1/26/02 4:22:56a Callia says, "either you or one of your brothers... I'm not
sure which.."
1/26/02 4:23:07a Callia says, "recently spoke of a "river" of ether"
1/26/02 4:23:23a Tenebrion says, "We would very much like to find one."
1/26/02 4:23:30a Callia says, "in referance to what you hoped we would be
able to locate on Puddleby.."
1/26/02 4:23:42a Tenebrion says, "it would then be a relatively simple matter
to place portals all along it."
1/26/02 4:23:45a Callia says, "ahh"
1/26/02 4:23:54a Odesseus asks, "hrm, like a road?"
1/26/02 4:23:56a Callia asks, "and this would be a consistant high I assume?"
1/26/02 4:24:02a Tenebrion says, "The existence of these rivers is still a
matter of debate."
1/26/02 4:24:07a Tenebrion says, "Or low."
1/26/02 4:24:13a Tenebrion says, "One extreme or the other."
1/26/02 4:24:15a Callia says, "or low.. interesting"
1/26/02 4:24:31a Callia says, "Ether in that range seems ... dangerous to me"
1/26/02 4:24:34a Tenebrion says, "Perhaps a current is a better description
than a river."
1/26/02 4:24:41a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:25:06a Elise says, "so really you want to measure ether flux, not
ether levels"
1/26/02 4:25:15a Tenebrion says, "Activity."
1/26/02 4:25:19a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:25:20a Tenebrion says, "Flux."
1/26/02 4:25:23a Tenebrion says, "Change."

1/26/02 4:09:39a Callia says, "thank you for your help"
1/26/02 4:09:46a Tenebrion says, "I must apologise for your travails."
1/26/02 4:09:47a (Odesseus waves)
1/26/02 4:09:53a Odesseus exclaims, "Hi dere!"
1/26/02 4:10:00a Odesseus says, "long time no yak"
1/26/02 4:10:01a Callia says, "your guards are..."
1/26/02 4:10:01a Tenebrion says, "My guards are not very intelligent at times."
1/26/02 4:10:08a Callia says, "zealous in their duties"
1/26/02 4:10:22a Odesseus asks, "well, they are guards, whatcha spect?"
1/26/02 4:10:23a Thrund ponders, "twas only a flesh wound"
1/26/02 4:10:37a (Tenebrion holds a key out to Callia)
1/26/02 4:10:45a (Callia takes the key)
1/26/02 4:10:48a Callia says, "thank you"
1/26/02 4:10:51a Tenebrion says, "Hopefully this will make it easier for you in
1/26/02 4:10:54a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:10:57a (Righ Badenoch smiles.)
1/26/02 4:10:58a Callia says, "I suspect it will"
1/26/02 4:11:35a Callia says, "I have a couple of questions if you wouldn't
1/26/02 4:11:45a Tenebrion says, "it would be my pleasure to entertain them."
1/26/02 4:11:52a (Odesseus peers at the portals)
1/26/02 4:12:03a Callia says, "one of my students spoke to you recently.. his
name is Drablak"
1/26/02 4:12:16a Tenebrion says, "The name is familiar."
1/26/02 4:12:24a Callia says, "he told me that you spoke of an Ether Lens (sp?)"
1/26/02 4:12:36a Tenebrion says, "The amulet. Yes."
1/26/02 4:12:45a Callia asks, "the Amulet is the lens?"
1/26/02 4:12:47a Tenebrion says, "It acts in that capacity if required."
1/26/02 4:12:51a Callia says, "ahh"
1/26/02 4:12:59a Tenebrion says, "It has many functions."
1/26/02 4:13:04a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:13:18a Callia says, "hmm.."
1/26/02 4:13:43a Callia says, "well.. any of those functions you'd care to
1/26/02 4:13:54a Callia says, "I'd be interested to hear"
1/26/02 4:14:08a Tenebrion says, "It is a general tool box for ethereal
1/26/02 4:14:11a Odesseus thinks to you, "mebbe mention Fat Alice gem?"
1/26/02 4:14:14a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:14:14a Tenebrion says, "I'm sure you will learn over time."
1/26/02 4:14:21a You think to Odesseus, "yes.. a good idea... "
1/26/02 4:14:35a Callia says, "hmm"
1/26/02 4:14:52a Callia says, "I understand that you can focus Ether through a
consious mind.."
1/26/02 4:14:56a Tenebrion says, "I have heard that all of my brothers are
making places for slaves to assist you in your studies."
1/26/02 4:15:08a Callia says, "ahh... interesting"
1/26/02 4:15:33a Tenebrion says, "Ether flows through all matter."
1/26/02 4:15:46a Tenebrion says, "Only when it passes through consciousness
does it react."
1/26/02 4:15:51a Callia asks, "but the impact of a consious structre on the
ether ... changes it...?"
1/26/02 4:16:03a Tenebrion says, "The amulet may be used to concentrate a
1/26/02 4:16:17a Tenebrion says, "So that the effects may be made more
1/26/02 4:16:20a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:16:48a Callia says, "hmm"
1/26/02 4:16:58a Thrund ponders, "all this ether stuff is over my head"
1/26/02 4:17:07a Callia says, "I understand you recently ... tested the mind of
a member of the Nox Sorora..."
1/26/02 4:17:18a Tenebrion says, "I am not at liberty to discuss that matter."
1/26/02 4:17:21a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:17:28a Righ Badenoch ponders, "i think ether is over all our heads,
like a sword of whatever"
1/26/02 4:17:31a Callia says, "I don't mean to pry"
1/26/02 4:17:46a Tenebrion says, "I must respect the privacy of certain people."
1/26/02 4:18:04a Callia asks, "so.. when focused... the Ether can assume
physical form? or the semblance thereof?"
1/26/02 4:18:24a Tenebrion says, "Only when condensed to the extreme."
1/26/02 4:18:44a Callia asks, "requiring a more powerful tool than an amulet
1/26/02 4:18:52a Callia asks, "or .. just more ether?"
1/26/02 4:18:58a Thrund ponders, "distilled ether? sounds like a dorf thing"
1/26/02 4:19:34a Odesseus thinks to you, "you ever ask him why the ether varies
so much so quickly?"
1/26/02 4:19:39a Tenebrion says, "I think you will find the amulet is as
powerful a tool as you could want."
1/26/02 4:19:45a (Callia smiles)
1/26/02 4:20:01a You think to Odesseus, "I think that may just be my lack of
1/26/02 4:20:02a Thrund ponders, "a lever"
1/26/02 4:20:06a Odesseus asks, "jus need more trainng?"
1/26/02 4:20:11a (Callia nods to Ode)
1/26/02 4:20:17a Odesseus says, "hunf"
1/26/02 4:20:17a Callia says, "hm.."
1/26/02 4:20:26a Tenebrion says, "Mere training is not an indication of
1/26/02 4:20:30a Odesseus ponders, "isnt that ever the way of the world"
1/26/02 4:20:35a Callia says, "no no, of course not.."
1/26/02 4:20:38a Tenebrion says, "I can train a dog to bark a certain number of
1/26/02 4:20:49a Tenebrion says, "It does not understand mathematics."
1/26/02 4:20:59a Callia says, "I have noticed that my readings fluctuate.."
1/26/02 4:21:10a Callia says, "so.. one moment.. the ether might seem high"
1/26/02 4:21:16a Callia says, "the next low.."
1/26/02 4:21:19a Tenebrion says, "Small fluctuations are to be expected."
1/26/02 4:21:30a Odesseus asks, "small?"
1/26/02 4:21:34a Callia says, "I attribute this more to my lack of training and
understanding than anything else"
1/26/02 4:21:37a Tenebrion says, "Consistent high or low readings is what we
1/26/02 4:21:45a Odesseus asks, "what is small?"
1/26/02 4:21:46a
1/26/02 4:21:46a ¥ Ether scan of conferance .
1/26/02 4:21:46a Local ether activity is berserk.
1/26/02 4:21:47a ¥ End scan.
1/26/02 4:21:47a
1/26/02 4:21:51a (Callia frowns)
1/26/02 4:21:55a Callia says, "ahh.."
1/26/02 4:21:59a Callia says, "here for example.."
1/26/02 4:22:05a Tenebrion says, "Small would be defined as within normally
expected paramters."
1/26/02 4:22:15a Elise says, "there is a non-answer for you"
1/26/02 4:22:16a Callia says, "the Ethereal Activity is berserk here"
1/26/02 4:22:20a Tenebrion says, "This area would be confusing for you I
1/26/02 4:22:24a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:22:30a (Callia glances at the two portals)
1/26/02 4:22:31a (Tenebrion points to two open portals.)
1/26/02 4:22:34a Odesseus ponders, "in more ways than one"

1/26/02 4:22:56a Callia says, "either you or one of your brothers... I'm not
sure which.."
1/26/02 4:23:07a Callia says, "recently spoke of a "river" of ether"
1/26/02 4:23:23a Tenebrion says, "We would very much like to find one."
1/26/02 4:23:30a Callia says, "in referance to what you hoped we would be able
to locate on Puddleby.."
1/26/02 4:23:42a Tenebrion says, "it would then be a relatively simple matter
to place portals all along it."
1/26/02 4:23:45a Callia says, "ahh"
1/26/02 4:23:54a Odesseus asks, "hrm, like a road?"
1/26/02 4:23:56a Callia asks, "and this would be a consistant high I assume?"
1/26/02 4:24:02a Tenebrion says, "The existence of these rivers is still a
matter of debate."
1/26/02 4:24:07a Tenebrion says, "Or low."
1/26/02 4:24:13a Tenebrion says, "One extreme or the other."
1/26/02 4:24:15a Callia says, "or low.. interesting"
1/26/02 4:24:31a Callia says, "Ether in that range seems ... dangerous to me"
1/26/02 4:24:34a Tenebrion says, "Perhaps a current is a better description
than a river."
1/26/02 4:24:41a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:25:06a Elise says, "so really you want to measure ether flux, not
ether levels"
1/26/02 4:25:15a Tenebrion says, "Activity."
1/26/02 4:25:19a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:25:20a Tenebrion says, "Flux."
1/26/02 4:25:23a Tenebrion says, "Change."

1/26/02 4:25:37a Callia says, "on a possibily unrelated note..."
1/26/02 4:25:44a Tenebrion says, "There are technical terms but they would be
meaningless to you at this stage."
1/26/02 4:25:53a Callia asks, "are you familiar with Fat Alice?"
1/26/02 4:26:05a Tenebrion says, "A friend of Umbrion's I believe."
1/26/02 4:26:09a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:26:15a Callia says, "she has recently come to us.."
1/26/02 4:26:28a Callia says, "seeking aid in acquiring a .. sort of Gem"
1/26/02 4:26:41a Callia asks, "how big did she say Ode?"
1/26/02 4:26:52a Odesseus says, "bout the size of yer head"
1/26/02 4:27:00a Tenebrion says, "Quite a gem."
1/26/02 4:27:01a (Odesseus holds his paws apart a bit)
1/26/02 4:27:10a Callia says, "I'm curious if such an artifact sounds familiar
to you"
1/26/02 4:27:18a Odesseus says, "she said it glowed by firelight, too"
1/26/02 4:27:28a Odesseus says, "but dint say what color"
1/26/02 4:27:28a Tenebrion says, "I cannot think of a particular."
1/26/02 4:27:32a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:28:16a Callia says, "it seems to me.. curious.."
1/26/02 4:28:22a Tenebrion asks, "Have you had a chance to examine the bubbles
of structure on the plane yet?"
1/26/02 4:28:31a Callia says, "no"
1/26/02 4:28:38a Odesseus ponders, "??"
1/26/02 4:28:41a Callia says, "there are several complications"
1/26/02 4:28:49a Callia says, "access to the plane is one"
1/26/02 4:29:00a Callia says, "the other is safety in traveling there"
1/26/02 4:29:06a Odesseus says, "stayin alive on the plane bein the other"
1/26/02 4:29:07a Callia says, "some parties have made the attempt"
1/26/02 4:29:11a Callia says, "but fell"
1/26/02 4:29:26a Callia says, "and so agravated the condidtions in Purgatory"
1/26/02 4:29:39a Odesseus says, "full of grave nasties, tis"
1/26/02 4:29:45a Callia says, "I am reluctant to do the same"
1/26/02 4:29:49a Tenebrion says, "Swords and arms are not your best defense in
such a place."
1/26/02 4:29:59a Callia asks, "what would you suggest?"
1/26/02 4:30:20a Tenebrion says, "Wait a century or three and learn to control
your environments."
1/26/02 4:30:29a Odesseus says, "oh, feh"
1/26/02 4:30:30a Callia says, "hmm"
1/26/02 4:30:56a Tenebrion says, "Until then I suppose you will make do with
what you have."
1/26/02 4:31:39a Callia says, "I'm curious about something else too"
1/26/02 4:31:59a Callia says, "neither you.."
1/26/02 4:32:08a Callia says, "nor the brothers of yours that I have met.."
1/26/02 4:32:24a Callia says, "are members of the Mystical profession.."
1/26/02 4:32:41a Tenebrion says, "I was unaware mysticism was a profession."
1/26/02 4:32:43a Thrund ponders, "iow, they don't suck"
1/26/02 4:32:49a Callia says, "and yet you all use the Amulets with great
1/26/02 4:32:49a (Righ Badenoch grins.)
1/26/02 4:33:00a Righ Badenoch ponders, "good answer!"
1/26/02 4:33:02a Tenebrion says, "We are all scholars."
1/26/02 4:33:07a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:33:18a Callia says, "so.. my question.."
1/26/02 4:33:26a Tenebrion says, "Again perhaps the scale of time is an answer."
1/26/02 4:33:30a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:33:53a Righ Badenoch asks, "aye, mayhaps fighting was not always his
1/26/02 4:33:55a Callia says, "I was just curious.. none of the fighters or
healers who have tried to study the amulets have met with success"
1/26/02 4:34:11a Tenebrion says, "I have not lifted my sword in anger since I
cannot remember."
1/26/02 4:34:35a Thrund ponders, "perhaps an unprofessioned exile?"
1/26/02 4:35:04a Callia says, "hm.."
1/26/02 4:35:19a Odesseus thinks to you, "well, he's beeing very cagey"
1/26/02 4:35:26a Callia says, "I have many other questions, but I think you
will wish me to learn more context first :)"
1/26/02 4:35:37a Tenebrion says, "You are welcome to ask."
1/26/02 4:35:44a Righ Badenoch asks, "As a matter of personal interest
Tenebrion, do you know what plane(s) of existance the dark bubbling has
physical form on?"
1/26/02 4:35:55a Odesseus asks, "Hey, Tenebrion, how many siblings you got? Any
1/26/02 4:35:56a Tenebrion says, "It is interesting to learn the direction of
your queries."
1/26/02 4:36:06a Tenebrion says, "Just my 5 brothers."
1/26/02 4:36:17a Odesseus says, "ah, hrm"
1/26/02 4:36:22a Odesseus says, "good odds, there"
1/26/02 4:36:34a Tenebrion says, "Someone was speaking to me of the dark
bubbling ealier. I had not heard of it until a few hours ago."
1/26/02 4:36:51a Odesseus says, "oh, yeah, that stuff"
1/26/02 4:37:02a Odesseus says, "sumpin to do with dews"
1/26/02 4:37:11a Righ Badenoch says, "i understand it to be the power behind
the sorceror Qual's experiments"
1/26/02 4:37:15a Tenebrion says, "Callia, studying the ways of ether is a
strange path."
1/26/02 4:37:15a Odesseus says, "and wuzisname"
1/26/02 4:37:20a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:37:27a Odesseus says, "right Qual"
1/26/02 4:37:31a Tenebrion says, "It is not a direct skill to be acquired."
1/26/02 4:37:42a Callia says, "so I surmised"
1/26/02 4:37:42a Tenebrion says, "It is a reflection of knowledge."
1/26/02 4:37:56a Tenebrion says, "Any skills you pick up along the way are
1/26/02 4:38:02a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:38:09a Thrund ponders, "amulet skill is to the ether as pf is to the
1/26/02 4:38:12a Callia says, "the Portal stones you make..."
1/26/02 4:38:13a Tenebrion says, "There seems some confusion over that matter."
1/26/02 4:38:30a Callia asks, "are those also created by the Amulet?"
1/26/02 4:40:10a Elise thinks to you, "maybe we are supposed to find areas with
a lot of variance in ether levels -- would that indicate flow and current?"
1/26/02 4:40:21a Callia says, "it would be of interest to me to be able to
facilitate transit to and from the plane.. without infringing on your privacy"
1/26/02 4:40:27a Callia says, "without infringing on your privacy"
1/26/02 4:40:40a Tenebrion says, "I expect this is one of the things you will
learn in time."
1/26/02 4:40:41a You think to Elise, "perhaps"
1/26/02 4:40:48a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:40:48a Tenebrion blows a giant cloud of smoke into the air.
1/26/02 4:41:03a (Callia looks thoughtful)
1/26/02 4:41:06a (Odesseus coughs quietly)
1/26/02 4:41:18a (Elise wrinkles her nose)
1/26/02 4:41:30a Righ Badenoch ponders, "one of the pirates discarded cigars?"
1/26/02 4:41:37a Tenebrion says, "My pardon. I recieved a fine batch of cigars
1/26/02 4:41:44a Odesseus thinks to you, "all this fullness of time bull...
1/26/02 4:41:54a Elise says, "Those exiles will try anything"
1/26/02 4:42:48a Callia says, "hm.. how much of what we see on the Ethereal
1/26/02 4:42:57a Callia asks, "is the product of our own imaginations?"
1/26/02 4:43:03a Callia says, "that is..."
1/26/02 4:43:17a Callia asks, "are the creatures... created by our imagining
1/26/02 4:43:27a Callia asks, "or are they natural?"
1/26/02 4:43:30a Righ Badenoch ponders, "good question! and what of what we see
on this one?"
1/26/02 4:43:54a Tenebrion says, "What you see there is an exact representation
of what exists as you understand it."
1/26/02 4:44:05a Callia says, "ahh"
1/26/02 4:44:30a Tenebrion says, "As your understanding increases it will make
more sense to you."
1/26/02 4:44:40a Tenebrion says, "You will see the order in the chaos."
1/26/02 4:44:49a Callia asks, "individually? or .. as a community?"
1/26/02 4:45:06a Tenebrion says, "It responds to a collective average. In a
1/26/02 4:45:10a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:45:44a Righ Badenoch ponders, "the collective subconscious, an
interesting and wholly original posit"
1/26/02 4:45:45a Callia asks, "one of your brothers.. Lugubrion prehaps?"
1/26/02 4:46:04a Callia says, "suggested that the problems we were having with
the amulets breaking.."
1/26/02 4:46:20a Callia says, "might be related to the kind of ether we were
trying to measure"
1/26/02 4:46:45a Callia asks, "what do you think?"
1/26/02 4:47:08a Tenebrion says, "I do not believe his assumptions that there
are different kinds of ether."
1/26/02 4:47:11a Righ Badenoch ponders, "wrong type of ether? seems a poor
craftsman excuse to me"
1/26/02 4:47:26a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:47:48a Callia says, "my own assumption was lack of knowledge on my
(our) parts"
1/26/02 4:47:48a Tenebrion says, "I think the problem with the amulets breaking
is we cannot give you centuries of experience in a shorter amout of time."
1/26/02 4:48:02a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:48:04a Odesseus ponders, "well, durn!"
1/26/02 4:48:07a Tenebrion says, "Not of knowledge so much as experience
1/26/02 4:48:13a (Elise yawns)
1/26/02 4:48:15a Tenebrion says, "You know how to use it."
1/26/02 4:48:19a Callia ponders, "experience....."
1/26/02 4:48:24a Righ Badenoch asks, "Have you or your brothers any books that
might help impart some of your knowledge?"
1/26/02 4:48:26a Tenebrion says, "Know you just need time to know how to use it
1/26/02 4:48:40a Tenebrion says, "We keep an extensive library."
1/26/02 4:48:54a Righ Badenoch asks, "and would you make that available to
those you train?"
1/26/02 4:49:01a Tenebrion says, "I invite the scholars to use it if they
respect it."
1/26/02 4:49:15a Callia says, "I would be eager to see such a library"
1/26/02 4:49:27a Tenebrion says, "You will find it in our tower on the plane."
1/26/02 4:49:32a Callia says, "ahh..."
1/26/02 4:49:34a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:49:42a (Righ Badenoch smiles.)
1/26/02 4:49:46a Callia ponders, "must.. visit... that"
1/26/02 4:49:47a Tenebrion says, "I only ask you take care of the books you
find there."
1/26/02 4:49:52a Callia says, "of course"
1/26/02 4:49:55a Tenebrion says, "They are old and extremely valuable."
1/26/02 4:50:20a Callia says, "hm..."
1/26/02 4:50:25a (Thrund smiles)
1/26/02 4:50:34a Righ Badenoch ponders, "are they made on sylvan parchment
perhaps? maybe he shouldnt train those elves..."
1/26/02 4:50:54a Callia asks, "would it be possible to partion off an aspect..
a section of the Ethereal Plane?"
1/26/02 4:51:16a Tenebrion says, "Indeed. We have done precisely that to guard
certain items."
1/26/02 4:51:31a Odesseus says, ":"p"
1/26/02 4:51:40a Callia asks, "hm.. you refer to the circles of skulls?"
1/26/02 4:51:48a Tenebrion says, "Yes."
1/26/02 4:51:52a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:51:56a Righ Badenoch asks, "they are wards?"
1/26/02 4:52:03a Callia says, "I had something more ... dramatic in mind"
1/26/02 4:52:06a Tenebrion says, "They are fences I suppose you would call
1/26/02 4:52:16a Tenebrion asks, "Such as?"
1/26/02 4:52:20a Callia says, "Purgatory"
1/26/02 4:52:42a Tenebrion says, "I have never been there and know little of
1/26/02 4:53:00a Callia says, "it is rather similar in appearance to the
Ethereal Plane"
1/26/02 4:53:02a Righ Badenoch thinks, "purgatory?"
1/26/02 4:53:02a Odesseus says, "it's grey And endless semming"
1/26/02 4:53:09a Odesseus says, "er seeming"
1/26/02 4:53:13a Tenebrion says, "If the leak continues to grow it may
establish a path."
1/26/02 4:53:19a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 4:53:35a Tenebrion says, "If a path comes into being I would be most
curious to follow it and examine purgatory for myself."
1/26/02 4:53:52a Callia says, "I'm curious if what we call Purgatory was formed
*from* the Ethereal Plane"
1/26/02 4:54:16a Tenebrion says, "I could not say but it is an interesting
1/26/02 4:54:17a Odesseus says, "mebbe he Ethereal Plane kicked it out cuz it
was boring"
1/26/02 4:54:24a Tenebrion says, "Worthy of some research."
1/26/02 4:54:33a Callia says, "there is another place..."
1/26/02 4:54:41a Callia says, "similar to both of those..."
1/26/02 4:54:57a Callia says, "the creature who taught us where it was..."
1/26/02 4:55:01a Callia says, "called it the Adytum"
1/26/02 4:55:18a Tenebrion says, "Ah yes. I went there a long time ago."
1/26/02 4:55:18a Odesseus exclaims, "ok, that place was inneresting!"
1/26/02 4:55:32a Callia says, "did you? interesting"
1/26/02 4:55:37a Callia asks, "what did you think of it?"
1/26/02 4:55:40a Tenebrion says, "I have visted many planes."
1/26/02 4:55:44a Odesseus asks, "what didja think?"
1/26/02 4:55:53a Tenebrion says, "It did not go where I had hoped."
1/26/02 4:55:58a Odesseus says, "ok"
1/26/02 4:56:00a Tenebrion says, "It seemed too self-contained."
1/26/02 4:56:07a Callia says, "hm..."
1/26/02 4:56:09a Odesseus asks, "did ya figger out those dialyths?"
1/26/02 4:56:19a Tenebrion asks, "The dialyths?"
1/26/02 4:56:30a Callia says, "the two stones"
1/26/02 4:56:38a Odesseus says, "two big monolithic thingies"
1/26/02 4:56:45a Tenebrion says, "I cannot remember two stones of any note."
1/26/02 4:56:47a Odesseus says, "with weird writin on em"
1/26/02 4:56:58a Odesseus says, "sheesh, they were smack inna middle"
1/26/02 4:57:00a Callia says, "hmm"
1/26/02 4:57:01a Tenebrion says, "Certainly not monoliths."
1/26/02 4:57:06a Callia says, "there were two.."
1/26/02 4:57:11a Odesseus says, "mebbe they came later"
1/26/02 4:57:20a Callia says, "side by side"
1/26/02 4:57:23a Tenebrion asks, "Not a third?"
1/26/02 4:57:26a Callia says, "no"
1/26/02 4:57:29a Callia says, "only two"
1/26/02 4:57:34a Callia says, "that we saw"
1/26/02 4:57:34a Tenebrion says, "Anything important occurs in threes."
1/26/02 4:57:47a (Callia glances at the two ethereal portals)
1/26/02 4:57:50a Callia asks, "really?"
1/26/02 4:58:06a Tenebrion says, "It is a matter of universal balance."
1/26/02 4:58:07a Odesseus says, "mebbe the third one missed the boat"
1/26/02 4:58:18a Tenebrion says, "If there were only two they are of no import."
1/26/02 4:58:30a Tenebrion says, "If you find a third, come and tell me."
1/26/02 4:58:34a Callia asks, "would the absence of a third element create a
tension which might be important?"
1/26/02 4:59:00a Odesseus asks, "mebbe the thrid one was on another plane?"
1/26/02 4:59:20a Tenebrion says, "In a million chances out out a million and
one there were only two and they are not of consequence."
1/26/02 4:59:39a (Odesseus shrugs)
1/26/02 4:59:46a Tenebrion says, "If they were real objects of power then there
are three, or the existence of only two would be very significant."
1/26/02 4:59:56a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 5:00:11a Odesseus says, "well, I thought they were inneresting"
1/26/02 5:00:27a Callia asks, "you are familiar with the ... effects of the
Altar in our town?"
1/26/02 5:00:35a Tenebrion says, "Only vaguley."
1/26/02 5:00:47a Odesseus exclaims, "an here's only one of those!"
1/26/02 5:00:49a Callia says, "it seems to act both as a lens and a mirror"
1/26/02 5:01:19a Callia says, "the creature .. Bartok... attempted to steal it"
1/26/02 5:01:29a Odesseus says, "an busted it up"
1/26/02 5:01:34a Tenebrion says, "I have been told that history."
1/26/02 5:01:43a Odesseus says, "oh"
1/26/02 5:01:43a Righ Badenoch ponders, "if it were stolen and displaced, would
we emerge from purgatory in a new place?"
1/26/02 5:01:50a Sor thinks to you, "Are you with Tenebrion?"
1/26/02 5:01:54a Callia says, "and during that time.. healers found their
moonstones behaved differently"
1/26/02 5:01:57a You think to Sor, "yes"
1/26/02 5:02:21a Callia says, "I'm curious if the Altar is similar to any tools
you use"
1/26/02 5:02:36a Tenebrion says, "I do not know. I would have to examine the
1/26/02 5:02:44a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 5:02:47a Tenebrion says, "I have asked to borrow it but people seemed
1/26/02 5:03:00a Callia says, "mmm"
1/26/02 5:03:04a Callia says, "I'm not surprised"
1/26/02 5:03:15a Odesseus asks, "borrow as in remove?"
1/26/02 5:03:17a Tenebrion says, "Umbrion has one I believe."
1/26/02 5:03:22a Callia says, "yes, he does"
1/26/02 5:03:28a Righ Badenoch says, "aye, i have seen that he does"
1/26/02 5:03:30a Tenebrion says, "I'm not sure where he found it."
1/26/02 5:03:45a Callia asks, "but then he works with a Moonstone doesn't he?"
1/26/02 5:03:53a Tenebrion says, "He does."
1/26/02 5:04:30a (Sor): A god appears!
1/26/02 5:04:35a Callia says, "hello Sor"
1/26/02 5:04:37a (Callia smiles)
1/26/02 5:04:37a (Sor tips his helmet)
1/26/02 5:04:38a (Righ Badenoch smiles.)
1/26/02 5:04:41a (Odesseus waves)
1/26/02 5:04:42a Tenebrion says, "Greetings Sor."
1/26/02 5:04:44a Elise says, "herro"
1/26/02 5:04:44a Sor says, "Greetings all."
1/26/02 5:04:47a Righ Badenoch says, "Hello"
1/26/02 5:04:47a Odesseus exclaims, "heya Sor!"
1/26/02 5:05:14a Callia says, "I'm afraid I've never had the pleasure of
speaking to him (Umbrion I mean)"
1/26/02 5:05:19a (Sor sits)
1/26/02 5:05:34a Callia says, "I'll have to ask him about it if I do get the
1/26/02 5:05:34a Tenebrion says, "He is not fond of you people."
1/26/02 5:05:39a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 5:05:43a Callia says, "I understand"
1/26/02 5:05:45a Righ Badenoch says, "he's not neasrly as forthcoming"
1/26/02 5:05:46a Odesseus asks, "all of us?"
1/26/02 5:05:56a (Tenebrion smiles.)
1/26/02 5:06:05a Tenebrion says, "I'd said he comes forth with exactly how he
1/26/02 5:06:13a Righ Badenoch says, "tends to take pot-shots at us from time
to time"
1/26/02 5:06:15a (Righ Badenoch smiles.)
1/26/02 5:06:39a Callia says, "well... we have kept you for quite a while"
1/26/02 5:06:47a Tenebrion says, "My pleasure."
1/26/02 5:07:03a Tenebrion says, "I am glad to see your interest in these
1/26/02 5:07:06a Callia says, "I'm sure once I have had time to ponder.. I will
have more questions"
1/26/02 5:07:13a (Callia nods)
1/26/02 5:07:22a Callia says, "a facinating subject"
1/26/02 5:07:28a Tenebrion says, "Please feel free to visit at your
1/26/02 5:07:37a Callia says, "most kind of you, thank you"
1/26/02 5:08:00a Callia says, "I think for now we should let you get back to
your work"
1/26/02 5:08:05a (Odesseus smiles)
1/26/02 5:08:09a Tenebrion says, "Farewell."
1/26/02 5:08:12a Callia says, "thank you again :)"
1/26/02 5:08:13a Odesseus exclaims, "I signed yer guest book!"
1/26/02 5:08:17a You equip your pass key.
1/26/02 5:08:21a (Odesseus waves)
1/26/02 5:08:21a (Callia waves.)
1/26/02 5:08:25a (Righ Badenoch waves.)