Lundi, day 52 of Spring, 541 - Safe cave in Foothills

Koric asks, "Ah, this is your home, Katpus?"
Michael asks, "any idea where they might be?"
Katpus says, "Which is what I've been seeking"
The table is covered with rough catapult diagrams and broken pieces of machinery.
Koric says, "Must be very lonely up here."
Katpus says, "they are beyond the passes to the east"
Entil'Zha says, "Ah.."
Gurgi says, "aha"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "ahh"
Katpus says, "you have no idea Koric"
Entil'Zha says, "Well, we've been looking."
(Trystran D'Ark nods)
Kryll says, "We've been searching those passes.."
Katpus says, "The passes seem to be unstable"
Entil'Zha says, "Not for that specifically, but we haven't seen that either."
Michael asks, "have you found a way past them yet?"
Koric asks, "Any advice for us?"
Katpus says, "I made it through once"
Entil'Zha ponders, "what an understatement"
Trystran D'Ark asks, "Katpus, do you have any tools that we can use to dig through?"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay asks, "Katpus have yu heard of any tools for digging around here?"
Katpus says, "but I have not made it agin"
Gurgi says, "we need better digging tools"
(Reye nods)
The table is covered with rough catapult diagrams and broken pieces of machinery.
Gurgi asks, "got ane pick axes?"
Michael says, "its very hard work"
Katpus says, "I have most of them to the last group that came through"
Katpus says, "I gave most of them to the last group that came through"
Kaitlyn says, "exceedingly time consuming"
Trystran D'Ark says, "oh"
Trystran D'Ark asks, "Most?"
Reye says, "heh"
Reye says, "pmf"
Entil'Zha says, "Hrm."
Kryll ponders, "Of course you did.."
Katpus says, "I have only a couple more"
Gurgi asks, "most but not all?"
Entil'Zha says, "I s'pose there aren't any left.."
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "oh"
Katpus says, "there's one"
Trystran D'Ark says, "a couple will do"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay exclaims, "!!"
Ziff Rengar found a shovel!
Gurgi says, "aha"
Ziff Rengar exclaims, "woo!"
Babajaga says, "Couple more would do the trick"
Koric exclaims, "You are most kind, Katpus!"
Gurgi asks, "any more?"
Trystran D'Ark says, "thank you Katpus"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "Thnaks so much :D"
Gurgi exclaims, "thanks!"
Ziff Rengar asks, "katpus, how much money do you want?"
Entil'Zha exclaims, "Thank you!"
Sean says, "we could really use a couple more.."
Koric asks, "Is there something we can do for you in return?"
Katpus says, "I don't need any money.."
Sean says, "We'll pay for them"
Katpus says, "you can help find my plans"
Ziff Rengar asks, "do you need brambleberry cluster?"
(Koric nods.)
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "aahh"
Reye exclaims, "sure!"
Hunter exclaims, "Katpus!!"
Koric asks, "Any advice on getting through the passes to the east?"
Kaitlyn says, "Searching, we are good at that"
Katpus says, "I've been trying to reproduce them from scratch"
Katpus says, "But so far no luck"
Ziff Rengar asks, "do you need materials?"
Katpus says, "I keep searching for another way farther east"
Katpus says, "once I get the plans"
Michael asks, "did the other group make it farther east?"
Reye says, "We are looking for a way east too"
Trystran D'Ark asks, "do you have any maps of your travels?"
Babajaga says, "Where do the orgas live here? We have met so few of them"
Hunter says, "east was a dead end"
Katpus says, "then I'll be ready to collect materials"
Hunter says, "the one right there"
Dandelion ponders, "Holey creepin' crud, I'm slow"
Ziff Rengar says, "katpus"
Hunter says, "I think they're checking northeast right now"
Ziff Rengar says, "we got some lumos of ore"
Ziff Rengar says, "if you know someone who can evaluate them"
Ziff Rengar says, "we could check if there is metal in it"
Trystran D'Ark asks, "Katpus, do you have any maps of your travels?"
Katpus asks, "Isn't there someone in town that can do that?"
Ziff Rengar says, "yeah, but its very far away"
Hunter says, "No one in town makes a pick, though."
Entil'Zha asks, "Would metal be more helpful?"
Michael says, "town is a long way off"
Sean says, "I have some metal"
Reye says, "Yes but it is a dangerous road"
Katpus says, "The passes are full of falling rock"
Entil'Zha asks, "Or ore, even?"
Sean ponders, "5 of them, actually"
(Trystran D'Ark nods)
Babajaga says, "We have .. noticed.."
Kaitlyn asks, "Is there a short way back to town from here?"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "heh"
Katpus says, "It's hard to make maps since it keeps shifting"
Gurgi asks, "Are you out of shovels?"
Hunter asks, "Do you know of anyone around here that makes picks or other rock breaking materials?"
Entil'Zha ponders, "doh!"
Trystran D'Ark says, "ahh.."
Kaitlyn asks, "Is there a short way back to town from here?"
(Katpus checks his pack)
Ziff Rengar asks, "do you need materials to make shovels?"
Katpus says, "I think I have one more"
Michael asks, "do you know of a faster why to here from our town?"
Babajaga says, "Ah good."
Gurgi exclaims, "oh!"
Hunter exclaims, "Ahh!"
Ziff Rengar asks, "or can you give us the plans to make a shovel?"
Katpus says, "In general, yes"
Trystran D'Ark says, "excellent"
Sean asks, "Where did you get them, did you make them yourself?"
Hunter asks, "Do you know of someone who makes them, or can you?"
Gurgi says, "one more would help alot"
Ziff Rengar says, "the more we have, the better it would be"
Katpus says, "I think it takes a bit or metal, some wood plus someone skilled enought to make them"
Ziff Rengar asks, "like you?"
Hunter asks, "Do you know of someone skilled enough, or are you?"
Sean asks, "Can you train people to make them?"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "mmm"
Kira is now Clanning.
Katpus says, "no, not me"
Gurgi asks, "Is there someone around here that can?"
Sean asks, "Are you skilled enough yourself to make them?"
Ziff Rengar asks, "would the one be making them called 'trillbane'?"
Katpus says, "This area used to mined"
(Reye smiles happily.)
Kira is sharing experiences with you.
Ziff Rengar asks, "would the one be making them called 'Trillbane'?"
Michael asks, "have you seen any trainers that could help our PFs more?"
Babajaga asks, "By the orga??"
Katpus says, "I don't know"
Katpus says, "There was a library out here."
Fyn d'Evon Rhay exclaims, "!"
Reye exclaims, "ooooh!"
Hunter asks, "Do you know where out here?"
Gurgi exclaims, "oh!"
Babajaga says, "Yes.."
Entil'Zha says, "ooh1"
Katpus says, "Trillbane lived there"
Trystran D'Ark exclaims, "a library?!"
Hunter exclaims, "Ahh!"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay exclaims, "!!!"
Gurgi says, "aha"
Sean ponders, "oh my"
Katpus says, "Yes, it's beyond the passes"
Trystran D'Ark asks, "where was it?"
(Lucero grins.)
(Koric nods.)
Fyn d'Evon Rhay exclaims, "!!!!!!"
Gurgi says, "ah"
Trystran D'Ark ponders, "ofcourse it is.."
Reye exclaims, "ooooh!"
Hunter says, "Hmmm…"
Katpus says, "Underground"
Hunter asks, "Underground?"
(Trystran D'Ark nods)
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "underground :D"
Hunter ponders, "Hrm…"
Kaitlyn ponders, "sigh"
Entil'Zha says, "Underground, you say? Hm, I hadn't expected that."
Koric asks, "Katpus, do you know of any shortcuts from here to town, or town to here?"
Trystran D'Ark says, "it makes sence"
Entil'Zha asks, "Is it far from here?"
Katpus says, "At one time, I suspect it was not underground"
Trystran D'Ark says, "he hates wendeka"
Lucero asks, "We found a well that leads up to a valley. Is it near there?"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay asks, "You did make it to the east once didn't you?"
Katpus says, "But with the way the passes have shifted"
(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha chuckles..
Katpus says, "yes"
Entil'Zha says, "I see."
Diomedes thinks, "Meet ya there."
Katpus says, "I did make it east once"
Ziff Rengar asks, "how did you make it alone?"
Michael asks, "is the path to the east still open?"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay asks, "What of any other peoples on the east side of the island?"
Katpus says, "No"
Kryll asks, "Do you remember the directions?"
Lucero says, "Knuckle fell"
Sean ponders, "Knucklehead fell"
Katpus says, "I hid well"
Ziff Rengar asks, "how??"
Katpus says, "The directions there would not help you, it is a mass of fallen rock now"
Kaitlyn says, "Sat fell"
(Fyn d'Evon Rhay nods.)
Hunter says, "We can get through the rocks, though, slowly without a shovel or pick."
Gurgi says, "sounds like we need more shovels"
(Gurgi grins)
Trystran D'Ark asks, "are they rocks that we ca dig through?"
Katpus says, "But I feel sure another way can be found"
(Ziff Rengar nods to gurgi <g>)
Lucero says, "seems our mission is to head as far east as possible"
(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha nods enthusiastically!
Katpus says, "No... there was a large quake, you must find another way"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "Aye in order to help you get your plans again, we'll need shovels."
Trystran D'Ark says, "OK"
Hunter says, "Ah"
(Trystran D'Ark smiles)
Trystran D'Ark says, "thank you Katpus"
Koric asks, "Katpus, do you know of any shortcuts from here to town, or town to here?"
Katpus says, "As I said, I have one more shovel for you"
Michael asks, "is anything guarding the plans?"
Gurgi says, "thank you katpus"
(Fyn d'Evon Rhay smiles happily.)
Hunter says, "Ah! That's wonderful."
(Reye smiles.)
Kaitlyn says, "a shovel is good"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "Thanks so much, you're a gem :D"
Koric says, "Yes, thank you for your generosity with the shovels."
Sean asks, "Do shovels break?"
Katpus asks, "Is there anything guarding?"
Trystran D'Ark says, "thank you"
Michael says, "yes"
(Katpus laughs)
Gurgi asks, "gaurding what?"
Katpus says, "Yes."
Michael says, "the plans"
(Hunter points to the plans.)
Katpus says, "The plans he asked"
Gurgi says, "ah"
Trystran D'Ark asks, "what is guarding them?"
Michael asks, "orga?"
Katpus says, "The orga are strong there"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "ahh"
Hunter ponders, "Oh, the plan they have"
Michael ponders, "ugh"
Katpus says, "And beware the Arachnoids"
Koric asks, "Stronger than in the passage to this place?"
Kaitlyn says, "How strong"
Kaitlyn asks, "?"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay exclaims, "!"
Kaitlyn says, "oh my"
Michael exclaims, "noids!"
Trystran D'Ark ponders, "oh joy"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "heavenrs"
(Babajaga shudders)
Kaitlyn asks, "As strong as what creature is this orga?"
Katpus says, "They are clever and strong"
Dandelion ponders, "Oh joy! More orgas : P"
(Koric nods.)
Kaitlyn says, "clever, hmm"
Trystran D'Ark ponders, "and Noids.. joy"
(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha frowns
Michael says, "different color noids"
Ziff Rengar says, "i thought we were out of orga territory"
Gurgi says, "dad blast the orga"
Michael says, "i didnt"
Koric says, "It would greatly facilitate our cause if we knew of a shortcut from here to town, or town to here."
Hunter asks, "The foothills are still part of Orga Territory?"
Michael says, "the orga gaurd that pass for a reason"
Katpus says, "The orga do not inhabit the passes"
Hunter says, "Ah"
Babajaga says, "Thank you for letting us use your cave by the way."
Gurgi says, "yes, this is a nice cave"
Kaitlyn says, "Orga prefer the daylight"
Babajaga says, "I feared we forgot to hmm ask.."
Kaitlyn asks, "?"
Entil'Zha says, "Aye, thank you very much."
Katpus says, "but beyond the passes... they are many orga"
Michael asks, "big orga?"
Hunter says, "ahh"
Katpus says, "this cave seems safe"
Gurgi asks, "do you think you would mind if we brought some books here?"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay asks, "There is a place in the passes with a well, have you been there?"
Katpus says, "that is why I rest here"
Hunter says, "Aye, an area with Ironwood Giants and such."
Gurgi says, "Perhaps we could make a library here"
Ziff Rengar asks, "is it your home or just a resting place?"
Katpus says, "I have been to such a place"
Kaitlyn asks, "Katpus, can you advise us on how to get back to town?"
Michael asks, "is that the way you got to the east side?"
Katpus says, "This is just a relatively safe place from which to explore"
Katpus says, "The way east leads to to the snaggy forest"
Kaitlyn ponders, "faster?"
Trystran D'Ark ponders, "!"
Katpus says, "near the orga village"
Reye says, "ahh"
(Koric nods.)
Gurgi says, "er west you mean 8D"
Michael says, "but we have been to the orga village"
Katpus says, "it's so twisted and I have not travelled much there"
(Hunter chuckles.)
Katpus says, "yes"
(Gurgi smiles.)
Katpus ponders, "oh heavens"
Trystran D'Ark asks, "is there a second orga village there?"
(Fyn d'Evon Rhay smiles.)
Michael says, "ah"
Michael says, "zo east"
(Babajaga checks if katpus is a Zo.)
(Reye grins... been hanging out with Zos)
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "heh"
Koric says, "Katpus, you mentioned the place with the well and the ironwood giants."
Michael asks, "have you heard of a second orga village?"
Koric asks, "Is there a way out of there that you know of?"
Katpus says, "Some might call the orga stronghold to the east a city... I don't know"
Gurgi exclaims, "!"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay exclaims, "!"
Trystran D'Ark ponders, "oh gah!"
Kryll says, "wow"
Reye says, "woah"
Michael says, "oh my god"
(Babajaga nods)
(Lucero grins.)
Gurgi asks, "orga stronghold?"
Hunter says, "erm."
Gurgi asks, "past the passes?"
Hunter asks, "More of a stronghold than their village west?"
Katpus says, "There are many orga there"
Entil'Zha ponders, "oh my.."
Michael asks, "did the other party that was here before us get there?"
Katpus says, "I could not go there myself, there were to many"
Paramedic thinks, "my cloak is 3rd circle healer with one dye I think"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "wow"
Katpus says, "I do not know"
Hunter ponders, "I don't believe they have found Trillbane, no."
Babajaga asks, "So, we might meet a catapult at work when going there?"
(Babajaga hums softly.)
Michael says, "ooh"
Kryll ponders, "The race is on..."
(Trystran D'Ark chuckles)
Koric says, "Katpus, you mentioned the place with the well and the ironwood giants."
Michael asks, "if we find your plans, could you build us one?"
Koric asks, "Is there a way out of there that you know of?"
Katpus says, "Well you did, but yes"
Reye says, "besides the well? ;)"
Katpus says, "Not that I know of, but it's dangerous there. I did not linger"
Ziff Rengar asks, "do we need magic to reach trillbane's library?"
(Koric nods.)
Gurgi says, "ah"
Sean ponders, "brb"
Gurgi says, "ok"
Babajaga says, "You just followed your beloved catapult didn´t you. Long way to travel that is.."
Katpus says, "Since I don't know how to get there, I cannot be sure"
Katpus says, "yes"
Katpus says, "I want it back"
Reye says, "no doubt"
Katpus says, "Or at least my plans"
Reye says, "it was wonderful"
Koric exclaims, "I hope we can help you recover it!"
Koric says, "We will certainly do our best."
Hunter says, "Ah, great."
Babajaga says, "We suspected they had taken it this way"
Michael says, "yes we will"
Katpus says, "I would be grateful for your assistance :-)"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, ":D"
Michael says, "any help you can give us would be great"
(Reye gives a big Zo smile.)
(Saturnus waves.)
(Gurgi glances at Katpus's pack)
Hunter exclaims, "We'd be grateful for any tools that could be provided!"
Koric says, "You are kind to grant us shovels and advice to help us. Thanks."
Fyn d'Evon Rhay ponders, "/thank Katpus"
Ziff Rengar says, "as gurgi said, the more tools we get, the faster we can advance"
(Gurgi notices a shovel handle)
(Katpus looks through his pack)
Gurgi says, "hehe"
Hunter says, "It will certainly help us find your plans"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "heh"
(Trystran D'Ark smiles)
Sean ponders, "hm"
(Gurgi grins)
(Katpus keeps looking through his pack)
(Hunter chuckles.)
Gurgi says, "thanks this is all wonderful information. It is good to know."
Hunter ponders, "big pack!"
Trystran D'Ark ponders, "tease!"
Michael says, "no thanks"
Knucklehead says, "need room"
(Gurgi holds his breath)
(Fyn d'Evon Rhay grins.)
Babajaga ponders, "We might use that catapult to our advantage.. orgas with that thing.."
Michael says, "full enough with zu"
Hunter asks, "Katpus?"
Kaitlyn says, "If we had a catapult we might be ableo to get the plans back"
Saturnus ponders, "Hm, what is he doing?"
Paramedic thinks, "it seems you cannot make a white cloak."
Koric says, "Take the shovel, Gurgi."
Gurgi found a shovel!
Hunter exclaims, "Ahh!"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "yay"
Kaitlyn says, "more easily"
(Ziff Rengar smiles)
(Saturnus smiles.)
(Trystran D'Ark smiles)
Gurgi says, "woohoo"
Saturnus says, "Thanks Katpus."
Fyn d'Evon Rhay exclaims, "Thanks so much Katpus!!!"
Ziff Rengar exclaims, "thank you katpus!"
The table is covered with rough catapult diagrams and broken pieces of machinery.
Gurgi exclaims, "thanks katpus!"
Babajaga exclaims, "Thank you!"
(Reye smiles)
Michael exclaims, "thank yo!"
Trystran D'Ark says, "thank you Katpus"
Michael exclaims, "thank you!"
Katpus says, "You are welcome"
Saturnus asks, "Anything we can do to return the favor?"
(Gurgi smiles.)
Michael asks, "will we see you again?"
Sean ponders, "should the shovels go to people with loovma? - not necessarily me =P"
Katpus says, "Perhaps"
Michael says, "good1"
Katpus says, "Sometimes you'll find me here"
Michael exclaims, "good!"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "heh"
Knucklehead ponders, "i want a shovel -"
(Trystran D'Ark smiles)
(Koric nods.)
Gurgi says, "ah we will be happy to see you when we are here"
Kaitlyn ponders, "me too"
Kaitlyn says, "=)"
(Thuja's sunstone glows for a brief moment.)
Reye asks, "Do you know if having loovma will help effectively use the shovels?"
Ziff Rengar asks, "do you usualy come at this time of the day?"
Katpus says, "If you find the plans, please try to find me"
Lucero ponders, "I just want to find that library and sleep."
Gurgi exclaims, "we will!"
Saturnus says, "We will Katpus."
(Lucero grins.)
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "aye katpus"
Koric says, "We will try to return to keep you company every so often."
Katpus says, "I wander"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "we will"
Knucklehead ponders, "ive been doing alot of digging"
Reye asks, "Do you know if having loovma will help effectively use the shovels?"
Michael asks, "do you know if loovma helps with shovels?"
Katpus says, "And now, it's getting to evening and I'm tired"
Katpus says, "oh"
Michael says, "ok"
Gurgi says, "ah"
Kryll asks, "Does Sleipnir still have his shovel?"
Hunter exclaims, "good night, Katpus!"
Babajaga says, "Farewell Katpus."
Gurgi says, "well i hope you have a nice rest"
Katpus says, "I don't know Loovma well"
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "bye katpus"
(Reye nods)
Hunter says, "Aye, we'll have to ask Sleipnir if he can make 'em…"
Katpus says, "these shovels are pretty tough"
Michael asks, "do shovels ever break on you?"
Hunter ponders, "Or Chum."
(Trystran D'Ark chuckles)
Fyn d'Evon Rhay says, "heh"
Reye says, "oh good =)"
(Koric nods.)
(Gurgi smiles.)
Katpus says, "But, you never know :-)"
Ziff Rengar says, "looks like quality we got there"
(Gurgi grins)
(Reye nods)
(Babajaga hums softly.)
Michael says, "thanks for all your help"
The table is covered with rough catapult diagrams and broken pieces of machinery.
Kryll says, "Thanks for your help Katpus, I hope we can repay you with the plans :)"
Reye says, "Thanks for your help Katpus =)"
Katpus says, "And thank you"
Hunter says, "Thank you Katpus"
(Babajaga smiles.)
Hunter exclaims, "and keep us in mind if you find another shovel!"
Katpus says, "Good luck"
Gurgi exclaims, "thanks!"
Koric says, "We will find a way east, and we will keep you informed."
(Hunter grins.)
Michael says, "you too"
(Fyn d'Evon Rhay waves.)
Entil'Zha says, "Be well."
Kaitlyn says, "Thank you and good bye Katpus"
Gurgi exclaims, "good night!"
(Koric waves.)
(Katpus lies down)
Michael says, "night"
(Ziff Rengar waves)
(Trystran D'Ark waves)