Tenebrion sends a third emissary to Puddleby. This is an edited transcript of the happenings in town square the day 77 of Summer, 539.

(a Castle Guard looks around nervously)
"The boss wants to know what we need to settle in order for him to meet with the one called Virgil."
Tarf says, "We currently have an issue on the ballot regarding that measure"
Outcast says, "We want access to your weaponsmiths wares for reasonable prices"
Coriakin says, "Gaurd, we need to know what your boss's intentions are towards our town"
Tarf says, "the town will decide whether it is worth giving up such knowleddge"
a Castle Guard asks, "What offer do i take back to him?"
Tarf says, "the town has not decided whether your boss deserves said knowledge"
Tarf says, "come bak in 2 (ic) weeks"
a Castle Guard asks, "In that time period you will have decided?"
Tarf says, "we will have a decision on this matter AFTER the ballot"
Outcast yells, "There's a shop in TK with 2 sheilds and a new helmet, is that a good
trade for Virgil?"
(a Castle Guard sweats)
a Castle Guard asks, "I have to tell the boss to wait?"
Tarf says, "nobody in our town has the authority to make a decision alone"
a Castle Guard asks, "Can't you tell me some lie to tell him?"
Terenas says, "Tell Tenebrion he will never see Virgil, not while we can help it"
Althea says, "he's scared of his boss"
a Castle Guard asks, "Never?"
Achates says, "Tell your boss to give us some tokens of his good will... Like the pendant
we gave you"
Outcast yells, "No, no time to vvote, we need a decision now!"
Tarf says, "until then, no town decision wqill be made"
a Castle Guard ponders, "oh oh I'm going to be flayed."
Outcast says, "Gaurd, just tell your boss we want to be able to buy everything you have
for sale in the shop"
(a Castle Guard is worried and confused.)
a Castle Guard asks, "That he make the smith sell his wares to you?"
a Castle Guard asks, "Is Virgil here perhaps? Maybe he could speak with me?"
Terenas says, "No"
Tarf says, "nay"
Babajaga says, "Not yet No."
Althea says, "Virgil is busy"
a Castle Guard asks, "Where does he live?"
Tarf says, "if you try to seek out virgil"
Tarf says, "today"
Terenas says, "He lives on Fire Island"
Babajaga says, "Somewhere.. to the west.."
Tarf says, "you WILL be killed"
a Castle Guard says, "On Fire Island. Good."
Tarf says, "today virgil is not going to speak to you"
Coriakin says, "Terenas, lying to ambassadors is not nice"
Tarf says, "no"
Outcast says, "Virgil lives in the blue building right here"
Tarf says, "you will not speak to her until the town votes"
a Castle Guard asks, "Virgil is hiding on Fire island?"
Outcast says, "No, she isn't"
Outcast says, "Gaurd, virgil is in the healers hall"
Tarf says, "sir stop asking about virgil"
Outcast says, "Its about 50 meters to the east of our current location"
a Castle Guard exclaims, "In the healer's hall!"
a Castle Guard says, "I'll go tell the boss."
Terenas asks, "What stops Tenebrion from marching in here and just taking virgil now?"
Tarf says, "yuou will tell your boss NOTHOING"
Outcast yells, "tarf is attacking the diplomat"
Stunti exclaims, "Stop!"
Urgelt says, "Tarf, knock it off."
Perrin exclaims, "Tarf!"
Johan says, "stop"
Sarmanikan says, "DONT KILL HIM"
Outcast says, "GET HIM BACK"
Sarmanikan exclaims, "TARF!"
Coriakin exclaims, "Alth, pull tarf!"
Papa yells, "Snerts are not wanted here"
Iho says, "That is a good offer, Sutai :)"
Pucker yells, "pulol tarf"
Perrin exclaims, "Pull Tarf out!"
Sarmanikan says, "NO TARF"
Xel exclaims, "Someone get Tarf away!"
Sarmanikan says, "Tarf let him go"
(K'Pyn sighs.)
(Kalkin frowns)
Urgelt says, "Elenis' life is at stake, and more."
Leogic says, "Its not customary to kill the messenger"
Terenas asks, "He knows where virgil is, maybe that is a threat?"
Kojiro says, "Be nice to guard... or be rid of Elenis. Hmmm."
Tigger says, "Actually, it IS customary to kill the messenger. Perhaps not right, but still..."
a Castle Guard says, "Now if I can just get back home I will have your hostage released."
Tarf yells, "town security"
Coriakin says, "Let the messenger return in peace"
Perrin yells, "Exactly: If we touch him, the hurt Elenis. Let him go."
Achates yells, "block the tard"
Terenas says, "Tarf"
Sarmanikan says, "NO TARF"
Ziff Rengar says, "lol"
Xel yells, "Everyone Move it NOW"
a Castle Guard says, "I have been told not to attack you."
Coriakin says, "guard, please leave"
Terenas says, "oh dear"
Sarmanikan says, "NO DAMMIT"
Gold Moon yells, "All of you, shut the hell up."
Terenas says, "Tarf"
Iho exclaims, "What?!"
Sarmanikan says, "TARF"
Babajaga yells, "Ill go after all those that kills him!"
Outcast says, "RUN RUN RUN"
Lint says, "just run guard"
Sarmanikan says, "THeyll KILL ELENIS"
Terenas says, "Do not kill him"
Sarmanikan says, "Tarf"
Johan says, "oh shit"
Ziff Rengar says, "its wiser not to, guard"
Sarmanikan says, "NO"
Sutai says, "Once this guy is dead and our town is destroyed, I think I just go
make a nice hut by the river."
Iho asks, "What about Elnis?"
Sarmanikan says, "DAMMIT"
(Bubbles laughs)
Tuan exclaims, "eep!"
Stunti exclaims, "No!"
Lint exclaims, "@$%&!!"
Sarmanikan says, "$)(\\"
Leogic says, "bak"
Coriakin exclaims, "NOOO!!!!"
Sarmanikan says, "POTY@"
Trowa exclaims, "pyy NO!!!!!"
Sarmanikan says, "TARF"
DarqMax yells, "He'll use it to get into purg and kill us all!"
Outcast says, "FUCXK YOU TARF"
Leogic says, "damit"
Trowa yells, "NO!!!!!"
(K'Pyn sighs.)
The guard was killed, and seconds later - so was Elenis.
Exiles rushed to the keep to get Elenis, while others tried to sue Tarf. Unfortunately,
Tarf went to sleep in the library just after.