Week 02-04

Week 02

"Oh there's an orga on my tail, it's plain to see / won't be long before he'll be beatin' me" Paramedic

After the recent storm (v 111) the pathfinders found a new path from the Old Orga camp. It lead to a completely new area. A small group had entered first, but the orga´s were waiting and wiped out the whole party. Mænygh the Pathfinder departed, came back to OC and the second group made the attempt. The sketch is from our first large battle. There were many to come. In one sn´ell there were 10 locks waiting for us. I guess the orga´s didn´t want us inside this new forest at all. Puddlebians do not give up easy, so of course, the locks had to die. As they did in the end. This was later referred to as the lock-sn´ell as we tried to figure out our surroundings. Many exiles slowly trickled inside the forest, as Mænygh continued to fall and depart to let other exiles in. It didn´t take long before we realized we were completely lost. And that this huge forest seemed to work as Tanglewood, making it even more complicated. At first we tried with kudzu, planting kudzu in those sn´ells we were. But this forest seemed huge, and as the exile crowd grew, a smart one suggested we should station one exile in every discovered sn´ell. This we did, and slowly some were able to go from one exile land to another predictably. I spent the evening, night and early morning inside that forest. Because we still hadn´t figured our way out. In the first hours or so I ran trough the forest, killing things on every sn´ell, helping the "land owners", and messaged if they were fallen. Reacting on that "Fury in Aki-land!" I made a rough map too, so I had some idea how to get to other areas. And as swc´s coffee mug was empty, her vision somewhat blurred, some exiles finally made it out from this cursed forest, and they could tell others how to get out too. I am sure maps will be drawn eventually. Or I really hope so as that makes it easier to hunt there. What a great , although exhausting adventure that was.

I saw my love this week, although briefly. I was down in south forest, a small group had gathered after a rescue and we were showing our different dances, when I sensed my beloved´s presence in the lands. I of course fled like the wind to town. What joy to see him again! And how I do miss him! Alas, he seemed disturbed, fainting every minute or so. I had to escort him back to the library. There I saw this little poem.

Oh curs`ed clock that thou shouldst tarry so
and hurry not upon th'appointed hour.
How time's delay is torture well I know,
a captive long in time's impris'ning tower.

For consolation books alone I see
all telling tales of ladies fair and gay.
But fables bold of Knights and Chivalry
can never recompense the passing day.

For Babajaga Fair my heart doth beat
And in her smiles my soul doth find relief.
And so to live without her presence sweet,
is cause for deepest woe and bitter grief.

Unhappy thus, I sit alone, I weep, I sigh
for that far day, when in her arms, once more, I lie.

sir Sleipnir na Gralam, Knight of the Rose

After reading this poem Bizob became inspired and wrote this:

Ah, but 'tis I who, traipsing on my sodden way,
went, but again, and spied the merry lass at fighting,
and cursed the cock that roosted where it may,
and perhaps alack and luckless without a knighting,

(but lucky I was to see the display of charm)
turned mine eye away 'fore it stung me.
And though sweet would be the stinger's harm,
I'd gladly pass a dance to see

if not some other fair maiden were timely
or well-versed in the pois'nous scratch.
Time be but a thing to mark it finely
and labored long be such a catch.

Be not unhappy, sir, that you sit alone with such
honey'd remembrances of her touch.

I recently read Nyssa´s scrolls. And what do I find! No less than that this mysfit Sylvan has dreams of running away with my beloved to some island! The nerve! I don´t know whether I should cry or laugh. Although she has excellent taste I must admit.

Well yes.. Tried to make a dream come true. A small group effort to take over the Abyss. This time a different approach. Make a wall in a corner and go in and out whacking beasties. It wouldn´t have worked with all of us alive. Those Abyssal Hunters hit us every other second. Even if you supposedly can brick them. At least this time I had hopes that I could be raised after awhile and try to whack at one. Still haven´t done that see. Not in my time in the lands. Ever. So, my dream is still there. The healers got Yosh up, they killed 2 Abyssal hunters, but then some demonic vermines got past the guards and chewed on the healers. End of hunt... I still think Maz´approach was better though. Gather around the cloud after clearing the astral plane, and use that as a place of retreat. And trap the beasties around a rock. Kudzu might work better than fallen bodies. Those fallens can´t hit much... I am still dreaming. Someday. Soon. Perhaps.

Week 03

There is a war going on in the news scrolls. Not the regular one with axe or sword as we know it, but the war of the words. As you know, the pen is mightier than the sword. And my beloved is of course in the middle of it. It all started out with this little one here..

There once was a Knight of the Rose
Of his legs he was vain (vericose)
Upon viewing his calves
All the ladies did laugh
"My but those blue streaks are gross!"

+r / Kodo

Of course my beloved couldn´t be silent, and he answered..

Something is definitely not right. First we have the clones. And now an army of necromancers in the horde on Ash. Clones you say? Yes, well. Let me start from the beginning, or maybe it´s the end I don´t know. Since I was not there, I can´t give any eyewitness report, but this is what I have been told. The clones first appeared in tanglewood, then some were spotted in the undine cave. Lilit was there, but she said she had nothing to do with it. In this I believe her, although her presence might have caused whatever was at work to grow stronger. Anyway.. clones of exiles were hunting the exiles! There were 2 Blitz´s, and a horde of Eek´s, some Arocet´s I have been told, and others. On Shrug´s scrolls you can see a visionstone of this strange happening. Thank Gaia Blitz was present to fight his clones by the way. Later I was in the undine cave, trying to rescue some fallens in the dark cave there. I heard many yells, but only a few of them were from exiles. The others were clones, trying to lure us into a trap. Some inquires as to what was inside, and I was told that entering the dark cave would be certain death. Not only clones were there, but also lots of wailing spirits and death furies. I didn´t enter. Fighting those beasties in the dark?? Oh no.. And today the horde on Ash was on fire...

Horde burns

There were necromancers all over the place. As I entered I was immediately struck down, before I could even move myself to swing. There were skeletons, detached spirits and all those other undines the necromancers summon. The rescue party had trouble getting in, but when they finally were able to, they could withstand the damage both from the necromancers and the flames.

I can´t help but wondering if these two situations are not related. And one thing that also strikes me is that we discovered a new forest only some weeks ago. The snaggy wood. Have you taken a look at those trees? They look like undine trees to me. And I have this question in my head.. can´t stop thinking about it, can´t see any other explanations as to why these things happen now. I may be a silly sylvan, seeing ghost in daylight, but.. Did we accidentally wake something up in that forest? Some thing, some being that we should have let undisturbed? A being that now grows in strength as it´s power is awakened. What is next? I shudder at the thought.

After looking on the maps currently available on Snaggy Wood, there is one thing that strikes me and others. The sn´ell Bones claimed, is the deepest you can come in the forest, and the entrance to the "deep Snaggy" was as far as I remember guarded by 10 locks during that long night. Is it something hidden there? Either on Bones´sn´ell or in the deep woods? I wonder...

I now have a bodyguard. Indeed. It became quite clear to me that if I want to survive in Puddleby and not get poisoned I needed one. Badly. For some strange reason Luce thinks that I have ordered a witch stabbing. Where she got that idea from I have no idea. Nevertheless, she is quite determined to get rid of me it seems, as Vagile tells me she wants to marry my beloved. With me out of the way it would be somewhat easier , perhaps. Although how she thinks she is going to charm my beloved into making that step... One day in the dark chamber she offered me a bowl of soup. I didn´t eat it of course. Although I might be gullible and naive sometimes, I am not that naive. I poured it on the floor, down to the dark temple. Quite an interesting sight.. How that soup made the floor there all bulky... And they are still using Malkor I think, as he also offered me some strange looking food-like thing. So. I hired a bodyguard. One with a steel-tummy and a mighty axe. A sweet, dear and brave fen he is, the good Blitz. I must watch my step these days. But I feel safer now.

Week 04

So much has happened. Oh dear, where to start. ...

Hearing rumors of Sendorian making preparations to leave our isle, some exiles were able to trap him at the west dock and bring him back to town. Sendorian is the one who lead a group on the mainland destroying Sylvan villages. This is the group Lorian was a part of before she came here. He is also the one that murdered Sir West, and kidnapped Yazza and Vagile among others during the Inquest of Lorian. There were no way we would let this one escape. We have been discussing various ways of ending his life. I have been very fond of the idea of him tied to 4 wendies, and let them all go in different directions. Althea just wanted to cut his throat. She was in fact busy doing just that in the town square, but was hindered by Gandor Durin, who kept healing him and mending his wounds. Gandor thought a mere throat-slicing wasn´t enough. A large group had gathered around him, all determined to end his life there and then. But destiny wanted it otherwise. On the rooftop of the temple, a figure appeared. Zonk. Indeed, who else is able to smell blood and destruction than this evil one. If he is not the one bringing it to us, he seems to know when we are about to deal some to others.. He said he was interested in Sendorians powers, crude as they were, he had some Zonk wanted. It seemed like a good idea at first, giving Sendorian to Zonk. We would not have this worthless one´s blood on our hands. It would be easy to explain to someone from the mainland if they ever found out. And I sort of liked the irony.. one of Mobius´servants imprisoned by the one who got Mobius to chose this island to exile us. But, what if Sendorian teamed up with Zonk? What if Sendorian´s silvertongue was able to even charm the uncharmable? That would have been disastrous for our little community.

Sendorian escapes

Alas, and as would be expected, Zonk decided not to wait for our verdict. He simply grabbed Sendorian, summoned numerous Orga rages to stall us, and disappeared leaving us fighting for our lives in the usually so quiet townsquare. After the battle, Aki made a search but could not sense Sendorian in our plane. Sendorian was gone, possibly taking a tour around Zonk´s tower. I was deeply concerned. Imagine my surprise when Sendorian only 2 days ago again was seen in town. I was busy fighting Oak Giant´s in the breeding ground, when I heard his messages in my head. As we were busy at a time there, the conversation took place on SS. Here is what I remember :

Sendorian thinks, "it is cold and seems to suck my thoughts away."
Babajaga thinks, "Anyone able to locate Sendorian?"
Sendorian thinks, "Babajaga, why would you be looking for me, Lady?"
Babajaga thinks, "It´s a great disappointment that you are alive."
Sendorian thinks, "What a rude thing to say to one I have not even had the pleasure of meeting? Are you to be avoided in general?"
Valtrim thinks, "Or in particular?"
Sendorian thinks, "Is this Babajaga a dangerous person, to be avoided then?"
Spad thinks, "if you are a beast willing to dance, yes"
Valtrim thinks, "Is anyone dangerous? Is anyone safe?"
Babajaga thinks, "Not had the pleasure of meeting? Surely you remember?"
Sendorian thinks, "Oh if I am wrong, Babajaga, then we must renew our contact. How I do hate to forget things."
Babajaga thinks, "I am not so sure Sendorian."
Babajaga thinks, "Still use those things you murdered Sir West with?"
Sendorian thinks, "I do not recall a Sir West either, and CERTAINLY not any instance of murder."
Sendorian thinks, "Where are the clouded grounds and the pair of pillars that are so fresh in my mind... directions from town, anyone?"
Chitra thinks, "Adytum is far from here"
Sendorian thinks, "Directions from town, anyone? That was such a peaceful place"
Sendorian thinks, "It is the freshest thing I can recall... that... and some tear... and a crack in an altar."
Babajaga thinks, "is this another trick Sendorian? pretending memoryloss?"
Babajaga thinks, "You were never a warrior in Adytum!"
Sendorian thinks, "My memory is excellent! I just don't know exactly where I am at the moment. I am sure it will come to me."
Sendorian thinks, "I am sure it will come to me. Adytum? Is that the name of the place... Hmmm..."
Babajaga thinks, "So.. assuming your memory loss is the truth.. do you remember anything of a certain robed one?"
Babajaga thinks, "Darshak-looking, with a sparkling shirt? Ring a bell Sendorian?"
Babajaga thinks, "Am I to understand this right, that you claim no knowledge of anything else than Adytum Sendorian?"
Sendorian thinks, "Aaaarrgh.. My head. Sorry Babajaga. To answer questions: Of course I remember a great deal."
Babajaga thinks, "Let me assume for a minute you talk the truth. ... what do you remember?"
Sendorian thinks, "Great Spires and Halls and Cathedrals - A journey, and an attempt to travel... somewhere else."
Sendorian thinks, "Then, what you call the Adytum, with strange magical pillars."
Sendorian thinks, "A tear and a crack in an altar, and a Temple. That puts it briefly."
Sendorian thinks, "I tell you my memory is most clear."
Sendorian thinks, "As to the Darshak, I do know that they are enemies to be feared and subdued."
Sendorian thinks, "This Babajaga... does she serve the Darshak?"

Assuming what he said is true, he doesn´t remember the last months on this isle at all. Not the kidnapping, not the murder, and not the escape with Zonk. Whatever Zonk did to him, it seems to be like a memory/spirit drain, as the one talking here is far nicer, although cautious, than the Sendorian I met. Or maybe this memory-less is the effect of whatever Zonk did to him. I don´t know. Oddly enough, we got our revenge - on the other hand I am not satisfied. I would like the old Sendorian to know what happened to him. Strange isn´t it. This desire for revenge.. And I am still concerned. It seems Zonk got what he wanted from Sendorian, whatever that was.

Some weeks ago I met Zwei. She was in undine form and I asked her what had happened. She couldn´t tell me, just wept blood. This is what Chitra writes about the incident that caused Zwei´s death.

Feh, what happen? I tell you what happen. Is 'cause of wound Zwei gots
when she help Astrid 'n Althea remove myscitkally thingy frum Lorian's arm.
During opp'ration Lorian goerz berzerk and she take dat funny Dagger wif moon
'n stars she carry alla th' time wif her and she slash Zwei' han' wif it.

Eh, is big issue... Zwei take Dagger.. and is big fight overez it fer
weeks... I not know why Lorian carry Dagger at allatall, considerin' Council
of Knight's say she no allowed to carry weapons no more. But.. I guess she
gits it back .. I not rilly sure...

So.. is big fight... Zwei and Lorian no speak, Zwei very mad at Lorian...
Wound in her hand nebber heal.. Lorian try to make peace wif Zwei.. so I
hearz, and she try to heal hand.. but.. is sumthin' wrong.. Zwei go inna
some kinda shock, I not rilly unnerstan' is apokylepetikale 'er sumthin'..
so.. she go into shock.. and she die....

She died....

Rather then helping her, Lorian causes Zwei´s death... Many in my clan naturally is furious, and some even go so far as to demand Lorian´s death too. I have archived some of the letters here. It is quite clear during my conversation with Zwei that she is accusing Lorian and Lilit. As you may know, Zwei has been an opponent and a foe of them both for quite some time. She has been Lorian´s main critique, and a sworn enemy of Lilit. While the Red Quill are gathering to make a formal accusation against Lorian, with the aid of friends - Lorian is of course desperate to try to make things right.. Late one night I get a message from Elenis, who has been a dear friend in the past. He needs help in protecting Lorian during a meeting he, Lorian, Fleming and Maenygh are setting up. Apparently Elenis is seeking aid from the sylvans, and their knowledge of spiritual things. When I talk to him I ask him not to seek aid from Lilit, as this would be to scorn Zwei´s pride and beliefs. He agree with me in this. But Lorian has other plans.. During a ritual where Lilit is present, Lorian is able to bring Zwei´s spirit back, or it appears so at first glance.... She is back to her fen self at least. But, Zwei is now attached to both Lorian and Lilit, and claims that protecting Lorian is one of her tasks! She also seems to be suffering from memory-loss. Zwei has no memory of being in the Red Quill, she doesn´t remember the Ripture War even! Chitra was able to take notes during a recent conversation with Zwei.

'allo all,

Todey I meets wif Zwei inna souf forest, and we talks.. a first I rilly
glad to see her alive, is mirakle, I amazed, I happy. Howebber, more I talks
wif her th' more worried I gits... Somthin' not right wif Zwei, she no
'member lotta stuff dat happen, she no 'member odder stuff right way round.
Is very disturbin' I tink is Lorian an Lilit dat responsipel fer dis.

I shoulda kilt Lorian when I had de chance! Why I let her live to do DIS
to Zwei, Dis WORSE den Zwei bein dead, an' prolly, is MY fault fer not
killin' th' Witch when I hadda oprotuniti!

I not know what to do.. dis all too mystikallia fer me, I hit stuff.... it
die. What I knows 'bouts how to help Zwei now??

aa howls in anguish an gnashes her teeth.


To understand why Chitra is so upset read the notes of Chitra from the conversation with Zwei. Now, I may be a silly sylvan, vain and full of pride, and gullible sometimes too. But I find this whole affair strange. First, we have Lorian who of course pleads her innocence, as Zwei´s reaction to her healing was not intended nor planned. Then, Lorian ensures that herself and Lilit, both Zwei´s enemies, are the ones able to help Zwei back again. And the outcome of that whole endeavor is that Zwei now is Lorian´s guardian, and Lilit´s friend. Instead of a foe, they now have a friend ! Am I the only one who find this string of events more than suspicious?? I have defended Lorian many times in the past, even against Zwei. Maybe it is time for me to go the path Zwei showed me before all this happened.

I recently met a fine human warrior named Takara. Having heard her name name, and knowing she had been in the lands before, I asked her about her story. She was kind enough to write it down and send it to me. Do read her tale.

"You are watched from all quarters. Ware Babajaga. I mean I hear things. Stay with Blitz!"

This was whispered to me during a hunt recently. The one whispering didn´t want to reveal more. Not a close friend, maybe all they wanted was to scare me. Anyway hiring Blitz was the smartest thing I have done in awhile. Not the cheapest I must admit. I have to pay him his salary, repair of clothes and weapons, sometimes a chain, and now he is talking about a hairdo. But he is very sweet, very kind, and the best bodyguard out there. And he has already saved my life on many occasions. It was not as easy for K´pyn on our latest hunt on Dal´Noth. K´pyn seemed determined to see my guts all over the ground in ripper-city. How I just loathe that place! Rippers are not the friendliest of animals, and not the weakest either, and to be bit by one, feels.. well.. not good.. K´pyn tried many times to block my escape from these beasties. He was stalking me, pushing and pulling me - but behaved like a lamb when Blitz growled a little and waved around with his Thoom Thumper. POS have sworn to help K´pyn, or so they say at least when I ask. Haven´t seen anything yet. If they don´t do anything soon with this thoom, I must try to help him myself. Or charge him for all the attempts on taking my life. I have not done so since K´pyn once was a dear friend of mine. But I will if they don´t take action soon. So, I stay close to Blitz these days.

Oak Giant

Staying close to Blitz also means that I get to hunt with him a lot. Which is a great experience. He is skilled, not only strong, and together we can battle the most ferocious beasties. Recently we were able to defeat an Oak Giant together, without healers. We were able to take two down, but as we saw more coming it was time to call our healer friends. I made a visionstone of the first battle. And, although it does look easy, it´s not...