Week 46

Week 46

We cried, we yelled, we sighed, we banged our heads against the wall. I cursed and sweared, and said some nasty things about dark chamber in general and the architect in particular. It was the worst possible combination of beasties in DC. Necromancers summoning undine, and most importantly - loads of skeletons that don´t move at all. And the invisible Ghastly presence. 3 or 4 of those. The entrance to the tunnel was blocked. Not one exile could get in. And there were falles inside. Many. We had to do the d/c wheel to keep spots free - and then stand in line inside the tree to hopefully pop out, kill a few skeletons before we fell. It was the hight of frustration our lands can offer. It was simply unbearable. But we hang in there, popping in, killing a few things, fall, d/c, templed because there wasn´t a spot available for the corpse, then back again to do the whole thing over again. And those few times we finally got more than one exile in , the GP got to them before anything else. A whole day went by. Until finally, a small group with Axell , Kojiro and K´pyn I believe and a good wall of fallens, forgive me if I don´t remember all the names, got a hold inside and were able to stay up and kill off more beasties. I popped in between 2 GW and a GP, and soon was whacked down to red, but managed to pull my way trough fallens up to Axell. Then we got some more free spots and we were in! Of course, the victory wasn´t ours yet, as the amount of beasties inside was simply.. well.. staggering. They were coming at us from all sides. Pouring in from the mainroom, some ambushed us from behind. But at least we were fighting, and we did good. I know it doesn´t look so good here, but it is rather controlled actually, as long as everyone keep their wits. And I was rather happy from this point on. I have nothing against fighting beasties, overcome odds - that sort of thing. I do however get frustrated when I have to wait for a long time or do the d/c wheel.

Tessa has made a surgery on Shatuga´s tongue, and now he can speak properly again. Tuan has tried various tongues from various critters and sewed them on before, but the result hasn´t been that good. But, Tessa then demands payment for her surgery, 15 K no less, and the foolish and poor fen gives her the RQ clan pin as a collateral! Now Tessa roams around proudly wearing the RQ clan pin. She clearly do not understand the concept of clans at all, and only thinks it´s a piece of nice jewelry. Althea went after Tessa with a dagger, intending to remove the pin from her belt. Tessa misinterpreted the act and sued Althea for attempted murder. Thankfully Althea was found innocent, and then Astrid sued Tessa on behalf of RQ for taking stolen goods & impersonating a Clan member. Tessa was found guilty but the jailtime was only set to 5 min. This is a violation of clan trust by Shatuga, as the clan pin was not his to give away. As Althea said in court : "They are loaned to clan members to wear as a symbol of their membership". It´s generally assumed that the members know this. He will answer to the rest of the clan, where we will decide what to do with him. I hear GMV is nice this time of the year..

As for Tessa, she says that she will return it when payment is rendered. Grrr....

The number of exiles touring Devil´s Isle has grown this last week, since McBain´s and Olie´s discovery of a new cavern. One of the many twisty trails lead to the fort, and the Voolcoons. The Knight, being a full pathfinder, can be quite useful on missions like these, although his temper sometimes comes trough when he bumps into paths that resists his charm and wit. After stumbling around in this cave for many many hours, I saw the visionstone McBain made. I found out that we had indeed been on the right sne´ll, only that we didn´t know it at the time. Hmm, no .. not quite true. I insisted it was a different sn´ell that it actually was, silly me - so, well.. the cave is still there I guess.

Crius yells, "Alchool just makes me yell what everyone is afraid of yelling!"
Crius has been having a raptus lately. He drinks too much that fellow. Sometimes he is halluzinating and cries out "There is a TG here!" when everybody can see that no such beast is around. And " All is well", he cried out some days ago - just after a quake hit the center of town, and most exiles in town lay there fallen. When I went to check his breath, I saw the top of a battle under his arm. And his breath had the flavour of too many drinks, and no brushing of teeths.. Not only have we guards that insists on sleeping on duty, a Storoenna that insists on "Ya wanna store yer , eh?" but also a drunken and halluzinating Crius that sees spies everywhere. What is this town coming to?

Sigh. I was too late. After going into library to study, I woke up suddenly - remembering that a new service was going to be offered after the recent storm, clan funds. And I have read somewhere that the first from the clan talking to the peasant, got to be the clan treasurer. The one that also can withdraw coppers. And, well, not that I don´t trust my clan mates or anything, but something made me run out of the library building and into the bank. There I found out I was too late, as Vagile already had talked to the man.. Oh dear.

Tenebrion has expressed his wishes to meet with the exiles Puddleby has selected. Apparently, or hopefully, this will happen this coming ooc-weekend. I do hope one of them takes a visionstone of the entire meeting, so we can see for ourselves how they fare.

I sued Shadrock for trespassing and breaking a mystic´s concentration. Shadrock was one of the two that entered the power-room in orga camp 4. While it´s not certain that Malkor would have gotten a stone if those two had not been there, it´s also quite certain that it didn´t help much, and that neither of them should have done that in the first place. Shadrock was found guilty and sent to jail for 72 min. He was at the previous raid, and fully aware of what he was doing. He also knew that the mystic had to go in alone, as this was told over and over again - at least on the first raid. Let´s make sure no one is ignorant about that.

Qual The Wizard thinks, "Bah! there is nothing worth having in this mystic guild!"

Day 64 of Autumn, 539. Even if the Tr´ools is not your brightest being, when they come in numbers they can be quite deadly. And oh dear.. did they come in numbers this day. They had also company of many pallidews, which made a dangerous situation even more dangerous. Althea and I headed south when we heard Ippon´s first cry for help over the sunstone. The ever so wise Nevyn reported: Nevyn thinks, "Babaj and althea headed that way, more people should probably join them...." Although we are fighter-grrlss, there were no way the two of us could handle all those trools, something we soon found out. They were coming from.. everywhere...I lost sight of Althea pretty quickly, as the trools just flooded north from scout. We were pushed back to the south gate, and were able to defend it a while. Then the pallidew reinforcements came, and we ran like the wind and dived inside the healer temple. Nothing is sacred for these beings, so they went after us even in there, but were quickly disposed of. When we dared sticking our noses outside, we saw that Qual had taken residence in town-square, and was unleashing his wrath on some unfortunate exiles. Lightning bolts flying everywhere. I lost sight of him too, as the town was loaded with trools in different colors, and the pallidews. Yor had made a last stand near east gate, so the remaining force after the town was cleaned up headed there to save the Zo. The trools just kept coming. It must have been thousands of them this day. While we were busy fighting his minions, Qual was in the mystic guild, roaming around - and killing mystics on his way. I am quite certain he was looking for something in particular. Remember how interested he was after Robin Greyhawk found the stone in the power-room? Qual was all over the sunstone that night, asking questions - and even got some answers from silly exiles until one asked that we all were quiet about it.

Day 47 of Autumn, 539. Great turnout on the fullmoonraid again. But this time, it took many many long hours for the mystics to open the door to OC4. Many got tired of waiting, many others had to hit the library. And I had given up and was on my way to the library, when the call came that they had found it. After some initial frying in OC4 we managed to conquer it again, fought all the summoned warlocks and shamans near the pit, got the magician mad and he came out. The power-room opened, and... 2 other exiles went in with Malkor, the mystic that had been chosen to go inside this time. I was so mad I could have chopped both these exiles into little pieces and fed them to the shredders. All that waiting for nothing... Grrr! I thought everyone knew that the mystic has to go in alone, or nothing will happen, as the other exiles will break his concentration. It has happened before, the time Lumpy dived in. If I will participate next time, I will spam the sunstone with this in mind: Let the mystic go alone! Read Aki´s thoughts on the fullmoonraid.

Exiles are still voting on the Tenebrion-discussion list , but so far it seems that Thuja, Urgelt and Valtrim have the most votes. Unfortunately Urgelt do not want to go since " some citizens have pointed out that I desire to obtain tools and relearn my old smithing skills." I am quite sure Urgelt would be able to resist the temptation, but since the question have been raised, he will not represent us. The fighter with the most votes after Urgelt is Elenis.

It has been a quiet month for me. Many regular hunts on the Isle of Dal´Noth, which is the main hunting ground for me these days. I have seen the Knight once or twice, not that I do care of course. Not the least. But, we somehow end up hunting together when he is the lands, which is a surprise considering how he is telling all exiles how bad and cruel and evil I am. Sigh. The mystic apprentice Fileas has taken interest in our differences, and while we were waiting for the carnage in OC3, I received this message from him. "Two proud starbucks were dueling, none would want to step back, in their fighting furry they didn't notice the maha with his iron claws in paw and ruthless teeth in gory jaw...both of the starbucks died...but if they tried to solve their problem in another way?" I tried to tell him that the maha was the problem in the first place, but he wouldn´t listen. I don´t know if he can see the full extent of what has happened. I doubt anyone can. Enough.

Day 49 of Autumn, 539. Myrmholes popped out all over Puddleby and they led directly to the Queen´s Chamber in the hive. Many exiles went in, but it was a deathtrap, since they were immediately surrounded. Among the regular breed of myrms, there were some fire-myrms, and fiery-myrms. The last being a vanquish for me, and that is rare these days. The battle raged all over town, once we cleaned the chamber - but more holes were popping up. Whatever it was that bred all these myrms, it was clear we hadn´t killed it the first time. J´nder and Natas and some other exiles dived into the chamber once again, were trapped. And another rescue in the QC had to be organized. This time however, we saw this regular looking queen a bit west in the chamber. Well, it may have looked like a regular queen, but it was not I can assure you..It was The Queen of Myrms no less.

Bricking the beast was out of the question, since a hit from her felt like a Greater Death. So, as any brave fighter would do - we put J´nder in front.... And with healers healing her while she stared the myrm deep into it´s eyes - we managed to wear the Queen down.