Conversation with Tenebrion 60th day of Spring, 545


Callia says, "hello"
Tenebrion says, "Greetings."
Callia says, "I spoke recently to your brother, Melabrion"
Callia says, "I told him of a Phenomena I had encountered"
Tenebrion says, "Probably more recently than I."
Callia says, "two islands to the west of this one..."
Callia says, "and just south.. on the ocean..."
Callia says, "we encountered a steady swirl of Ether"
Tenebrion asks, "Steady over what period?"
Callia says, "since the time we found it.."
Callia says, "it has remained steady"
Callia says, "more than a zodiac"
Callia says, "originally.. it was small"
Tenebrion asks, "Steady at what level?"
Callia says, "now it seems to cover most of the ocean"
Callia says, "Melabrion was quite particular regarding letting one of you know if it expanded"
Callia says, "my training is still to ... limited to get much detail"
Callia says, "sometimes it was swirling upwards.."
Tenebrion asks, "Is it expanding chaotically? Or with regulation?"
Callia says, "sometimes downwards"
Callia says, "hrm.. hard to tell, chaoticially I think"
Callia says, "the period of expansion seemed quite short"
Tenebrion says, "It is times like this I wish I were free to wander your islands."
Callia says, "I cannot help but notice.. you have redecorated a bit"
(Callia glances at the blue sparkles)
Tenebrion says, "I added a portal for my convenience."
Callia says, "ahh"

[Prue enters the room, from this point on Callia and Tenebrion are seldom left to talk alone]

(Prue points)
Prue asks, "whassa?"
Tenebrion says, "A doorway."
Callia asks, "so.. what should we be watching for in regards to the Ether fluctuation?"
Prue asks, "where to, sir?"
Tenebrion says, "Constant high or low readings that move or behave to a pattern."
Callia says, "hmm..."
Callia says, "well.. it's a steady swirl.. and quite strong"
Callia says, "and I occasionally detect movement up, or down"
Tenebrion says, "Growing does not sound like a good news."
Callia says, "I'm not sure if the intermitance is my own lack of training.. or intermitance of the activity"
Tenebrion says, "Small fluctuations should move like a leaf in a stream."
Tenebrion says, "Not grow."
Callia says, "hmm.."
Callia says, "this does not seem small"
Callia asks, "what are our recourses?"
Tenebrion says, "I am not sure."
Trowa exclaims, "Eeeee!"
Trowa exclaims, "Eee Eee!"
Trowa says, "Greetings Tenebrion"
(Callia frowns slightly)
Tenebrion says, "Greetings Trowa."
Trowa asks, "May i ask what the hell that is?"
Tenebrion asks, "What does it appear to be?"
Callia asks, "have you encountered phenomona like this before?"
Callia says, "your .. experience of the Ether is far far greater than my own"
Trowa asks, "ah so the sparkles are ether?"
Callia says, "hmm? no Trowa"
Trowa says, "Oh"
Callia says, "likely a ward of some kind"
Tenebrion says, "I saw one remote plane dissolve in on itself when a major fluctuation grew to encompass it."
Trowa says, "Uhhh"
(Callia gulps)
Tenebrion says, "I cannot now determine if that plane now exists."
Tenebrion says, "I have not been able to return there."
Callia asks, "can you... do you .. control smaller swirls?"
Tenebrion says, "There are some ways, yes."
Callia asks, "and if so.. what methodology do you use?"
Tenebrion says, "A Kyuem is one way."
Callia says, "hmm.."
(Callia nods)
(Elenis Reyav smiles.)
Elenis Reyav says, "Greetings Tenebrion."
Tenebrion says, "Greetings."
Elenis Reyav thinks to you, "Eh? New door?"
Callia asks, "is this also a potential threat to you?"
(J'jh waves)
(Elenis Reyav looks at the door curiously.)
Tenebrion says, "In the worst case scenario only Callia."
Callia says, "hrmm"
Tenebrion says, "I would have time to... relocate in that eventuality."
J'jh ponders, "whats this <-- ?" [pointing to the door]
(Callia nods)
Trowa ponders, "dunno thats the prob"
Callia says, "a doorway J'jh"
Elenis Reyav asks, "Tenebrion, is it alright if I enter that door?"
Tenebrion says, "Please do."
(Elenis Reyav looks positively curious.)
Callia asks, "where does it lead?"
Tenebrion says, "To the other side."
Trowa says, "Probably abyss"
(Callia laughs)
(Trowa grins)
Callia says, "touchˇ"
Fist of Fluff says, "erm"
Fist of Fluff says, "That's interesting"
Kalian asks, "whats in there?"
Tenebrion says, "I could make a doorway that just sent all your town people to somewhere far away and just wait for you all to walk through."
Callia says, "go see :)"
Tenebrion exclaims, "I had never thought of that!"
(Callia laughs)
Fist of Fluff asks, "Where does it go?"
Callia says, "some of them are fools :)"
Callia says, "some.. use more organization :)"
Tenebrion says, "Frankly I have never entered a portal without knowing where it lead and if I could return."
Callia says, "as I said to your brother"
Tenebrion says, "It simply would not occur to me."
Callia says, "many exiles take the ability to depart for granted"
Fist of Fluff asks, "Can you depart, Tenebrion?"
Tenebrion says, "I have never tried."
Fist of Fluff asks, "Is this portal an experiment?"
Tenebrion says, "No, a convenience."
Callia says, "hmm..."
Callia asks, "a new project?"
Fist of Fluff asks, "It leads to the Ethereal Plane?"
Callia says, "Elenis tells me it leads to a .. seemingly unfinished Zodiac circle"
Callia says, "on the Ethereal Plane"
Tenebrion says, "It is perfectly finished."
Callia says, "ahh"
Fist of Fluff says, "Kalian says he's safe"
Callia asks, "and it's purpose?"
(Callia smiles sweetly)
Tenebrion says, "A personal convenience."
Callia says, "the circle as well as the doorway?"
Tenebrion says, "Yes."
(Callia nods)
Trowa exclaims, "the north blue purple flame lead here!"
Callia asks, "so.. are there other options for controling Ethereal .. hemorage?"
Tenebrion says, "There are some reasonably pleasant unoccupied planes."
Callia says, "hum.."
Callia says, "well.. we do not know of these"
Fist of Fluff says, "Tenebrion, a question about Ethereal Amulets..."
Callia says, "so.. unless you wish to help us find and relocate to these planes..."
Callia says, "that option seems ... unlikely"
Tenebrion says, "I only partly jest."
Callia says, "so I surmised"
Tenebrion says, "I would like to visit the disturbance myself."
J'jh ponders, "hm"
Fist of Fluff asks, "I have been told that if my amulet hums to equip my bloodblade to control the Ether, does this work?"
Callia asks, "I take it a .. what do you call them? Sarirs?"
Tenebrion says, "I do not yet feel secure enough to move amongst you."
Callia asks, "a Sarir is not sufficient to the task?"
Callia says, "I do not blame you for feeling unsecure"
Tenebrion says, "They are imperfect for delicate control. Otherwise I would use them and not encourage your use of the amulet."
(Callia nods)
Fist of Fluff says, "I just wear it"
Fist of Fluff says, "To tell me when it is unbalanced"
Callia says, "hum.."
Tenebrion says, "Unless the situation looks truly grave I will rely on your readings."
Callia says, "I suspect an escort could be arranged..."
Elenis Reyav has fallen to an ethereal force.
Callia says, "but I would advice you to plan such a trip carefully"
Tenebrion says, "There have been too many threats against my life."
(Fist of Fluff nods)
(Callia nods)
Fist of Fluff says, "My clan will not stand against you."
(Callia sighs)
J'jh thinks, "Elenis Reyav has fallen to an ethereal force ....."
Tenebrion says, "Thank you Fist of Fluff. I will not stand against you either."
Trowa says, "the southmost flame goes to melabrions place i guess"
Callia ponders, "I do hope he didn't pester Melabrion"
Callia asks, "how are you at disguise?"
Tenebrion says, "I have not lived as long as I have by taking unacceptable risks."
(Callia nods)
Callia says, "I don't suggest you do"
Callia says, "hmm"
Callia says, "well.. I study now with Darlale"
Tenebrion says, "Excellent progress."
Callia says, "In time.. I will be able to provide more accurate readings"
J'jh thinks, "Elenis is up"
Callia says, "but I don't know how much time we have"
(Callia shrugs)
Tenebrion says, "And make use of other facilites the amulet can provide."
Callia says, "it would facilitate my research.. if it were easier for me to get to the tower"
Callia says, "tell me..."
Tenebrion says, "It is a difficult subject."
Callia asks, "how is it that you direct the .. end location of the portal stones?"
Tenebrion says, "I have no way to protect what is there securely and yet allow access to people I would choose."
Elenis Reyav says, "Interesting Tenebrion."
(Callia nods)
Elenis Reyav says, "Hrm."
Elenis Reyav says, "I would think that a more simple task..."
Elenis Reyav says, "Place a lock on the door..."
Tenebrion says, "I can only hope my friends have enough friends to act as escorts."
(Callia nods)
Elenis Reyav says, "to which only a key you give out can open"
Tenebrion says, "Locks are too easily picked or broken."
Elenis Reyav says, "Much like that door... SE"
(Elenis Reyav points.)
Tenebrion says, "Keys are too easily copied."
Elenis Reyav says, "Hrm."
Callia says, "I realize they are expensive to you, but a Portal stone would help greatly"
Tenebrion says, "A teleportation stone would help me greatly as well."
(Callia smiles)
Elenis Reyav says, "Your brother Cimmbrion has wonderful taste in decorating."
(Callia sighs)
Callia asks, "so.. building a Kyuem is our best option for controling the swirl?"
Tenebrion says, "It would be my first recommendation."
Elenis Reyav says, "Hrm."
Tenebrion says, "Building is the less difficult task."
Callia says, "hmm"
Elenis Reyav asks, "Are any of our scholars well traind enough to properely build one?"
Tenebrion says, "Locating the optimum site is far more difficult."
(Callia nods)
Elenis Reyav says, "Hrm."
(Elenis Reyav nods.)
Wangah Rah says, "H'loi Tenebrion"
Callia says, "hum.."
Tenebrion says, "Greetings Wangah Rah."
Callia says, "as I said, many take the ability to depart for granted"
(Callia shrugs)
Trowa asks, "Tenebrion have you been through them?"
Callia says, "I wonder.. could the Mirror portal in our south forest have been powered by Ether?"
Tenebrion says, "I do not think the mirrors and ether are related, but I am not certain."
(Callia nods)
Callia says, "hm.."
Callia says, "well.. I would love to speak to you more about these things.. but I fear I must study"
Tenebrion says, "I have some bookkeeping to attend to as well."
(Callia nods)
Tenebrion says, "Fare well."
Callia says, "thank you for your time :)"