Week 47-51

Week 47

Kojiro came up to me with a chart he had made, comparing the skin of me, Thuja and a pallidew. I seriously doubt the scientific value of any research this particular exile/Noth does. The skin sample he took, was not on my consent at all, he just charged me and took some. As Tessa did earlier. And Urgelt was talking about surgery and pointy things against my flesh and knifes and such. Enough I say! So, now I´m wearing a cloak to make it harder for them all to torment me like that. After all, they are acting on what only can be described as mere superstition, as there haven´t been any proof so far of what they are claiming to be true.

Many are these days searching for someone named Gayla and Trillbane, and a library that is supposedly beyond the passes. I often find myself following the Knight around, searching, mapping - and do other things that explorers do. So far we have only an old, grumpy man´s word for it. That these indeed do exists out there somewhere. After McBain´s and Olie´s findings however, the hope that we will find these also is higher. Many were those that tried for months to find the way to the fort on Devil´s Isle. The fact that someone actually was successfull at last, gave exiles hope to find more things. So, the search is on. Every nook and cranny, every rock and tree are being examined these days. I am sure some day, one exile will be lucky.

We are currently quite stuck on the snells beyond Alchemist´s Folly. Yor found out that the door into these areas opens precisely at 11.00 pm PT. We have worked with different theories, but none have so far have given any results. We thought it might be a race maze, to get to the last sn´ell before midnight. A one hour race from the door to the last. Although we haven´t made that run in that time, both a pathfinder and a mystic have been on the last sne´ll on noon and midnight, and searched the place. Maybe we have overlooked something. Or, I am sure we have.

Dandelion fell in OC2, trying to rescue fallens there. After that, it all just became worse, as more locks spawned, and we lost more exiles than we could grab on chains and get out. On top of all that, the door didn´t budge for almost 3 hours. J´nder fell in there too, and she had a meeting with Tenebrion to attend. We needed to get to her before the meeting started. It took a whole day to get control over OC2, to get all the fallens out - and then the door shut again. Thankfully, we all made it out. And Dandelion the patient one was chained to town, and was successfully raised. Another rescue that took a whole day to do, I seem to end up in those a lot lately. Some rescues are odd that way, you bang your head in frustration, cry out in anger, charge some beasties and whack them to a pulp, while you dream you could just sometimes just walk away - and yet you don´t. You stay, and stay and stay. And stay. And try, until the fallens are saved. Because the joy of finally being part of a successfull rescue outweighs the frustration, and the smile when all get raised, the Puddleby rule kind of feeling simply is so great. But, I think I will stay out of these long type of rescues for a while, at least a day - or maybe two.

Tenebrion says, "Demonstrate to me if you can act as a community.

Courtesy of Thuja´s visionstone, I was able to take a look at what transpired during the meeting with Tenebrion, while I was busy in the Orga Camps. I have made a transcript of the meeting, edited for your reading pleasure. He was only responding to the three representatives we had chosen, Thuja, Elenis and J´nder, so I have edited out most of the other exile´s comments to get a clearer picture of the conversation.

In short, Tenebrion has 2 concerns. He would like to know what he can do to prevent the attacks upon his home. And, he wish to purchase more of the pendants. Regarding the first J´nder presented this, and later Tenebrion referred to it as the "J´nder dilemma "

Both sides are being held resposinble for the action of those not in their control.

He is reluctant to offer us anything until we have proven we can act as a community. When asked about the reason for his interest in purgatory pendants, he said that had never seen the ability to project your spirit into purgatory before he met an exile, and that he would like to see the place to continue his research. He said he was willing to offer a sword for each pendant brought to him in trade for a pendant. A sword of souls that Tyking II aqquired. Although he was willing to share his findings with Puddleby, he couldn´t make such a promise before he knew more about the nature of the place. If the invasions of his home stops for 3 zodiacs, he will be more willing to negotiate. The three were then asked to draft a treaty on the last issue. This will be done in the discussion-list. If you haven´t already signed in here, please do so if you are interested.

Week 48

Tuan finally got his long awaited Fishwrap interview, but not with Tenebrion - with his brother Umbrion. While we knew that Tenebrion had brothers, we have never seen one of them before. Tuan could tell me that Umbrion had a fiery red hair, and was younger than his brother. He also seemed to be more aggressive. While Tuan was doing his interview, I suddenly sensed him falling to a fireball. Turns out Umbrion was explaining to Tuan where his interest was... He sounds like a completly different type than Tenebrion.

Tuan asks, "What does ya consider crossin ya?"
Umbrion says, "Stepping on my shadow, speaking out of turn, trespassing on my lands."

The full interview is in Fishwrap . I also have a copy of it here.

How long has it been since you saw Koric in the lands? Personally, I haven´t seen him in ages. He must have been visiting once, since Koppi yelled out : "Koric reports: For your own safety, please do not disturb my studies in the library." Odd, isn´t it. Not after you hear what I have to tell. You probably know how Koric has devoted his life to the study of death, and the impact on fallenness on exiles. If you didn´t know, you should. Many are those that have been raised by only Koric alone. This very narrow path that he has chosen, has also done something to him, his mind. He had a period where he would sputter the most meaningless things, and then blush and wonder what he said. Vagile gave him one of his lizards, and the lizardlicking seemed to keep it under control for awhile. Then something else happened. Koric lost his diary in the dark cave. He claims the diary just contains love-letters and such. I know that is not true. I have read his diary, so has many others. It was found, and in all secrecy kept away from him. Since, Koric isn´t the Koric you know anymore. He seem to be a host for another spirit. A spirit from the dark cave. Koric can say things like : I am Koric. Koric is my name. I´m a healer. That doesn´t sound like Koric at all. I´m not very close to the clanmates of Koric, so there isn´t much I can do to help them and him. But, I urge anyone who care for him to try and help him in any way they can. His clanmates and friends might know more than they are willing to tell me. Talk to them please. We need Koric in our lands, in more than in the "Raise any fallen" role. If you want to read what I have read, I made a copy of his diary when it was in my posession. I hope Siri do not kill me for this, or Koric kills Siri for that matter, but I think more exiles should know so that we might help him.

Skeletons outside the Castle are a unusual sight on Dal´Noth. Even more unusual was that these didn´t attack any exile, but the small neodews. When we went up to the Castle to hear if Votenkath was home, we were greeted by another skeleton. He asked if we had what his master wanted. Giga said he was not even sure if it existed, and to that the skeleton replied: Just because you can not find it does not make it nonexistant. If you do not understand what I am writing about, ask your fellow exiles. They have been sworn to secrecy by Votenkath, and they have even tried to keep many things hidden from me as well. They should know that it´s futile. I always get to know. The thing I have been referring to previously is called "The Separ". But first things first. Many many moons ago, a small group talked to Votenkath outside his castle. Many, including me - were denied to listen in. Votenkath simply threw me out. The nerve! Anyway, in short The Separ is an old artifact with great powers. Votenkath read about it in the "Book of Demarkarth", those who wrote about it feared it greatly. The exiles present was asked to find it and bring it to Votenkath.

If it was on Dal´Noth, Qual would have found it by now perhaps. But there are so many places to look, so many places to go. The exiles were told they would know what it was when they saw it, although they do not know it´s shape and form.

My newbought cloak didn´t protect me as well as I thought. Not against all exiles. Tessa and Ataru ambushed me in the north forest, and she held a strange device to my body. I am not an object for her to study at her will. I am a Sylvan Warrior and Ranger, and even if she insist that I am her patient, I never have signed anything - nor would I . Thankfully, her oath from.. somewhere incomprehensible, forces her to keep her mouth shut as to what she found. Even , as I am sure, she found nothing. What is this island coming to? Can´t I hunt together with other exiles in peace? Must I have my eyes in the neck at all times, in case someone charges me from the bushes? I tried to sue her once, and she was found innocent. That was the time when she charged me with a needle with something in it, that put me to sleep. That she was able to convince the kind and gentle Ataru into helping her, tells me everything I need to know about her evil and manipulating schemes. If you are wise, stay away from Tessa and her bag full of strange devices.

Algernon has been away for a very long time. It turned out he was fallen in Dark Chamber. How he got there in the first place, I have no idea. I bet some nasty ones have brought him there, as he would never go to such a place by himself. He still has nightmares from the ripture war, with all those undines everywhere. A rescue group formed, but there were major resistance. The main problem was many Ghastly Presences, and we got as far as this once, but had to run east again. By the way, there is a Liche just west of Lard and Veer here, not seen on the sketch. Most of the first wave of rescuers fell when those GPs poured into the tunnel, and we had to retreat back to tree - waiting for backup. From time to time we could hear Algernons cries from the mainroom. We were able to set up a line again just at the entrance from the tree, and got those GPs. Algernon was escorted back to town, and his usual place by the fence.

Week 49

Koppi yells, "Koric reports: Please pray with me for the soul of my poor, misguided friend Siri and ignore his attempts to weave lies into a false copy of my lost journal."

Whoops...Seems Koric read my diary in the library. Of course, I knew that could be a possibility when I reported about his state of mind, but I had to tell it. I don´t know if anyone has approached Koric yet, or his friends around him. I know Maenygh was concerned as well.

Tenebrion had been probing exiles spirit. Mystics like Aki and Leonin can tell the same thing. After one of these, they went to Tenebrion´s land to try and talk to him. They had a short meeting with him, and he was interested in how mystics opened gates. Aki told him that they only see past the illusions, and break them - Tenebrion wanted for them to study how to "open" gates. Aki wrote down a transcript of this short meeting. Xantcha told me that her spirit also had been probed. Maybe this is part of his research of our spirit link.

On a related note, Tenebrion now has 4 purgatory pendants, but they all broke. He is trying to put the pieces back together again. As we know, all is futile without lessons from Virgil, but it seems Tenebrion isn´t of the most patient ones. Or maybe his curiosity got the better of him. I can relate to that. He of course thinks that exiles only give him defect ones...

I have been studying in the library much lately. The lessons of Master Rodnus are difficult to obtain. All lessons are for me these days. When I stepped outside of the library, exiles could tell me that some of Tenebrion´s guards had rebelled, and that he had asked for help from Puddleby. That is of course very interesting, as he now knows that he might need us more in the future. A good card to have when negotiating with him.

Aeaea has been elected as new Clanlord for our clan. Congratulations Aeaea! He has earned quite a lot of respect in our clan since he joined, as he is always able to hear both sides with an unbiased view. The fire often burns inside the clan, it comes with the territory, and RQ more than anyone else needs a clanlord that can dive in and rescue the fallens. But I would rather have that fire, than anything else though. Passion is always a good thing.

Talking about clanthings, I hear Gurgi has been expelled from BOI. Either that or he left willingly. The reason is his path to Gens Dea. I haven´t had a chance to speak to him about it yet, but it seems rather odd to me. I know it´s an internal clan-affair, but expell him for his beliefs?

Even more odd is the decision made by Tyking II´s clan. They expelled him too and based their decision on his aura. As most know the aura do not tell any exiles of their long-term reputation, only the short one. And to let anyone else outside the clan decide for them on a matter of a clan-member like that.....

Must have been the meeting with the Darshak monks, since the Puddleby monks are now busy practicing attacks. Poor Aki...Hopefully, the Monks of the Monastery (I know it has a different name, but it´s a long one and hard to remember..) will be able to deal with the darshaks monk swiftly and merciless when they come.

Week 50

The Clan Pogue Mahone sponsors something they call a Deathmaster contest. The task is to kill Klur in 30 seconds or less. Lots of coppers to win, and as far as I could understand - not only for the Nr1.

* You feel a strange emanation from purgatory

This was sensed by many a mystic some days ago. Turned out that Tenebrion just had broken yet another pendant in his ongoing research. Callia has a transcript of the exile´s reaction.

Tenebrion has sent Puddleby a letter, where he claims that he will no longer wait for a treaty, but will deal with each clan respectively. He is hardly to blame, as Puddleby has been more than reluctant to deal with him as one entity. The magic he has used to hold the fog around the shores of his island are now completly removed, and many exiles have been touring the island next to Centaur. Tenebrion´s Island seems to be the most used name, although Tenebrion himself has claimed that he do not own it all.

A source that wants to be anonymous told me this:

Tenebrion searched Tara's spirit and asked if she wants to give him a purgatory pendant. Tara went to his keep, but went into his tower and fell there.Tenebrion was angry because she entered the tower. But kind enough to drag her out.
But wasn't kind enough to raise her, and offer her a healing for pendant.Then Malkor shows up, offered a pendant, but asked sword first. As soon as he grabs the sword, he run away without giving pendant, and poor Tara behind.That's what I over heard. Detail could be slightly different. Tenebrion is kind enough, and clever enough to relase her at the end.
One more thing. Someone gave him a pendant, and he broke it again. At that time... mystics felt that strange rumblings from purgatory.

Week 51

K´pyn recently met Tenebrion. What is interesting is that he after this meeting changed a little in his view on him. He has uptil now been in opposition to T. Here is what he writes in the introduction of the transcript:

I have this little tidbit to add. I had the opportunity to chat a
little with our Tenebrion. Most of you know my feelings about him,
but I have to admit that the little I have actually interacted with him has
begun to sway me. He's been acting quite reasonably and honorably.
While I do recommend a cautious attitude, I wonder whether his is not a
worthy cause. According to this chat, his primary interest is in the
HOW of the pendant... not in WHERE one ends up. You might wonder whether
this is useful to us. It would be if he would agree to share his
knowledge with us... for it MIGHT be that his understanding is something that
would open the mirrors. If he understands how the pendant projects,
then we might all benefit. With that, I leave this for you to read. I've
taken the time to limit it to just our conversation although I affirm
that none of that has been altered.

Yours in honor,


Sor has started a huge project that he needs help with.

The Sun Dragon Clan will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary, and for that special occasion I have an ambitious scrolls/website project : an illustrated history of our clan, put in perspective with the events that marked our lands, before and during these 10 years.
A few scrolls have a vaguely similar purpose but I think no one really attempted to summarize the passing of time and changes in our lands.

The whole truth can be found here.

Another contest coming up. This time it´s an exile falling contest sponsored by the Designated Fallen Union, where no other than Coeur de Leon presides. It will be held for 2 weeks (ooc) starting on December 20, 2000.  Visions of your fall must be submitted by Jan. 5, 2001. For more information, the whole letter can be found here.