Transcript from a conversation between LIFE and Katpus in the Foothills safe cave in the year 544.

Transcript by Koric

*** Katpus says, "I had almost given up hope"

Koric exclaims, "Katpus!"

*** Katpus says, "You folks have been gone so long"

(Farb glares at Katpus)
(Koric nods sadly.)
Gorton says, "too long"

*** (Katpus glares right back at Farb)

(Farb winks :))
Tharloch says, "yes, making it through the orga domain has become harder"

*** Katpus says, "Ah"

Koric says, "It has been too long, and we have made too little progress,
I fear."
Entil'Zha says, "We couldn't find the way through, and many people just
gave up."

*** Katpus says, "Something has surely stirred up the orga"

Koric asks, "Oh?"
Gorton asks, "how so?"

*** Katpus says, "I hear their drums"
*** Katpus says, "sometimes"
*** Katpus says, "Come... let you walk to a safer spot"

[We walked into the safe cave from outside in the woods.]

Koric asks, "So what have you been doing these many months since we last
saw you?"

*** Katpus says, "Alas... I'm going slowly mad"

(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha frowns.
(Koric frowns.)

*** Katpus says, "I keep trying to find the way through"

Gorton asks, "have you had any luck finding the path to the east?"
Koric says, "Sounds like us."

*** Katpus says, "And I am thwarted"

Koric says, "So are we."

*** Katpus says, "I'm sure it's here"
*** Katpus says, "going east"

Koric says, "But we have failed to find it."
Koric says, "Our best pathfinders and mystics have come up with nothing."

*** Katpus says, "Where have you looked"

Tharloch says, "Ash Valley"
Gorton says, "all over we think"
Lex says, "all over these passes"
Koric says, "We have studied the valley where the tree giants spawn
quite a bit."
Koric says, "To no avail."
Tharloch says, "and the area near the pool"
Tharloch says, "most heavily"

*** Katpus says, "I too have looked here"

Gorton says, "the two blocked caves...we have tried to get by those many
Koric says, "We have also studied the shimmering pool area, but have
found nothing."
Jo Ma'ril says, "we tried the blocked caves yesterday, with no luck"
Koric says, "We are at a loss as to the pool's origin or significance."
Koric says, "Yes, and there are two caves that seem to be blocked from
the inside."
Koric says, "No luck there."

*** Katpus says, "I feel the magic in the pool"
*** Katpus says, "but I don't know what it does either"
*** Katpus ponders, "though I'm certain it does something"

Koric says, "We also have explored a small cave filled with mushrooms
in the northern part."
Koric says, "But it has been a long time since we visited that.
We haven't been there on this expedition yet."
Neige ponders, "We can only hope."
Jo Ma'ril says, "That WOULD be magical."

*** Katpus says, "That too seems like a good choice"
*** Katpus says, "It just shimmers annoyingly"

Koric says, "We have been hoping to perhaps glimpse Trillbane there."
Jo Ma'ril exclaims, "Perhaps there's gold at the bottom!"
Entil'Zha ponders, "But it's so pretty and shimmery."
Farb asks, "is there a hole in the roof or what??"
Farb asks, "shimmers... of its own light?"
Farb asks, "its in a cave, no?"
Koric asks, "So you've not spotted any sign of non-orgas up here?
No sign of Trillbane?"
Entil'Zha says, "It's in a cave, I believe."
Tharloch says, "probaly light filtering up from below"
Farb exclaims, "so, to shimmer it'd need some sun!"
Tharloch says, "if the water connects to a sunny area"

*** Katpus says, "I always feel like the shimmering is in my eyes...
wierd that."

Tharloch says, "could be a portal like the mirror used to be"
Jo Ma'ril exclaims, "Maybe you've just been looking at those plans
too long!"
Koric says, "The orga do not seem to use such devices, in my experience."
Lex ponders, "maybe there's a way for PFs to access the pool"
Koric says, "I don't think the shimmering pool has anything to do
with orga."

*** (Katpus nods)

Tharloch says, "the orga may have different ways to travel"
Koric says, "But it may show the way to Trillbane? I wish we knew more
about him."
Tharloch says, "esp if the have teleportaion magic"
Jo Ma'ril asks, "Aye...what can you tell us about this Trillbane?"
Entil'Zha says, "Our mystics have told us that Trillbane was just
northeast of Ash Valley.."
Gorton says, "well we know the have access to that strange stone"
Entil'Zha says, "Yet, we can't find the way."

*** Katpus says, "Trillbane used to live somewhere east"
*** Katpus says, "He collected rare books"
*** Katpus says, "I have not seen him in a long long time"

Jo Ma'ril says, "How did this fellow live amongst the orga? He must
have been very clever or strong...or both"
Koric says, "Yes, we have been searching for signs of him and his
library in addition to signs of the orga."
Entil'Zha says, "Do you know him very well? I'm kinda curious about
why he chose to live way out there..."

*** Katpus says, "I never asked him"
*** Katpus says, "I suppose there's a reason"

Entil'Zha says, "I s'pose there is. ;-)"
Tharloch asks, "perhaps he finds more lost books out here?"

*** Katpus says, "It is possible"

Tharloch ponders, "though who loses them would be a mystery"
Entil'Zha asks, "Do the orga write books?"

*** Katpus says, "I had always heard some of his books were magical,
but not that the orga could write"

Farb ponders, "literate orga?"
Raymond Shifter says, "orga might have trouble seeing the distance
between thier hand and the page"

*** Katpus says, "In my experience... orga are a bit..."
*** Katpus says, "well, thick"

Neige asks, "Katpus, possible you made more shovels? or have a few
more to give to us?"

*** Katpus says, "Oh.."
*** Katpus says, "perhaps I do"

Jo Ma'ril says, "Aye, we certainly need more of those."
Farb ponders, "whoo!"
Jo Ma'ril exclaims, "Excellent!"
Gorton says, "that would be very helpful"
Entil'Zha says, "Wow! That would be nifty."
Raymond Shifter says, "ahh shovels"
Neige says, "Yes it would be pretty helpful."

*** Katpus says, "Let's see"

Lex says, "that would be very nice"
Koric says, "Shovels would speed up our ability to run towards dead ends."
Gorton found a shovel!
Deadmeat ponders, "Go Gorton!"
Tharloch exclaims, "Thank you!"
Gorton says, "great we are always short of these"

*** Katpus says, "I found a couple more"

Entil'Zha says, "Thank you! =)"
Koric exclaims, "You are kind to provide us with these, Katpus!"
Jo Ma'ril says, "Thanks so much Katpus, these shovels are very useful to us"
Deadmeat exclaims, "Thanks very much!"
Jo Ma'ril exclaims, "Anymore that you could give us would be great!"

*** Katpus ponders, "got one more wedged somewhere"

Jo Ma'ril found a shovel!
Jo Ma'ril exclaims, "Thanks Katpus!"
Jo Ma'ril says, "You can't come all the way out here without food."
[Felicity asked Katpus if she was hungry and gave a bite of some candy...]

*** Katpus ponders, "orgaberries ... something other than orgaberries"

Jo Ma'ril says, "Oh don't eat those Katpus"
Koric exclaims, "Orgaberries are pretty valuable back in town! You
should come back and visit us sometime with a few!"
Jo Ma'ril says, "Just hand them to me, Torgon nuts are so much better
to eat."

*** Katpus says, "Thank you ;-)"

(Felicity tries not to look ickified over germs)
Jo Ma'ril says, "Sure thing, least we can do"
Farb asks, "Have any other folks come through lately???"

*** Katpus says, "Sadly, not"

Entil'Zha asks, "Yeah, we're pretty sure another group found the way
through here... have you seen them?"

*** Katpus says, "I've seen signs of others"
*** Katpus says, "but I have not actually been here when they arrived"
*** Katpus says, "for quite a while"
*** Katpus says, "They never stay here long, if they do come"

Koric says, "We hear they found a way through to a dangerous place
with strange arachnoids."
Koric says, "We hope to find it as well soon."
Farb asks, "have those blocked caves... always been blocked?"

*** Katpus says, "No, not always"

Farb asks, "oh?"
Jo Ma'ril says, "I see..."
Felicity says, "why are they just blocked inside"
Entil'Zha says, "There *must* be some way to un-block them...."
Farb asks, "have you ever been able to get inside them?"
Neige asks, "Know when they are open?"

*** Katpus says, "The only time I found my way through, I went through them"

Jo Ma'ril says, "I wonder what could open them..."
Koric asks, "Really?"
Neige asks, "Was it day time?"

*** Katpus says, "I check them regularly"

Koric says, "Interesting."
Lex asks, "are they open sometimes?"

*** Katpus says, "I have not seen them open since that one time"

Farb asks, "recently have they been open!!??"

*** Katpus says, "I'm sorry Farb, no"

Koric says, "We will start checking those caves much more diligently then."
Felicity asks, "what did you see inside?"
Gorton asks, "do ya think a blast would un block them?"

*** Katpus says, "There were spidery things"
*** Katpus says, "very very scary"

Farb says, "this one time.."
Farb says, "were they just open themselves..."

*** Katpus says, "I'm not sure if I told you that things shift back here"

Jo Ma'ril asks, "you ran from the spiders I suppose?"
Farb asks, "or did you open it somehow?"
Koric says, "Yes, we remember that from last time."

*** (Katpus looks at Jo Mar'il and nods)

Jo Ma'ril says, "Don't blame ya, those spiders are scary."
Tharloch asks, "Are the shifts random?"

*** Katpus says, "I don't know."

Koric says, "They sent along their best wishes."
Farb asks, "did you open it yourself, or find a path through???"
Farb says, "or was it just "open"..."

*** Katpus says, "It was unblocked but honestly, I don't think you
should count on it being open again any time soon"

Lex says, "oh"
Koric says, "Hmmm."
Lex asks, "is there anotehr way into those caves?"
Felicity says, "we need to just keep trying"
Koric says, "But heck, if that's the only way that's ever been found
through the foothills."

*** Katpus says, "I think you'll have to dig them out from the other side"

(Jo Ma'ril nods.)
Entil'Zha says, "Maybe... if we let Kudzu grow just inside the opening,
it would break up the rocks in there.."
Jo Ma'ril asks, "Do you suppose we could find a way to keep the cave
from being reblocked...?"
Gorton ponders, "perhaps we should camp out at the cave and wait for a
Lex asks, "how do we get to the other side? if not through the caves?"
Jo Ma'ril says, "Perhaps if we used wood and stone or something to
keep the rocks from sliding back..."
Koric says, "Yes, if we cannot enter the caves from the sn'ells we've
explored, we are back to square one. Hmmmm."

*** Katpus says, "It would not surprise me if that other group knows the
*** Katpus asks, "why not ask them?"

Koric says, "Yes, Katpus, but they have many reasons for not sharing
that information with us."
Lex says, "what other group? we're the only ones here"
Gorton says, "cause they wouldnt say even if we asked"
Koric says, "Not all are selfish reasons."
Koric says, "But they feel they are justified, and most of us respect that."

*** Katpus says, "Oh"
*** Katpus says, "Sounds unpleasant though"

Koric says, "It is."
Entil'Zha says, "Indeed."
Jo Ma'ril says, "Indeed."
Koric says, "I have lost good friends over it."
Koric says, "But there is nothing to be done."
Koric says, "Their resolve is quite firm."
Jo Ma'ril asks, "How about that catapult, Katpus...are you working
on a new one?"

*** Katpus says, "I keep trying"
*** Katpus says, "but I need my plans"
*** Katpus says, "I would like you to find them"

Jo Ma'ril asks, "You think the orga have them still?"
Farb asks, "they're in the foothill areas?"
Gorton asks, "Katpus would you like to join us on our next exploration
Lex asks, "find... your plans?"
Jo Ma'ril asks, "Or did those beasts simply mistake it for food
and eat them?"

*** Katpus says, "I don't think they can read... they probably just
dumped them somewhere"

Koric says, "We seem to be back to square one, sadly."
Jo Ma'ril says, "Sounds like what they'd do."
Koric says, "We need to find a way behind the blocked caves, yet we
have explored extensively to no avail."
Entil'Zha says, "Aye, you're welcome to join us.."
Koric says, "For just such an opening. It is discouraging."
Tharloch asks, "Katpus, have you seen any signs of where the orga
may have dragged the catapult?"
Farb asks, "have we tried shovels in the caves underneith OV?"
Entil'Zha says, "Maybe you'd have some sort of insight on this that
we haven't thought up yet."

*** Katpus says, "Well, what I think is that there is a way through
but that it's well concealed"
*** Katpus says, "That's what I'm searching for"

(Jo Ma'ril nods.)
Koric says, "As are we."
Koric says, "I only hope we have the persistence and luck to find it."
Jo Ma'ril ponders, "more luck"
Koric says, "We will search every sn'ell, top to bottom, over and over,
until someone stumbles across it."
Koric says, "That is how we found the way to this cave in the first place,
after all."
Koric says, "It was extremely tedious, but we were determined."
Entil'Zha says, "Katpus, are you a pathfinder? I mean... maybe that's
at the root of your inability to find the way through

*** Katpus says, "I have some minor skill at it"
*** Katpus says, "But I am certainly not a devote of the art"

(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha nods thoughtfully.
Tharloch asks, "Any area that you haven't been able to explore near
here, Katpus?"
Neige asks, "What does the marsh hermit tell you?"

*** Katpus says, "He says all kinds of things"
*** Katpus ponders, "he's a loon"

Jo Ma'ril says, "Indeed"
Lex says, "heh, yeh he does"
Neige says, "Relating to your pathfinding skills, I meant."

*** Katpus says, "Oh"
*** Katpus says, "I don't recall..."
*** Katpus says, "I'm sure I don't keep him on his toes though"

Entil'Zha asks, "I s'pose you haven't ever trained with Trillbane?
Or Gaeyl..?"
Farb asks, "how do you explore so much... with all the nasty monkies
Jo Ma'ril exclaims, "What, slim girl like Katpus can hide anywhere!"

*** Katpus says, "I run fast and hide well"
*** Katpus says, "I wonder, now that you mention it"
*** Katpus says, "If perhaps that pool is related to the way through"

Entil'Zha asks, "It seems so odd, doesn't it?"
Koric ponders, "Who mentioned the pool?"

*** Katpus says, "I see what you're thinking Koric"
*** Katpus says, "but, we had a discussion about it..."
*** Katpus says, "a few minutes ago"

Jo Ma'ril exclaims, "indeed we did!"
Lex says, "maybe a spriggin stick can get someone into the pool"
Jo Ma'ril asks, "maybe if we had a fishing rod?"
Tharloch asks, "Has anyone tried to enter the pool while wearing an
Orga Eye?"

*** (Katpus chuckles at Jo)

Lex says, "dunno tharloch"
Tharloch asks, "Katpus, do you have an Orga Eye?"

*** Katpus ponders, "Perhaps a fishing rod with a zo hanging from it..."

Jo Ma'ril says, "I was only brought along as comic relief."
Lex says, "they dont make line that strong"
Jo Ma'ril says, "Halflings seem to make better bait"

*** Katpus ponders, "and then we could dye him blue.. no red.. and dip him"

Jo Ma'ril says, "at least Drakes prefer 'em"
Farb says, "the pool ... shimmers all the time..."

*** (Katpus likes this crowd)

Farb asks, "right?"
Entil'Zha says, "Aye, it does."
Tharloch asks, "Katpus, do you have an Orga Eye?"

*** Katpus says, "As far as I know, it's always been the same when
I've seen it"

Entil'Zha says, "Well, all the times I've seen it, at least."
Felicity asks, "does the shimmering ever change?"
Jo Ma'ril says, "When the rest of our group wakes up we'll have to go
to the pool"
Lex says, "maybe the pool is accessible during a shift, but not
before or after"
Koric says, "I am sure our mystics have checked to see if the pool
hides a magical entrance."
Farb says, "so it might be magical... if the roof is closed and the
shimmering is the _same_ at all times..."

*** Katpus says, "Lex, the shifts are occasional... the other groups,
if they're making it are doing so at will"

Koric says, "And our pathfinders have checked to see if the area near
the pool has a physical entrance."
Jo Ma'ril says, "Maybe it's a wishing well, 'n we need ta throw coins
in it."
Koric says, "So it must be some sort of entry hidden in another way,
not magical and not a path."

*** Katpus says, "I've searched there too but, as I said, I'm not
the world's best pathfinder"

Koric says, "Hmmm."
Jo Ma'ril says, "I did notice in the northeast corner.."
Lex says, "well we have some pretty good pathfinders with us, but
they haven't found anything"
Tharloch asks, "Has a mystic with an Orga Stone examined the pool?"
Jo Ma'ril says, "Near the pool"
Entil'Zha says, "Maybe if we're at the pool during an earthquake,
all the magic water will slop over the sides and
we'll see the magic entrance underneath the pool..."
Gorton says, "yes Zorton has"
Farb asks, "but thats not at will... or is it?"
Jo Ma'ril says, "It was quite couldn't quite make it up
to the rock wall, something was blocking the way."
Gorton says, "he didnt notice anythng"
Farb says, "woah"
Farb says, "theres a rockfall zone in that cave"
Farb asks, "rocks falling -in the cave-, right?"

*** Katpus says, "Yes there are"

Farb asks, "there is no other place like that?"
Lex says, "more importantly, the pool is very near the blocked cave"

*** Katpus ponders, "almost got squished there once"

Tharloch says, "I think that occurs in what we refer to as area 4"
Neige ponders, "Maybe if we dig there a lot there.. we clear up
rock somewhere else upstairs?"
Farb says, "maybe the rocks in the pool cave are blocking the
blocked cave entrance"
Farb says, "because thats in the same line as the entrance"
Lex says, "maybe if we use a shovel near the pool"
Entil'Zha says, "seems like we've tried that one.."

*** (Katpus yawns)
*** Katpus says, "About time for me to turn in"

Farb says, "dig out from inside"
Koric says, "Well, thank you for your insights, Katpus."
Jo Ma'ril says, "Thank you so much for the shovels, Katpus."
Neige says, "Thanks for coming Katpus."
Tharloch asks, "Katpus, if we find something, is there a way we
can contact you?"

*** Katpus asks, "Have you made it back here often without me noticing?"

Koric says, "And the shovels."
Lex says, "thatnk you for giving us the shovels"
Entil'Zha says, "Thanks for talkin' to us, Katpus."
Deadmeat says, "We appreciate being able to use your cave to rest
while we're here."
Koric says, "Only a few times after we saw you, Katpus."

*** Katpus says, "You're welcome"

Gorton says, "thanks for the shovels Katpus....we will continue to look
for the path"
Tharloch says, "once or twice I think"

*** Katpus says, "If I see you here, I'll look in on you"

(Jo Ma'ril nods.)
Felicity says, "we will be camped here for a few days =)"
Koric says, "We will be back frequently until we solve this puzzle, Katpus."
Tharloch says, "ok, thanks for all your help"
Felicity says, "if you don't mind of course =)"
Jo Ma'ril says, "hopefully mai will show us the way, Katpus."
Koric says, "And I am sure the other group of exiles will return as well."
Koric says, "One of us will succeed, if we cannot work together."
Tharloch exclaims, "And thanks again for the new shovels!"
Gorton says, "I may camp here till we find what we came for"

*** Katpus says, "you're welcome to camp here"
*** Katpus says, "I wish you the best of luck in finding the way through"

Tharloch says, "Most of us expect to be here for a few days at least"
Jo Ma'ril says, "Thanks."
Entil'Zha says, "Thank you."
Farb says, "thanks Katpus :-)"
Koric says, "Thank you, Katpus. Your comments have given us some
direction and some new lines of thought."
Jo Ma'ril says, "We'll do our best to find your catapult...or your
plans at the least."

*** Katpus says, "I'm glad, if I think of anything else, I'll let you know"
*** Katpus says, "I'm happy to have your help"
*** Katpus says, "and now, to sleep"

Jo Ma'ril says, "But of course"
Koric says, "I feel if we can make any breakthrough on this expedition..."
Koric says, "it will make it easier to convince others to help us
in the future."
Tharloch says, "Have a good rest Katpus, see you soon."
Jo Ma'ril says, "Night."

*** (Katpus lies down)

Entil'Zha says, "'Night."
Koric says, "Farewell, Katpus."