Week 41-43

Week 41

Tenebrion : "I do not mean to threaten you. I had to ease the congestion in my barracks."

And here is how he did that.... A large force of his tried to get past the west gate, also some Darshak hirelings. After the battle Tenebrion again said that he wanted to speak with Virgil. Apparently someone have already sold him a Purgatory Pendant. But he needs lessons from Virgil to use it. A huge group of exiles gathered at west gate, discussing the situation and how to proceed. Most agreed that the offer was tempting, and that is the danger. DunDura'a , Tenebrion´s blacksmith, has claimed he can make almost any item, including new weapons and armor. We sorely need that. But, I felt the group gathered there needed to know what we found in the keep, so I searched in my pack and found the notes I had scribbled on. After I had read them out loud, there was a silence over the crowd. I looked around and saw fear, hate and disgust in the exile´s eyes. The last notes from his keep is quite clear: "...to continue... ..need more fresh... ...healthy bodies.."...intelligent behavior... ...mere instinct... ...only semblance..."...transfer mind... ...dispose of body..." And Urgelt, eager as he had been to learn what he could from Tenebrion´s blacksmith, had a change of heart. The group then decided to not give Tenebrion access to Virgil for now, but that we needed more information from him. He will send an emissary again when he deems it is safe. He didn´t want to meet us in person, but might - if the emissary fails....Chitra made a visionstone of parts of the battle and the discussion afterwards.

Haenk was so clever that he ran to the Healer´s Guild to have a talk with Virgil himself. And he also made a visionstone of this talk. Virgil says, "I cannot refuse him if he is ready. I will not help him learn unless he is if you prefer me not to."

Very proud of ourselves, being the nr. 1 in Dunil´Sar, the three of us charged the deep arachnoid cavern. Ok then, with a little bit of help from Slyph. Just a little. After it was all safe. I think. And our voices filled the caverns as we marched towards the eight-legged ones. We are singing Vagile´s eminent RQ Clan Song. One she wrote to a Dunil`Sar against Clan Hunter way back.

Hooray for Red Quill! We are now ranked nr. 1 in the Dunil ´sar, after our recent victory over ELF. Imagine that, the scholars on top! Hooray!! Although the clan as such has been doing a lot of writing on the road to success, we have also participated in more regular Dunil´sar challenges. The race against RB for example, where Papa the Thoom just outclassed us all, or the fun " Visiting Noble" against OWE. Well, we better enjoy this moment, as there are many clans now breathing down our neck, and I don´t know how long we will last on top. But, what an achievement! Hooray!

A part of the Orga Village crew

I heard tales about an Orga Hatred being killed by exiles for the first time, over the sunstone. A group of OWE, BOI and some other hired guns had taken and now controlled Wisher´s Gate. I had been asked some hours before to join, but couldn´t at the time. And I really wanted to come, being a little late and all I rushed up to orga camp - met a small group there and we ran like the wind trough Snaggy - dived inside the gate and made it just as the group was about to leave the sne´ll.What followed was a long tour around the various sne´lls deep into this strange place. Our goal was the Orga Village. The place Nyssa had been fallen in for such a long time many moons ago. It was a large crew that started on that long walk trough the Orga Forest. It must have been around 40 to 50 exiles. Being the first time for most, it was a real adventure. Since we were so many, and also such a strong group - the most dangerous situations was actually sleepwalking, fainting - or otherwise leave the body for a time. Neige, one of the newly arrived exiles and an apprentice mystic was even quite healthy most of the time.... One of the more nastier situations came west of Orga Village, where the Bone Hut is.

Upon entering the sne´ll , we met these beasties.. Nothing less than 5 orga Dredlocks waiting for us. In a hasted retreat , some of them followed. And with fighters piling up, and those still standing on low yellow or red - I did something I usually never do. I charged one of two wounded Dredlocks, on low yellow. It might have something to do with Koric being there too... I knew I would be raisable, at least to him. I was dead meat of course, since the other more healthier one was locking onto me while I pummeled the other. A wounded Nerazus was on the others side of the most wounded one, pummeling it too. Yor and Shiner right behind me, and Natas being healed down south. We killed one, thus making it at least somewhat easier for the healers to rod it, and those 3 fighters still standing - got the other one. We had only time to whisper " Whew", before another of these terrible beasties charged in from west. I didn´t see much of that battle, as I was far away - butI think the healers roded that one, while the 1.. 2? remaining fighters pummeled it to oblivion. Whew!

This is the Bone Hut. I wonder which exiles´ bones they have used to decorate the place. Maybe two of the missing ones after the war?

Inside, we found this little piece. To me it looks like a crude copy of our own altar in town, in the shape of Bartok the Orga Chief. I guess he had a chance to make a copy after all, or to at least figure out how it works. No wonder Prue seems to see him in Purgatory every so often. He uses it as a transit place.. Kryll made some visionstones on this tour, and Raiine has promised to make them available on her scrolls. I will also pick up the best stones and archive them in the RQ vault.

It´s hard to explore with such a large group. Many got lost underway, some with intent - others fainted. And we spent a lot of time searching for those left behind - or those that ran off to next snell before the group. This also makes the exiles a bit.. hmm.. edgy...and some yelling and shouting could be heard from time to time. But overall, considering the size of this group, we did pretty good. Entil´Zha made a good job of leading us by the hand trough this new and still not fully explored area.

Congratulations go out to White Wolf and Kaitlyn! Upon arrival in the Bard´s field we learned that White Wolf was having second thoughts. I guess all the expectations and organizing and such finally got him, as he were hiding somewhere in the lands. All the guests were sent out on a quest to find the groom, and bring him back to the longing Kaitlyn. After some serious searching and running, he were finally surrounded in north farms - and escorted to the Bard´s field. The groom-hunt must have been doing him some good, as his voice didn´t leave any doubt when he said Yes to his love.

I held my breath as Zorton was doing his mystic thing. Would my precious sunstone crack? I´m the kind of female that can´t live without one. At most I have spent 8 hours sunstone-less, and it was a pain. Not that I talk so much, I just need to know what´s going on. I simply can´t stand the feeling of well.. not knowing.. Two times he had to do his magic, and was successful. Hooray for mystics!

Week 42

Sometimes, when you fall in Tenebrions keep, you are teleported to this place, " The Fridge". And you get to meet Morty. Not a pleasant meeting I can assure you. I heard over sunstone that many were fallen in the keep, so I went there to try and help. That didn´t work out, sooo I ended up in this place. While I was fallen there, I concentrated on finding out more about this odd one. If you can judge a person by those he has employed, Morty doesn´t give Tenebrion any credit, that´s for sure. Morty has a habit of grinning in a chilling manner. Then he will tell us that his boss only need parts. Usually followed by "Axell stew for supper! My favorite, or "I'll be right with you, Alchemist. Don't go anywhere. Then he will search his pocket as he is looking for something and then smack his lips.. Eeew!

A small group of us went to see Sir West´s grave in the expanded east forest nort of midpass. Shepherd, the Knight, Nevyn, Xantcha and I , and later Tuan and Kira. I also sensed Maldacht, Phineas and Weezoh in the lands this day, since the news reached them that Sir West´s grave had been moved to this new place. Since this was all new to Nevyn, Xantcha told the story of how Sir West died on west beach four years ago. The Good Knight now has a peaceful resting place.

Keemhan came into town, and told the tale of the brave Tsrrin. Many of us remember the tale, and the feast in her honor from four years back. When the lands were filled with strange looking creatures, and I don´t mean beasties... Keemhan will be staying in the pub he said, so you will have a chance to hear it from him. It begins like this :

You see those three planets up there?
(Keemhan gestures with his staff.)
Keemhan says, "Well, everybody knows that when they're lined up in a row - like they almost are now - strange things can happen.

I met Elenis down in Savanna, and naturally we spoke of the recent development related to Tenebrion. Elenis was with the group that met Tenebrion´s smith Dur´Dura recently. Here is what he told me of the meeting and about his own plans, edited for your reading pleasure. An excellent plan I must say.

What I plan to do...is to lure the Dwarf over to our side.The Dwarf doesn't seem to care who he works for. As long as he is well provided for. He looks almost the same as Coeur here.And his name is Dur'Dura. When I spoke with him...He didn't mention anything about loyalty to Tenebrion. When I asked him, he just said that Tenebrion gave him a good job. And that was why he was willing to do what Tenebrion said.If we can lure him over...We have two large advantages. Tenebrion no longer has a smith to provide him men with equipment.And we will have much better equipment. He makes Smythus seems like a child. He is able to forge maces, armor, repair the *noid* weapons even! And *that* was very impressive.He did honestly wonder how such 'backward exiles came across such weapons in the first place! Apparently he uses beer to help temper his weapons. He cools the weapons in beer since it evaporates better than using plain water. Though a couple of the DM said it was a good waste. Since I heard that I went and bought a keg of it to show him as a bit of proof we can provide.

I think that if we can get by Tenebrion to speak with the smith. Then we should be able to lure him over pretty easily I think.
Elenis Reyav

With the help of Althea and Slyph, I was able to convince this cute dwarf here, Stunti, to become the first RQ mascot ever. Although he is a newling and a dwarf, his manners are remarkably courteous. I sponsored a little change in his looks, and he is now the proud bearer of an auburn beard. He looks fabulous. Do be kind to this dwarf. He is rather cute.

Week 43

According to Clanbored Tenebrion sent his emissary as he promised he would do last time we spoke with him. But I think Tenebrion may be getting a little low on .. material.. as this one was rather silly. He walked straight into a hostile town and demanded to speak with Virgil. Not surprisingly, he was struck down, and rightfully so. If Tenebrion wants to speak to us, he can come by himself and not send all these servants of his that has no diplomatic skills what so ever. We haven´t even decided if letting Tenebrion speak with Virgil is such a good thing at all!

I met Chitra some days days ago, and she could tell me that after his emissary was killed, Tenebrion sent some forces our way, as a retribution. Here is what she said, edited for your reading pleasure:

Chitra says, "Tenebrion send 'nother probin' force ... 'bout a week ago. He chat with us over sunnystone.He very upset at first.. Elenis an' I chat with him fer long time.. and he calm down a lil. We tell him SOME exiles willin' to talk, an it silly to send emissary when dey not in lands. . He say he gonna try to send 'nother emissary, someday when he "calmer". He ALSO...offered reward fer anyone able to figure out how to close mirror near his palace. BIG reward. 100k I think. He no unnerstand mirrors any better den we do. Althea also chat with him lil bit...She git him to talk 'bout his family lil bit. He gots brothers...He seyz he gots lotta brothers.. but he senior. He also seyz his father dead...He kinds seemed like he had issues 'bout dat...He seemed to revier his father... but.. werz also afraid of him..I wonder if it his father he tryin' to raise. Other exiles act very inflamatory durin' conversation. Dey not very helpful. Made sane negotianshans kinda difficult. Also.. dey no unnerstand idea of talkin' to find out more..Well.. dat most of th' main points...I decide mebbe is good time to see if Hekus be willin' to chat. He werz nappin'... but he woke up and chatted a lil bit. He seyz pretty much same stuff dat Virgil told Haenk..How if Tenebrion ready (has passed the tests) dat dey gotta train him. But I no think Tenebrion a healer.. so.. I not so worried 'bout dat avenue."

If you have been reading about some of my adventures, you know that I can be a gullible one sometimes. But Shepherd, that dear clanmate of mine, really takes the prize. The witches sold him a club they told was magic, and would help him hit and kill more. I bet they even told him he would get better at skinning too. So, whenever we hunt together he swings his Magical Witch Club around, and is surprised when it´s not working as they told him. When I expressed my concern he said : Gullible? I? I possess the keenest sense of judgement in town!" Hmmm..

Tenebrion has promised him sheep, and as Shepherd says : "If your life's purpose could be fulfilled by dealing with a fellow who has a few kinks, wouldn't you make that deal?"

Tenebrion better stay away from making mockery or tricking Shepherd. Enough said.

"Once this guy is dead and our town is destroyed, I think I just go
make a nice hut by the river."

Day 77 of Summer, 539. As promised, Tenebrion sent an emissary to Puddleby to negotiate, once more. Only , this time he had taken some precautions. Elenis was being held hostage in the keep, while the emissary was visiting - to ensure the emissary´s safety. If the emissary was killed, Elenis would be too. It became quite clear to me during this session that we need a Council to speak on our behalf in situations like these. We looked like any other beasties, surrounding this emissary, who was visibly scared. As I would have been, swamped by exiles like this. All were talking at the same time, and I could hardly hear my own thoughts in the noise. The majority of the exiles present seemed to agree on one thing, that under no circumstances should he be allowed to talk to Virgil, and neither his Master. The emissary, when realizing that he would have to go empty-handed back to Tenebrion, started to shake with fear. He then started to ask about Virgil´s whereabouts. Many told him that Virgil lived to the west, on Fire Island, as we didn´t want to reveal that information as of yet. Outcast however, told him plainly that he lived in the healer´s temple, and with that information, the Guard was content - and wanted to leave. Tarf then jumped in and killed the emissary. Tarf later resigned as DA, and the position is now open for any exile. I have made an edited transcript of this event available in my library. And while we are still discussing whether Tarf is a villain or a hero, it has become clear that another exile told Tenebrion directly where Virgil lives. So, in the end, the killing of the emissary did nothing else than to further complicate the relation between Tenebrion and Puddleby. We have so many traitors in our town, that it´s hard to keep up with them all. First Oracle, who gave Tenebrion a Purgatory Pendant. Why isn´t she hanged and strung up from the Temple walls! And now this..

What many exiles seems to forget in these heated discussions, is this : As long as we pretend to be willing to negotiate, as long as we keep on having conversations with Tenebrion - the more we will learn. And the more we will know about him the day it becomes clear what his true intentions is. Know your enemy, even before they are considered as such..

Oh dear. I seemed to have upset Shepherd with what I wrote in the diary. I must find a way to make it up to him somehow. He wrote a letter to the newsscrolls, explaining how his Magical Witch Club works....