Week 13-16

Week 16

Qual was about the other day, and Papa the Thoom was clever enough to note down what he said. If anyone has more to add I would be interested in hearing about it.

Qual The Wizard thinks, ". . . eyes to see the unseen . . .
Qual The Wizard thinks, ". . . ears to hear the unspoken. . .
Qual The Wizard thinks, ". . . hands search for what I seek . . .
Qual The Wizard thinks, ". . . such is the power of Noth . . ."

I am spending some time in the library these days, and will continue to do so awhile. I am fully aware of the dangers I face here in the library, as Nevyn could tell of terrible beasties and bookshelves falling down and trapping him etc. Also he mentioned some things about a candle and paper and that those two things don´t mix well. I am vigilant..

Week 15

Gradi, day 54 of Summer, 541.
Henryk had a talk with Tenebrion today, the latter being rather upset by Puddleby´s recent exploits into the Ethereal Plane - to put it .. mildly..

Tenebrion thinks to you, "My smith will not make armor for your people until a complete state of peace exists between us."
You think to tene, "Ok, That is understood. the main reason we people from where i live attack your castle is to go to the eteral plane. is there some way u can get us there so we don't have to attack your home?"
Tenebrion thinks to you, "There are several other entrances to the ethereal plane."
You think to tene, "and they are not on your island?"
No response.
You think to tene, "ok i guess you do not want to answer that question... i'm trying to figure it out for it will make it alot easier to keep people away from your castle.. is there one on one of your brother(s) island(s)?"
Tenebrion thinks to you, "The Ethereal Plane is not a playground. I would recommend your people stay away from it."
You think to tene, "Aye, we have discovered that.... I personally will not go back there.
This is all of the conversation that I had with Tenebrion on 4/16/06 that has any usefulness or that could be of interst.

Also I served in the jury in the trial Zeus vs Tenebrion. Zeus had challenged Tenebrion to a duel apparantly (foolish thing to do for starters but who am I to judge...) Tenebrion said that Zeus had one hour to reach his chambers. Zeus ran to the Tenebrion´s Conference room fast as the wind, and with time to spare. There he waited and waited...What Zeus did not know, is that when Tenebrion is refering to his "chamber" he is talking of the sixth level of the keep, the one you enter through the red mist. One hour to get there is hmm indeed.. a rather short time..Zeus got angry and sued Tenebrion for " breaking a contract on a duel" but the jury had to find Tenebrion innocent. Tenebrion then in the being of Sarir. I fear Zeus was the victim of a little prank by the grey haired one....

After the last storm, it has been an abundance of rats everywhere. Hunters in TGBG can report of 50 rats as once. Mongo had this theory: I think it's quite possible that these rats are showing up in record numbers because something bad is happening below ground. For instance, if the island's continuous sinking problem has finally reached a point that some underground areas are being flooded, then rats coming to the surface to escape the rising water would make sense. Or, perhaps the rat population is acting weird because of the
influence of magical forces disrupting the fabric of our universe (ties in with the strange happenings at TK, and/or the Astral Plane, and/or the mirrors/portals/gates)

I have another theory, or related to Mongo´s at least. Combined with the recent increase in quakes all over the island chain, I fear the Vulcano is going to blow. Ouch!

Week 14

Another expedition to Umbrion´s Island. Cripes! That place is dangerous by the way. This sketch is taken early on, as we are all standing and quite alive. I don´t remember why we all had to walk in the river, but it was a rather funny moment as one of those blinking things were preventing us from getting back. We were convinced however that this river seems to be a rollercoaster of some sort, where you enter more up north and go Weeeeeee! down to an odd looking bush. I wish it is..Around the castle snell down south, we were met by the most terrible spawn I have seen on this side of Ash Valley. We were a strong party, but we couldn´t stand against wave upon wave of all these beasties. I departed, and later tried to rescue those that were still fallen - but the rescue party didn´t even get to the second snell, as we all fell after some intense struggling on the first. I did get to see Tonoto do the most amazing chain stunt I have ever seen, dragging a heap of fallen corpses and placing himself in a corner with dead bricks. I later got him killed though, at a time when only he and I were up and about. One too long step to the west, and the Lyfeledia got to him and down he went. Sigh. On top of that, I can look back on releasing two Hatreds too. Not a good Zodiac..Ah well, I think I saved someone also.

We made it to Foothills again this Zodiac. We even controlled the whole Dred Passage, which is quite the achievement. We found both the Safe Cave on this snell, a path that lead to the south where the Dredlocks hang out - and another path that leads to Foothills. Thuja has already updated the map with the new findings. In Foothills we searched the passes again, but didn´t find anything noteworthy new, except for this odd thing in the underground. A small party decided to stay longer, and was going to explore and hunt more - but the land got blank and they found themselves in the temple in Puddleby. We also found another blocked cave in the passes. Katpus mentioned that it had been a quake there, it may be that the path to the Orga Stronghold went through either of these before. Or maybe there is another way in.

To all, greetings.

It be my very great honour to announce that the exile Goric, having
completed with honour his allotted term of service as squire, doth
now progress to the ranks of Knighthood.

His Knighting ceremony shall be held (in OOC time), this coming

Sunday, 2.00 pm PST (5.00 pm EST, 11.00 pm CET)

All exiles are cordially invited to attend this event which shall be
held in the Town Square.

I remain,

As ever,

sir Sleipnir Na Gralam, Knight of the Rose.

Week 13

I was on a long trip to Umbrion´s Isle, and we found a way off the island! It´s a rather complicated and worksome affair, and alas we didn´t get to try that time. A later expedition which I thankfully participated in got the chance. It was a fun little quest, and we were quite proud of being one of the first successfully making it out of that place alive. I do enjoy hunting there a lot. It´s a wonderfully deadly and dangerous place.

I was with another group to the Ethereal Plane and we slayed the Sword Guardian yet again. This time we didn´t open the ethereal box however, as we have learned that doing so will shatter the mist key and crystal. On sixth floor Gandor During was kind enough to give us the healer message on the scroll, as we missed this a year ago when we went through the keep first time. He got: .. eternal life. The list is now complete. Those two small words adds another dimension to all the previous listed messages, and in that light - the attempted surgery on Indigo given a completly new meaning..

I am the keeper of an ethereal box, as we wanted to see if more than one could exist on the same time. It can´t. A group travelled to ethereal plane, and although the Sword Guardian was there, and had a chest, the ethereal box was not among the things. As I write this, it has lasted on this plane for one Zodiac. I do not know if it vanish soon, or if it can exist for a longer period of time on this plane. If an exile has a theory to test, I will - after discussion with some who was in the group aqquiring the box, give it to them, on the condition that I and others get to know the result of the test. Hopefully, I will be able to test something on the upcoming fullmoonday, and if not - I will open the box and take the sword out - to see if still has the lifespan of one PT day before it vanishes.

I have written down some observations and some educated guesses and sent them to the Quest Tracker. I have also made a scroll available here that gives an overview of the observations made, and some educated guesses.