is just yelling random directions, pretending she is reading and understanding the map. What we will not do for a clanmate´s self-esteem....

A Darshak spy was caught lurking near town center and captured by a couple
of Zo's who had just returned from hunting in the Savannah. Unfortunately
for the spy, the Zo's were still in full bloodlust mode from dealing with
the maha's and were a bit "rough" in their handling of the spy...the spy
didn't last long.

In an effort to scare the Darshaks a bit, the spy was skinned! Yep, got
an entire coin for his "fur".

The spy looked like Ana with pants instead of a skirt (Ana stands outside
a building just southeast of the Healer's temple). Same goofy hat even.

It never spoke, except to cry in pain as the final blow landed, er, I
mean, final question was asked. :-)

Keep an eye out for more and don't forget to skin them.


Week 27

White Wolf about a new type of `Noth, the Tuz´Noth.

I wasn't able to fight it... was during a hectic rescue, I was down on
the ground while the fighting was going on. At that moment there were
just too many fallen, and too many noths around, it was hitting
Natas quite well and could not be handled at that moment. Brave Althea
lead it away to another snell. We healed up and tried to find it
again, this time to strike it down, but after 4 hours of fighting
to get to the snell where it was (which was packed with Pallidews and
Sars and other nasty stuff) people had to start leaving and we had to give up.
2 attempts were made later on, but the Tuz'noth was not to be found. I
would love to go back to find and battle that new Noth.
White Wolf

"And so it was, on that day, under the mountains of Zhumdorch, when the
House of Voltar was in disarray -- brother fighting brother, sister
fighting sister -- that the great Dwarven Father, Voltar, disgusted by
what he saw, did command of his House: "Stop this fighting immediately!"
The great Voltar was well known for his good temper. But brothers and
sisters fighting one another was simply intolerable. "You must treat
each other like brothers and sisters, for that is what you are!" his
voice rumbled throughout his house; the tables shook from the power of
his voice. "A Frostbeard must never dream about fighting one of his
brothers or sisters! Let us settle this not with swords... Let there be

The Dwarven Militia and the Rua'n Famkul are proud to present,
Puddleby's first quadrennial Dwarven Volympics!

10K in beer. 10K in prizes. 10K in beer.

Register today! Teams of 5 compete in 6 events. Every event has prizes,
and the winning team of the Volympics gets a chain for each member (or
2500 coins).


Koric would like to report that he has been honored with the
task of helping Horus train healers with a minimum status of
2nd circle to heal exiles closer to death. For those exiles
curious about obtaining a ledger, I made some hasty sketches
of my big day when Horus gave me the ledger. I will be
happy to train other healers. Just ask if you see me in
the lands.


Week 28

Lorian is dead. Gaia bless her soul. Her life on our isle wasn´t an easy one. May she rest in peace.

She met up with Indigo, who had fallen to Nimah about a month prior. Indigo had recovered Nimah's dagger, which, among other things, carried with it certain visions. Lorian was fascinated with the dagger, as it resembled her own. It turns out that Indigo, while unconscious in the presence of it, had had many bisions, revealing to her many details about the conflict between the Darshak and the Sisterhood. Indigo explained to Lorian how she now had a mission to do, and that her dagger was going to be the thing to defeat the Darshak. Lorian if course was intrigued, and asked to see the blade. On trying to wield it, she herself had a flood of visoions... She saw that the Darshak purpose between giving Sendorian the mind control technology was also to wipe out the Sylvan, but it wasnt the Sylvan the Darshak were going for. It was the Sisterhood. Lorian saw that the Sisterhood had all but been wiped out... except for the remnant on Puddlebly. So it is apparent that the life force beneath the island is very much tied up into the conflict, and the Darshak want it, and the Nox Sorora seek to keep it from them. The island is the place for the final conflict between the Darshak and the Sisterhood. Lorian saw that the best thing for her to do was, instead of opening up new vulnerabilities in that battle through her own weaknesses, she decided to permanently transfer her life force, using her own blade, into Indigo, to better sthrenghen her for that battle.And in doing so, Indigo took on Lorian's mark, and now carries Lorian's blade, and has in her Lorian's spirit. Lorian wandered off.... and then died in Fleming's arms.