Tenebrion says, "Ah Greetings."
Drue'Dreemi says in Sylvan, "Note the necklace"
Tessa says, "Hello."
Babajaga says, "Greetings Mr T"
Hellpop says, "Hello Tenebrion"
Tessa exclaims, "I'm Dr Tessa Malthus, it's nice to meet you!"
(Tenebrion takes something from around his neck)
(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha blinks.
(Drue'Dreemi frowns)
Entil'Zha says, "Good day Tenebrion."
Babajaga says, "Been travelling Kismias Isle at night? Nasty place that"
J'jh is now Clanning.
Tessa says, "Hmmm..."
(Tessa looks about)
(Drue'Dreemi hides a smile.)
Entil'Zha whispers, "me? what's to watch?!"
Tenebrion asks, "Have you examined the bubbles on the ethereal plane yet?"
(Sargon wakes up.)
Entil'Zha says, "We.. tried to."
Tessa says, "I only saw one for the first time today, myself...."
Hellpop says, "I tried to look for them... while I was running for my life."
Tessa says, "I saw one through Umbrion's hole...."
(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha sighs.
Tessa asks, "At least it was Umbrion wasn't it?"
Tenebrion asks, "Hole?"
Entil'Zha ponders, "bleh."
Tessa asks, "That put that thing there?"
Tessa says, "That portal thing... that I fell through accidentally"
Tenebrion says, "Oh that."
(Tessa nods)
Tessa exclaims, "That!"
Tessa asks, "Do you know *why* it was put there?"
Tenebrion says, "I did not ask."
(Tessa nods)
Babajaga ponders, "His brother has a much more lovely hair"
Shen Calin says, "Hail Tenebrion"
Tenebrion says, "Greetings Shen Calin."
Tessa asks, "Would you be so kind as to ask your brother to move it ever just a bit? Maybe north a tad?"
Drablak says, "greeting Tenebrion"
Tenebrion says, "I am sure you can ask that for yourself."
Entil'Zha whispers, "You can have the chair if you like.."
Babajaga says, "He hasnt been talkative. Much."
Drue'Dreemi whispers, "nai like it much, shin"
Tessa asks, "Well, who should I ask then?"
Tenebrion says, "I doubt very much that the placement was accidental."
Babajaga says, "Shy one."
Entil'Zha whispers, "hm, ifyou say so."
Sargon ponders, "me neither"
(Tessa nods)
Drablak ponders, "those two are flirting at a time like this?"
Hellpop asks, "Tenebrion, Why is there a portal in the lower levels of your keep?"
Drablak ponders, "?"
Tenebrion says, "You should ask the one who placed it there."
Tessa says, "Well.... maybe if not then it might be interesting ot know why there."
Tessa asks, "The one in the lower level too?"
Tenebrion asks, "A portal where?"
Tessa says, "We saw it earlier today."
Tessa says, "Well, that would be in your basement I think..."
Babajaga thinks to you, "Eeep!"
Tenebrion says, "There should not be."
(Babajaga throws pebbles at Tessa)
•The Sun sets.
Hellpop says, "There was one when we went there"
(Drue'Dreemi hums.)
Tessa exclaims, "Owww!"
(Tessa rubs her head)
(Babajaga throws pebbles at Hellpop)
Tessa ponders, "Did I say something wrong?"
(Babajaga smiles sweetly)
Tenebrion says, "I hope the purpose of your trip was to escort a scholar."
Tessa says, "Maybe it was just a dark spot on the floor."
Babajaga exclaims, "Oh yes!"
(Tessa nods)
Hellpop says, "We were looking for the trianer"
(Babajaga nods vigorously)
Tessa says, "We did, he's right over there."
(Drablak waves)
Tater is no longer Clanning.
Hellpop asks, "Why would the portal be there?"
Drablak says, "Local ether activity is deviant."
(Tessa pulls a pebble out of her hair and throws it at Hellpop)
Tenebrion says, "I am not sure. many strange things are happening lately."
Babajaga ponders, "Need more pebbles"
(Tessa nods)
Tenebrion says, "The plane is responding to your investigations."
Drue'Dreemi asks, "How 'bout dis one outside ye field?"
Tessa says, "Yeah like the unholiness."
Tenebrion asks, "Unholiness?"
(Tessa nods)
Hellpop asks, "Is that good or bad do you think?"
(Shen Calin hands a bag of collected small, medium and large stones to Babajaga.)
(Babajaga smiles.)
Tessa says, "A really bad, horrible presence."
Shen Calin says, "Caught them from Drue."
Tenebrion says, "It is neither good nor bad. It is inevitable."
Drue'Dreemi ponders, "ack"
Hellpop asks, "in other words, it is a sign that our investigations are on the right path?"
Tessa asks, "Unholiness is not bad but inevitable?"
Tenebrion says, "No, Tessa, I was responding to Hellpop."
Tenebrion says, "I know nothing about any unholiness."
Tessa says, "It wiped out the entire Nox Sorora sisterhood when they were outside the castle."
Tenebrion says, "Oh them."
(Tessa nods)
(Tessa tries to meet Tenebrion's eyes)
Tessa ponders, "They're so dark in that face..."
(Tessa peers)
Tessa asks, "I wonder if that might concern you a bit?"
Drablak asks, "can you see your own reflection in a mirror Tenebrion?"
Tenebrion says, "Perhaps they were faced with something with which their belief system could not cope."
Tessa exclaims, "Hmm That I would not doubt!"
Tessa says, "But nevertheless it does not discount the aftereffects."
(Tessa looks about)
Tessa ponders, "It's really patient business..."
Tessa says, "Hmm."
Tessa ponders, "I dont think I will get another chance to ask though"
Babajaga asks, "Mr T?"
Drue'Dreemi says, "Some "Unholyness" seems to be in de Darrrk chamberr too..."
Tessa asks, "Oh?"
Drue'Dreemi says, "Rraisin powerrful undines..."
Babajaga asks, "You haven´t been out wandering.. have you? Mr T?"
Tenebrion says, "I would like to complete a physical examination of a believer of the Nox Sorora."
Babajaga asks, "Visited Ash recently?"
Tessa exclaims, "Yes!"
Tessa says, "About that."
Tessa asks, "You mean what you started with Indigo?"
(Babajaga shudders)
(Babajaga eyes Tessa)
Drue'Dreemi ponders, "Babajaga knows how to ask."
Tenebrion says, "Yes."
Drablak asks, "Have you or one of your brother taken an interest in the mirror Tenebrion ?"
Tenebrion says, "Drablak we will reward handsomely any information about the mirrors."
Drablak ponders, "hm"
Hellpop asks, "What is your interest in them?"
Babajaga ponders, "Ah. Confirmation."
Hellpop says, "err... it."
Drablak ponders, "portals Hellpop"
Thuja ponders, "The first sphere..."
(Babajaga makes a note)
Tenebrion says, "The appearance of a mirror was the first indication of our spells of protection failing."
Tenebrion says, "I believe it was not coincidental."
Drablak ponders, "oooo"
(Hellpop nods)
Hellpop asks, "What do you think it was related to?"
Tessa asks, "So you are interested in restoring those spells?"
Drablak asks, "what were the other indications Tenebrion?"
Tenebrion says, "We are interested in discovering why they failed."
Tenebrion says, "They stood for many centuries."
Tenebrion says, "Now in a very brief time several of them have failed."
Tessa says, "I wonder if you wouldn't mind them being reopened."
Tessa says, "Perhaps it is not so hard to do."
Tenebrion says, "I am wary of the mirrors. i do not understand them."
(Drue'Dreemi hums.)
Drablak asks, "what were the other indications that your spells of protections were failing Tenebrion?"
Tenebrion says, "The arrival of your people."
Tenebrion says, "Obviously."
Babajaga asks, "But are they not just another way of doing what your family have been doing for eons?"
Drue'Dreemi asks, "Prrotection 'gainst?"
Shen Calin says, "oof.."
Shen Calin says, "I have to go."
(Tessa nods)
Shen Calin says, "A pleasure as always Tenebrion."
(Shen Calin smiles and waves.)
Hellpop asks, "Why do you think that is?"
Babajaga says, "Farewell Shen"
Drablak asks, "are you or your brothers responsible for closing the mirror then?"

Tenebrion says, "Tessa perhaps you could ask Indigo to come and see me again."
Hellpop says, "Gotta go, take care all"
Tessa says, "Hmmm."
(Drablak waves)
Babajaga says, "Farewell Hellpop"
Sargon says, "take care Hellpop"
Tenebrion says, "You could help me correct her after the examination perhaps."
Tessa says, "Perhaps...."

Drue'Dreemi says in Sylvan, "Ye could hand me the key ye know"
Babajaga ponders, "Correct..?"
Tessa asks, "What is it that you want to know?"
Drablak ponders, "more flirting"
Entil'Zha says in Sylvan, "oh, well, then you'd have to do all the work."
Tenebrion says, "The structure of her brain."
Drue'Dreemi ponders, "Hmm"
Babajaga says, "Interesting subject that."
(Drue'Dreemi pokes Drablak on the head lightly)
(Babajaga hums softly.)
Tenebrion says, "Any Nox Sorora high priestess would do."

Drablak says, "owww"
(Tessa pulls the collar of her tunic a bit tighter)
(Tessa nods)
Tessa says, "Perhaps..."
Tessa asks, "there is something in particular you want to know about.. her.. brain?"
(Tessa pulls her hair around to her side and tries to hide her nervousness)
Tenebrion says, "How a concentrated flow of ether passing through it responds."
(Babajaga shudders)
Drablak ponders, "ack"
(Tessa nods)
Tessa says, "But.. ether is very harmful."
Entil'Zha asks, "Is that dangerous..?"
Babajaga says, "A very .. valuable experiment that."
Drablak asks, "can you manipulate ether so well then T.?"
Tenebrion says, "Not at all."
Tenebrion says, "Ether is no more dangerous than water."
Tenebrion says, "I can Drablak."
Drue'Dreemi asks in Sylvan, "Why specialy a Nox Sorrorra Prriestess?"
Tessa exclaims, "Well the bubbles of it certainly are toxic!"
Drue'Dreemi asks, "Why specialy a Nox Sorrorra Prriestess?"
Babajaga says, "Etherclouds are harmful to us exiles."

Drablak asks, "do you use a device to do that?"
Tessa says, "Drue, that is because, from what I know, they have a connection with what they
call "the void".. I bet."
Sargon ponders, "if he doesn't know how it reacts, how he wants to know that it's harmless?"
Tenebrion says, "The clouds are unusually massive concentrations."
(Drue'Dreemi hums.)
Tessa ponders, "I do not like where this is going"
(Babajaga hums softly.)
Tenebrion says, "Ether responds to consciousness."

Drue'Dreemi says, "I quote ye "a concentrated flow of ether"..."
Tenebrion says, "I would like to see how it responds to the Nox Sorora belief system."
Tessa asks, "Could you perhaps give me a small sample of that ether? So that we can test it
out before we go forward?"
Tenebrion asks, "A sample?"
Tenebrion says, "it is all around you."
Tenebrion says, "It is everywhere."
Tenebrion says, "You don't need a sample."
Tessa says, "But you were going to concentrate it somehow"
Babajaga ponders, "Just put her inside a cloud and see the result."
Tenebrion says, "You need the correct tools for controlling it."
Tenebrion says, "A lens in this case."
Tessa says, "Hmmm..."
Drablak asks, "are such tools available to us?"
Tessa asks, "Ether can be focused like light?"
Tenebrion says, "Only if you have made them without my knowledge."
Tenebrion says, "Precisely Tessa."
Tessa says, "Hmmm."
Drablak asks, "what are they made of?"
Tessa asks, "What do you use to measure it? That amulet?"
Tessa says, "Perhaps.. that amulet then could be..."
Tenebrion says, "The amulet can be used that way."
Tessa ponders, "Indigo has one...."
(Tessa nods)
Tessa says, "I see...."
Drablak asks, "what are the lenses made of?"
Tessa says, "You know, a priestess isn't going to... just.. lie down and let you cut her head open."
Tenebrion says, "That seems a very ugly description of the process."
Tessa asks, "And what happened the last time you tried that?"
Tessa asks, "It seems maybe you encountered something that made you stop suddenly?"
Tessa exclaims, "And it left a horrible scar!"
Tenebrion says, "I am sure with the cooperation of a talented medical person we could reduce the scarring."
(Tessa tries to read the scroll)
Tessa says, "I don't think that will be the major concern."
Tenebrion says, "Surely you would be interested in such an operation."
Tessa says, "From a medical point of view yes! But from an ethical one, we have to be certain of efficacy."
Tessa asks, "Surely you can't ask me to assist in a procedure of such a nature if I don't know why it would be efficacious?"
Tenebrion says, "We could even have a reasonable chance for the "patient" to survive."
Tenebrion says, "If that is important."
Babajaga says, "Oh. Thats always good isnt it."

(Tessa tries not to gulp too audibly)
Torin thinks, "omw to mid pass"
Sargon ponders, "I assume it would for Indigo?"
Tessa asks, "Well... what do you propose to do then?"
Babajaga says, "We have this weird habit, of trying to avoid permanent damage. Especially to our brains"
(Tessa nods)
Babajaga says, "Its a Puddlebeian trait."
Drablak ponders, "maybe we can use a fighter? /action ducks"
Tessa says, "You know..."
Tenebrion says, "There must be some way to convince someone to volunteer."

Babajaga says, "Oh yes. I am sure there is."
Babajaga says, "Place some coppers on the table."
Babajaga says, "Or.."
Tenebrion asks, "How many?"
Tessa asks, "I'll be glad to help with that! But what are the benefits?"
Babajaga says, "Ah. I know just the thing."
Tessa asks, "What's that?"
Babajaga says, "Instead of 6 stones for a permanent portal.."
Babajaga asks, "A brain for a portal?"
Tessa exclaims, "Baba!"
(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha shivers.
Babajaga says, "Sounds like a fair trade."
Tenebrion says, "Unfortunately the portal involves all my brothers."
Tenebrion says, "This investigation is a personal pursuit."
Tessa exclaims, "How could you suggest something like that!"
Babajaga says, "Such a skilled one as yourself can talk them onto your side"
Drue'Dreemi says, "Why werrre ye wearrin dis Necklace? To trravel KI?
Ye can usualy visit ye brroderrs passin trough planes sar."
Tessa asks, "Me?"
Babajaga says, "You have before. I have complete faith in you"
Babajaga says, "Mr T."

Tenebrion asks, "Which necklace?"
Drue'Dreemi says, "Catsbane, we all saw it"
(Drue'Dreemi hums.)
Tenebrion says, "You must be mistaken."
Drue'Dreemi says, "Nai nai..."
Tenebrion says, "Perhaps you saw my amulet and thought it was something else."
(Drue'Dreemi hums thoughtfully.)
Sargon ponders, "I saw it too"
Drue'Dreemi says, "Prrolly yei."
Drablak says, "I clearly saw it too"
Drablak says, "and I know the difference"
(Tessa pulls the neck of her own tunic together a bit more tightly)
Tenebrion asks, "Why would I have need of a necklace like that?"
Drablak shows his Ethereal Amulet to everyone.
Drue'Dreemi says, "Ye'd have to tell us..."
Drablak asks, "that is the question, isn't it?"
Drue'Dreemi says, "We cannai answerr dat forr ye"
Tessa says, "I don't understand something."
Tenebrion says, "Babajaga I could perhaps fashion some manner of portal within my
own keep in return for a volunteer."
Babajaga says, "A stable, permanent one."
Babajaga says, "A brain cost no less"
Babajaga says, "and two way"
Tenebrion says, "Stable and of long duration but not permanent and not with a return."
Babajaga says, "Hmm"
Tessa exclaims, "I will not have it!"
Kirth Gersen thinks, "Lelu fallen in NWF. Can a fighter with PF please go there with me to help Lelu?"
Tessa says, "Not that way."
Entil'Zha ponders, "We require a return!"
Babajaga says, "I think a brain is worth more than that"
Babajaga says, "Just think about it. You will probably get a breakthrough in your research"

Tenebrion says, "There are many ways to move from the ethereal plane. You would be
free to find some of them."
Drue'Dreemi ponders, "We'd trade him an Entil"
(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha glances at Drue.
Tessa says, "Baba you are BARGAINING with a BRAIN."
(Drue'Dreemi hums.)
J'jh thinks, "where?"
Babajaga says, "Oh. We don´t like trespassing you know Mr T"
Tenebrion says, "No, Tessa. For a mere examination of one."
Drablak ponders, "bad way to flirt...or are sylvans like that?"
Tenebrion says, "An hour or two at most."
Babajaga says, "We do value what you have done for our little town"
Tessa says, "I don't think that's what Baba is referring to."
(Drue'Dreemi pokes Drablak on the head again)
Drablak exclaims, "owww!"
Drablak ponders, "what?"
Babajaga says, "Yes. I do think a great puddlebeian brain is worth more."
Drablak ponders, "all that chirping"
Tenebrion says, "I merely want to examine one. Not take it."
Babajaga asks, "Two way, permanent. Maybe talk it over with your brothers?"
Drablak ponders, "i mean, birds chirp to flirt, no?"
Babajaga says, "Oh."
Tessa asks, "Oh?"
Babajaga says, "You dont want to keep one.. I see.."
(Tessa smirks)
(Drue'Dreemi glances at Drablak)
Babajaga asks, "Any other things you are interested in? Skins?"

(Drablak notes he is the only non sylvan in the room and shuts up)
(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha shivers again.
(Tessa grips her arms)
(Drue'Dreemi frowns)
Drue'Dreemi exclaims in Sylvan, "nai this shin!"
Babajaga says, "We can get you some good ones."
Tessa asks, "Whose?"
Drue'Dreemi exclaims in Sylvan, "Babajaga!"
Babajaga whispers, "tessa.. shhh.."
(Drue'Dreemi feels uneasy)
(Tessa nods)
Babajaga asks, "Any of your brothers interested in that?"
(Drablak hums a tune about the birds and the bees)
Babajaga says, "We could make a real good trade here."
Tessa says, "I do have some pull, Mr T. I am, after all, the personal physician to many of them."
Babajaga says, "Brains, skins - you name it."
Tessa says, "Baba and I will work together."
Babajaga ponders, "Oh dear.. seems he fainted.."
Drablak asks, "Tessa you are for it now?"
Babajaga yells, "Hello Mr T?"
(Babajaga coughs)

You think to Drablak, "shh!"
Drablak asks, "trading brains and skin?"
You concentrate on sending your message to Drablak.
(Sargon moves to the other side.)
Tessa says, "If it is a temporary loan, perhaps."
(Tenebrion twitches)
Babajaga says, "I have contacts."
Tenebrion asks, "Skins?"
Tenebrion says, "No."
Babajaga says, "Indeed."
Tenebrion asks, "Why would I?"
(Babajaga nods vigorously)
Drue'Dreemi ponders, "Oh mai what are they doing?"
Babajaga says, "I dunno."
(Babajaga shrugs)
Tessa says, "Some of your library books are made of Sylvan skin."
Tenebrion says, "Ah."
Babajaga says, "Just close to brains I guess"
Tessa asks, "What would you write on?"
Entil'Zha ponders, "I don't like this skin trading.."
(Babajaga steps opn Tessa feet)
Tenebrion says, "Those books are not for you."
Babajaga says, "Oops.. sorry.."
Sargon ponders, "me neither.."
Tenebrion says, "The skins of children have many properties."
Sargon ponders, "nor brain trading for that matter"

(Babajaga nods)
Babajaga says, "Of course."
Babajaga says, "Hey.. I know that.."
(Tessa takes Baba's hand and squeeses it)
Babajaga says, "Which is why I thought you all might be interested in more"
Tenebrion says, "Paper degrades over time."
(Babajaga nods understandingly)
(Drablak nods)
(Drue'Dreemi nods...slowly.)
Tenebrion says, "I have plenty of skins for parchment thank you."
Babajaga says, "Oh. Thats too bad"
(Tenebrion sighs)
Tessa says, "Well we can get you your brain."
Babajaga says, "I hope you are keeping them in the proper environment"
Tenebrion says, "So you have penetrated my private library then I assume."

Babajaga says, "They cant get too humid you know."
Babajaga exclaims, "Ah no!!"
Drablak ponders, "how does tenebrion rank in spirit?"
Babajaga says, "Ah no.. Not us.."
Tessa asks, "Me personally?"
Tessa says, "No..."
Babajaga says, "Just something we heard on the street"
(Tessa nods)
Babajaga says, "Thought you might be interested in more thats all"
Babajaga says, "Really sorry and all that."
Tessa asks, "How do you want Her?"
Tenebrion says, "There seems no place safe from your people."
Tessa asks, "On a gourney?"
Babajaga exclaims, "Oh no Mr T!"
Babajaga says, "We are being very polite and kind and are not trespassing"

Tenebrion says, "If a high priestess of the Nox Sorora is willing we could perform the operation here."
Tenebrion says, "At their convenience."
(Tessa nods)
Tessa whispers, "What are we gonna do with THAT???"
Tenebrion says, "They might be some interested observers."
Babajaga whispers, "Oh.,. will figure something out.."
Tenebrion says, "They could watch from this room."
(Babajaga nods)
Babajaga says, "But.. no skins."
Tessa asks, "And you would let me assist, for their safety?"
Tenebrion says, "I would let you assist."
Babajaga says, "Then there is the matter of price. We need to discuss that before we make a deal of course"
Tenebrion says, "I will leave the reattachment of the scalp and bone to you."
Tessa says, "I don't care about portals. I want to know your findings."

Drablak asks, "if I may ask a question: of what material are made objects that manipulate or measure ether,
like the amulets, or the lenses you referred to earlier?"
Tenebrion says, "My guards are reporting that Mira has fallen outside my keep."
Tenebrion says, "Various things Drablak."
Tenebrion says, "Certain stones are good for containing concentrations."
Drablak asks, "what kind of stone?"
Tenebrion says, "Some powders may be pressure bound."
Tessa ponders, "Powders..."
(Tessa tests the bars)
Drablak asks, "colored powders?"
Drablak asks, "powdery rocks?"
Tessa asks, "Your results?"
Tenebrion says, "I will share them with you and the volunteer."
Drablak asks, "can we find such materials in the lands?"
Drablak asks, "would you be interested in them?"
(Tessa nods)
Tenebrion says, "If you knew what to look for I assume you could Drablak."
Tenebrion says, "I have my own supplies."
(Drablak nods)
(Drue'Dreemi nods)

Tessa says, "Hmmmm..."
Tessa says, "About the unholiness..."
Tenebrion says, "Tell me more about what you know of it."
Tessa asks, "Can I ask you about that?"
Tessa says, "Sure."
Tessa says, "It seems to only affect those NS people."
Tessa says, "And some of them are quite ill even weeks afterwards"
Tessa says, "I've found traces of excrement in their vomit."
Tessa says, "I can't find anything... THERE."
Mira exclaims, "rats icky icky!"
Tenebrion asks, "Where and in what manner did this "unholiness" present itself?"
Tessa says, "right outside your castle walls."
Tessa says, "I wasn't there... first some ghastly undine things..."
Tessa says, "And then..."
Tessa says, "at just the right time..."
Tenebrion says, "When I was clearing my basement."
Tessa asks, "Oh?"
Tessa asks, "that was the stuff in your basement?"
Tenebrion says, "I cannot store all of the mistakes."
Tessa asks, "Mistakes?"
Tenebrion says, "I released them to the island."
(Tessa gulps)
(Babajaga smiles.)
Tessa exclaims, "Detatched souls?!"
(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha frowns.
Tenebrion says, "I imagine their reaction was purely pschyosomatic."

Tessa says, "That doesn't explain the excrement."
Tenebrion asks, "Perhaps they are full of it and it needs to come out?"
(Tessa laughs)
(Drablak smiles)
Tessa says, "Well I might agree with you there."
(Tessa tries not to smile)
Tenebrion says, "They are clearly wrong in their views of the universe."
Tessa says, "But it wasn't figurative excrement."
Tessa asks, "Oh? And so you are very familiar with their views then?"
Tessa asks, "In what way are they wrong?"
Tenebrion asks, "They worship a night mother?"
(Tessa shrugs)
Tessa says, "Night Mother... I suppose..."
Tenebrion says, "There is no such being."
(Tessa nods)
Tessa asks, "And that accounts for their brains being able to focus... ether is that waht you call it?"
Tessa asks, "in such a way as to visit the void?"
Babajaga says, "As a scientist you dont believe in much I would imagine."
(Drue'Dreemi nods distantly in thanks)
Tenebrion says, "No no."
(Sargon smiles.)
Tessa says, "No I don't."
Tenebrion says, "let me try to explain."
Tenebrion says, "Ether responds in particular ways as it passes through conscious structures."
Tenebrion says, "It responds to perception."
Tenebrion says, "The chaos of the plane itself is diminishing as your understanding increases."
(Tessa nods and listens)
Tenebrion says, "The chaos you percieve at any rate."
Tessa says, "They don't perceive much chaos.. they think everything is all neat and tidy."
Tenebrion says, "I am interested in observing the direct and local effects of the ether passing
through a particular consciousness."
Tenebrion says, "There are certain, I do no know what you would call them, readings perhaps..."
Drablak ponders, "Local ether activity is deviant. As some people I know..."
Tenebrion says, "Which I can make from such an observation."
(Tessa nods)
Tenebrion says, "The Nox Sorora do have a unique relationship with certain energies."
Tenebrion says, "I would like to investigate that relationship a little further."
(Tessa nods)
Tenebrion says, "That what they believe is wrong does not change that there is a relationship
between them and certain energies."
Babajaga says, "Farewell Mr. T. I have some books on brains I need to study."
Tessa says, "I think.. I think I understand no w."
Babajaga exclaims, "Dont forget our deal!"
Tenebrion says, "Farewell Babajaga."

Tenebrion says, "The plane responds to a collective average of your perceptions."
Tessa asks, "So even if they are wrong, their perceptions create a unique effect on the ether?"
Tessa asks, "Oh! So it is what we see.. to some degree?"
Tenebrion says, "A focussed flow responds immediately to what it passes though"
(Tessa raises an eyebrow)
Tenebrion says, "But those responses are very minor and very localized."
Tessa asks, "Except when one of them...goes to that place?"
Tessa says, "That does not seem like a very minor effect."
Tessa asks, "They perceive it... and so are there?"
Tenebrion says, "Not exactly."
(Tessa scratches her head)
Tessa says, "Well I will ask them then."
Tenebrion says, "The locaized effects are within parts of an inch."
Tessa says, "Well that's very small."
Tessa asks, "But then again.. how big is one's spirit?"
Tessa asks, "If such were to exist?"
Tessa ponders, "Which I would very much like to doubt"

Tessa says, "I am interested in measuring a spirit."
Drablak asks, "does the flow of ether follow a pattern? Is it influenced by this plane's cycles?"
Tenebrion says, "I think it is Drablak."
Drablak ponders, "me too"
Tenebrion says, "That is one thing I would like to determine."
Drablak says, "I am trying too"
Tenebrion says, "If there is a pattern we can tap into it."
Tessa asks, "We?"
Tenebrion says, "All of us."
Drablak asks, "are there more tools you can give us to help in this research?"
(Tessa nods)
(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha blinks.
Tessa says, "Perhaps a lens."
Drablak says, "yes for instance"
Tessa ponders, "Or we may just have to try and make one"
Tenebrion says, "You have all the tools you need at your level of understanding."
Tenebrion says, "You will know when you need better tools."

Drablak says, "I see"
Tessa exclaims, "Well. We do want to analyze that brain!"
(Drue'Dreemi hums thoughtfully)
Tessa says, "I wonder,"
Tessa says, "It may be necessaryto have a token of your trust....."
Tessa asks, "you wouldn't by any chance have a key to spare, would you?"
Tessa says, "I will return it, of course."
Tenebrion says, "I will give you a key when the volunteer is confirmed."
Mira asks, "Volunteer?"
Tessa whispers, "Why does she have to volunteer?"
Tenebrion says, "Before the operation i would like the chance to interview the person."
Tessa says, "Of course."
Drablak says, "farewell"
(Mira bows)
Drablak says, "nice to meet you"
Tessa says, "Thank you Entil..."
(Drue'Dreemi blinks)
(Drablak waves)
Mira exclaims, "i'll be back!"
(Sargon decides to leave too.)
Entil'Zha says, "Be well, Tenebrion. It was a pleasure, as always."
Drue'Dreemi says, "Hum...Ev'lei"
Drablak says, "Be well and may the Sun always shine on your Path"

The rest being a private discussion between Tessa and Tenebrion.