Week 44-45

Week 44

The famous and very talented artist Sor, has made a portrait of me. Indeed! In a small ceremony in the museum he showed his new piece of art. And art it certainly is. I am so proud, so honored. Words cannot even convey how I feel. Thank you Sor!

My guestbook, as you may know - was stolen quite some time ago. I have been searching for it for a long time, but haven´t been successful. So, I had to place another one in these shelfs, hoping that those that do signed my guestbook before will do it again. I would be forever grateful if you did. It´s always nice to hear from anyone that read my diary, as writing it can be a lot of work and a lonely process at that.

Sketches borrowed from the Knights scrolls, since I was too shocked to even think of making any.

Day 9 of Autumn, 539. I was charged of assault and attempted kidnapping, found guilty - and had to spend 80 minutes in jail and a fine of 333 coins. Yes, I know it´s hard to believe. Even harder to believe is that it was all Sleipnir´s doing. First things first. Tuan and I were in town square when we saw the Knight nod off. As he often faints in the most odd places, we didn´t think much of it at first, but then when he didn´t wake up again - we had to do something. This is a Knight I once cared much for, so - we tried to pull and push him to the seashore, where some fresh sear air would do him good. I yelled out for help, but exiles are an odd bunch. Biff even tried to stop us from helping him!

I was then charged of the crimes listed above, and - well, spent time in jail.Thankfully, a group of exiles visited me there - and even better, had the great heart to listen to my tale. Anyone who have spent time with either the Knight or me know that there is more to his reactions than meet the eye. He is often ruled by anger and jealousy, not by logical reasoning. Here is what I told them, edited for your reading pleasure. I also have the whole transcript of this talk in jail.

"Do you all know how this Knight betrayed me? Have you heard the true story? He was convinced I had an affair with Caddrel. I had not an affair . I have always been faithful to that Knight over there. Even when tempted. The Exiles knows this, and you knew that in your heart. When Prue was telling lies about you, I trusted you, not her. When others claimed they had born your sons..I told them they lied. But.. when I told you the truth.. And expected the same trust in return. You threw me away! You accused me of horrible things! You wouldnt even listen! That.. is why I am now the Black Sylvan..I trusted in him.And all he gave me back was scorn. All he could talk about was how I had ruined him , him and his honor. That I had tainted his honor..Honor.. nothing more.. not trust. Not Love. Only .. honor. So.. this jail time is just a small drop in the sea Of all the suffering I must bear. And he still accuses me of horrible things. I have nothing to be ashamed of.I did not even touch Caddrel. Did I not trust you instead of all the lies about you and Prue, you and Luce , you and whomever? I always trusted you. Was always faithful, loving and caring. Sleipnir says, "It was all a lie, Sylvan" Babajaga says, "Yes. Your love was a lie"

So, yes. I am guilty. Guilty in loving and trusting in this Knight. That is my crime. And the price I have paid , is horrible indeed. More terrible than even death would have been.

The Feast of Tsrinn is over, and we are back to our regular normal lifes again. I didn´t get to participate so much this year. Never even found all the candies, but I have some though. I fell once and became an undine, after Zonk had been trying to get into our realms and caused lots of quakes.Unfortunately, the quakes killed most of the exiles in town, and the 4 frenzies that showed up got the rest. So, it was either a very long wait for a rescue, or a quick tour trough Purgatory. I chose the latter. We set up a HQ at south gate, and started off to kill the frenzies. Have them running around wouldn´t be as wise when we tried to get the other undines re-turned.

Another great battle took place later, when many darshaks invaded town. And, again we lost for the first wave. Many had taken refugee in the healers hall, and from there they lured the undine-exile in one a time. I have to confess, my temper and anger rose to some serious high level in there, when I saw exiles killing undine-exiles one after another, with no care as to whether any healers were present to actually get them up afterwards. I growled, I scowled, and then I started yelling - until finally someone listened and started to help the undine-exiles one at a time. There were still many undine-exiles roaming the west beach and north beach, and their cries for help filled the sunstone. Again we set up a HQ near east gate, and lured one undine-exile in one at a time. The only complication was Vagile, who insisted on ruling the town. As fast as the healers could heal her, she jumped into a beast on low red, fell, became undine - and the healers had to heal her again. After numerous requests from the healers that was at this point tired to the bone, I led her away to south beach. She wept and cried, a terrible sight, and also tried to bribe me into becoming as her. She got help later on by some kind/unkind soul, and then Magnels "misplaced" her deep in the marsh. I hope someone found her before the feast was over..

Week 45

Autumn, year 539

People of Puddleby,

I would like to meet with three representatives from your town. The
only restriction I place on this meeting is that one of your
representatives be able to use a pendant that projects you to
purgatory. If you have fears of my intentions, the pendant may be
left behind and not brought to the meeting.

Details of the meeting will only be discussed with the three chosen
representatives. The meeting itself will be held at a time of
convenience of the three representatives and myself.

Despite the recent attack on my domain, I have resisted sending a
retributory army to attack your town. I hope you find this an act of
good faith on my part. I fear my faith is running thin.

I trust that we may arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement on the
trade of knowledge in the near future.


Elenis reports that Tenebrion wants to speak to 3 exiles. He gave us one month to decide who we would send. Elenis has suggested Urgelt, Thuja and Robin Greyhawk. At this point, it really doesn´t matter much who we send, as long as it isn´t someone that will pretend they speak for all of us, and sell us out for an armor or a shiny new axe. We just need to establish a friendly link between Puddleby and tenebrion for now, keep the line of communication open, and figure out what he is able to do for us, if anything - and what the price of that will be. The latest ballot is quite clear on one thing:

#123: Should Tenebrion be given access to purgatory pendant knowledge?
37 (26%): Yes, by giving him that knowledge we might benefit from armor or something.
81 (58%): No, we don't know him that well. He has attacked our town. It could be a threat to our town.
15 (10%): None of the above
5 (3%): Abstain

So, any exile that tries to give him said knowledge on her/his own, is going against the will of the majority in Puddleby and has to face the consequences.

Autumn 24, 539.By pure luck, I managed to jump in on the Fullmoon Orga camp raid. A large party had already formed in the orga camp. The mystics found the door easily at first, we dived in - only to be beaten back by loads of warlocks. The door closed, and we rested for almost an hour before the mystics were able to open it again. OC2 and OC3 was taken quickly without any trouble, and then there was OC4... Would the mystics find the door? That was the question, as so many raids had stopped here. After a short time, they did - and we attacked, set up rods - but the fighters were too eager, too impatient, and ran in front of the rods, got targeted by a zillion bolts, and fell. After a short time, the west side of the camp was decorated by numerous fallen fighters. It became clear we had to retreat, heal up, and try again.

The second time we managed to advance slowly, and putting rods in good positions while the fighters held back.

I was following Thuja around, as usual - and we went down southwest to kill all the locks there, while a rod was standing just north of us. I just love those cads...I think I even felt the cad of Jjh from where she stood. Another group was taking care of the locks up to the northwest, and at this point, we knew the camp was ours. Or, so we thought at the time. We moved quickly to "Bartok´s Pit", the one up in the northeast corner, and were met by numerous locks.

And more just kept coming. They were summoned as fast as we were able to kill them. The mystics sensed the presence of a Orga Magician, who was rather displeased with our progress. The battle just increased in intensity. It was wild. Insane..I have no idea how many locks I killed that night, but some fighters were cheering wildly trough the battle - as they learned faster than ever before. And we were pleading, crying, yelling for the mystics to find the power-room, turn off the switch, something!!

Babajaga thinks, "The orgas are going mad in OC4"
Lorikeet thinks, "The mystics are going mad in OC1 looking for the door"
Aldernon thinks, "I'm going mad watchin the mysfits go mad....nothing ever changes =("
Aki yells, "mystics... find something ;)"

Another huge force had gathered in Orga Camp 1, as we desperately needed reinforcements. I was just running around, killing everything that got summoned by the fire, my hair all a mess - with ashe in my face, and arms that got more tired as time went by. How long did we have to fight this? When would the mystics discover something? Finally, reinforcements came, and I could breathe a little. But the summoning only got stronger, the battle grew even more in intensity, and the orga threw all they had on us. At this point Robin Greyhawk had gotten as much as 85 shares, to help him see trough the illusions. We also experienced 2 earthquakes.

And then, this figure appeared. I was right then down southwest to deal with some locks there, and missed this one. Jazz is the sketchmaker here. When the Orga Magician was slayed, the power-room opened, and Robin Greyhawk went in. He was inside for a long time, while we all were wondering what he would find. He has written an account of the battle and his findings, but I will present in short:

As I entered, I felt an
overwhelming sense of power. A great wave of power overcame me and I
staggered to sit down by the fire. There was a stirring in the air and I
heard a voice whispering in my head. " The power serves only one master,
give it to others, and lose it for yourself." The fire flared up to
enormous heights then went out and all was quiet. I stood up, somewhat
bewildered at what had happened. Then I noticed a chest had appeared on
the other side of the fire. I opened the chest to find a strange looking
Robin Greyhawk

Our first thoughts was on the mirror. Would it work? We had to try. At the same time we could hear cries for help from south-forest, where the trools were invading. At first it didn´t sound so bad, but it became quite clear that this wasn´t a small trool army. Soon they had taken all south-forest, and were pushing to get into town. I appointed myself one of Robin´s bodyguards, and soon he had quite a few following his every step. The group decided we should try to get to the mirror as fast as possible, and use the beaches as the route. We made it to the hospital without any major problems, and got a good line going in the mirror sn´ell. And, while the battle still went on, we got an opening to the mirror, so Robin could get trough.

And poof! Robin was gone! We held our breath, waiting, the trools seemed confused as we stopped beating on them, but then we heard his yell from the hospital. He had teleported there! Indeed. This magical stone that so many had fought for, was it seemed, a teleporting device. Not after the Ripture War have any exile seen one of these. If you remember, Darkane had his teleportation ring before the Ripture War. I found a letter a mystic had lost, and sent it to the newscrolls for all to see, where the mystics are ordered to find and arrest Darkane. Aki gives me the whack on the head but then explains the matter. In a battle of mind against the Darshak priest Dak'l, Darkane lost and all he knew about the ring was taken from him. And from us as well. Darkane got saved from the Darshaks eventually, but he is not often seen in the lands these days. This is the first time after the Ripture War any exile has seen the power of this item. I myself was saved from the deep cavern with the help of Darkane´s ring, as with so many others. Sadly. Robin Greyhawk now reports that the stone shattered in his hand. As any of us would, he tested it, but without enough training - the stone broke. If there is any chance at all to repair it, I know the mystics will find it. In the meantime, we now know what the Orgas are hiding in orga camp 4, and now there will be more exiles than ever trying to get this from them.