Conversation with Melabrion 46th day of Spring, 545

You concentrate on sending your message to Melabrion.
You think to Melabrion, "Greetings Lord Melabrion, I would speak with you if you have the time"
Callia says, "greetings"
Melabrion says, "Greetings"
Callia says, "thank you for seeing me"
Melabrion asks, "How may I help you?"
(Melabrion nods)
Callia asks, "do you study the Ether?"
(Melabrion nods)
Callia says, "I have noted a phenomenon.. I wish to ask about"
Melabrion says, "Ah. Very good."
Callia says, "two islands to the west of this one..."
Callia says, "just south of that.. on the ocean.."
Callia says, "there a steady swirl of Ethereal current"
Melabrion says, "Hmmm..."
Melabrion asks, "Steady?"
Callia says, "the normal ocean currents have been ... stilled as well"
Callia says, "yes"
Melabrion asks, "What do the readings tell you?"
Callia says, "that it is strong, and that it is swirling"
(Melabrion grins)
(Callia raises an eyebrow)
Melabrion asks, "Nothing more?"
Callia says, "perhaps I lack the skill to see more... as yet"
Melabrion says, "Ah"
Melabrion says, "I've never been to this place."
Callia says, "I have only managed to speak to two of the ... creatures you and your brothers have created"
Melabrion asks, "Creatures?"
Callia says, "the Sarirs.."
Melabrion says, "Oh"
Callia says, "Lelarad, Laledar.. Darlale.."
Melabrion says, "I see."
Callia says, "I have just managed to speak to Darlale.. but.. I am still assimilating what he had to say"
Melabrion says, "Well, I believe that some of your fellow exiles could help you with better readings."
Callia asks, "oh?"
Callia asks, "can you suggest any in particular?"
Melabrion says, "Malkor seems astute."
(Callia nods)
Melabrion asks, "Do you know him?"
Callia says, "a bit"
Callia says, "I will speak to him"
Melabrion says, "That would be wise."
Callia asks, "what should we be searching for in this ... swirl?"
Melabrion asks, "Which way is the swirl going?"
Melabrion asks, "Is it affect by time of day?"
Callia says, "hm.. from what I could tell... clockwise"
Melabrion asks, "Do bloodblades affect it?"
Melabrion says, "Etc."
(Callia nods)
Melabrion says, "All of these things would be helpful, perhaps."
Callia says, "I will research the issue :)"
Melabrion says, "That would be wise."
Callia asks, "was it you who tuned the Caduceus of J'jh to not effect Ether?"
Melabrion says, "Some of your fellows aren't so wise and are meddling with forces of which they know little."
Melabrion says, "No"
Callia says, "yes, a fact that disturbes me greatly"
Callia asks, "Cimmbrion perhaps?"
Melabrion says, "Ask him"
(Callia nods)
Melabrion says, "I'm mainly concentrating on the powers of the bloodblade now"
(Callia nods)
Melabrion asks, "Anything else?"
Callia says, "the idea that the Caduceus and Mecurial staves would effect the ether was ... disturbing"
Melabrion says, "Ah..sorry"
Callia says, "but I was intrigued that they might be tuned to not have that effect"
Melabrion says, "Well, perhaps they draw upon powers from other planes."
Callia asks, "can bloodblades also be so tuned?"
Melabrion says, "I aim to find out"
(Callia nods)
Melabrion says, "It's very tedious work"
Callia says, "hm... I am also curious about the tool I saw you use on Shen Calin..."
Callia says, "the Gem"
(Melabrion smiles)
Callia says, "it stopped him from... becoming more injured.."
Callia asks, "did it ... replace his health? or... stop the bleeding?"
Melabrion says, "I wouldn't put too much stake into that claim."
Melabrion says, "I've yet to replicate it"
Callia says, "ahh"
Callia asks, "I am also curious.. you said that departs .. "charge" it?"
Melabrion says, "I did say that."
Callia asks, "are there implications to the departee which .. are in excess to the normal cost of departing?"
Melabrion says, "I don't see how. I'm merely gathering the residual energy from the 'depart'"
Callia says, "ahh..."
Callia asks, "where would this energy normaly go?"
Melabrion says, "I could, perhaps, do that from other blantant displays of energy."
(Callia nods)
Callia asks, "such as?"
Melabrion says, "I don't know. I'll have to research where the energy goes."
Melabrion says, "Quite curious...this whole "depart" thing"
Callia says, "I am curious if a cycle is being broken"
(Callia nods)
Callia says, "many of my fellow exiles take it for granted"
Callia says, "I do not"
Melabrion says, "Wise. I've found nothing like it elsewhere."
(Callia nods)
Callia says, "the Greatest of our healers.. fears for the stablilty of the .. process"
Melabrion asks, "Why so?"
Callia says, "he feels the power which does whatever it is.. is weakening"
Callia says, "though.."
Callia says, "I am not clear if he means the departing in specific.."
Callia says, "or if he means the falling, but not dying"
Callia says, "both are strange"
(Melabrion nods)
Callia says, "but.. perhaps not conneted"
Melabrion asks, "How is he learning of this?"
Callia says, "I do not know"
Melabrion asks, "Who is he?"
Callia says, "he was here long before us"
Callia says, "his name is Hekkus"
Melabrion says, "I see. I know him not."
Callia says, "he seldom leaves the halls of healing"
Callia says, "on Puddleby"
Melabrion says, "Ah"
Callia says, "I would assume you also use an Altar of some sort"
Melabrion asks, "Why would you say that?"
Callia asks, "you are a healer are you not?"
(Melabrion nods)
Callia says, "I see you wear a Sylphstone ring"
Melabrion says, "Yes, it was a gift to me"
Callia asks, "can you use it?"
Melabrion says, "Somewhat, yes"
Callia says, "my (limited) understanding..."
Melabrion says, "I'm studying it too"
Callia says, "is that such items only work if you can reflect your own healing energies back upon yourself"
Callia says, "and that such an action.. is normally dependant on the use of a tool like our Altar"
Callia says, "I know your brother Umbrion has one..."
Melabrion says, "Seems a reasonable theory"
(Callia shrugs)
Callia asks, "so... do you have one?"
Melabrion says, "It's a bit more ...complicated."
Melabrion says, "From what I know of the process."
Callia says, "ahh.."
Callia says, "well.. I am not a healer.. so no doubt the fine points escape me..."
Melabrion says, "Is there anything else? I do need to tend my experiments."
Callia says, "but I would be glad of any enlightenment you care to offer :)"
(Melabrion grins)
Callia says, "no.. nothing else at present"
(Melabrion nods)
Callia says, "I thank you for your time :)"
Melabrion says, "Please keep a careful watch on that "swirl""
(Callia nods)
Callia says, "I will"
Melabrion says, "Notify us if it enlarges."
Callia says, "hmm..."
(Callia nods)
Callia asks, "should we be concerned?"
Melabrion says, "Yes."
Melabrion says, "And, please encourage your friends to stop meddling with what they're meddling with."
Callia asks, "?"
Callia asks, "which thing in particular?"
Callia says, "there are so many of them.."
Callia says, "and so many are fools"
(Callia smiles slightly)
Melabrion says, "Let's just say the ones that have stolen kyeum pieces from my brother."
Callia says, "ahh..."
(Callia nods)
Melabrion says, "Dangerous."
Melabrion ponders, "very"
Callia says, "so I have read..."
Melabrion says, "Well, take care"
(Callia smiles)
You just received good karma from Melabrion, Thank you for your service.
Callia says, "and you"
(Melabrion waves)