Winter, 543. Transcript by K´pyn

8/15/01 4:30:35p (Lugubrion glances at Tenebrion)
8/15/01 4:30:40p Tenebrion says, "Greetings."
8/15/01 4:30:44p K'Pyn ponders, "Lugubrion! LOL"
8/15/01 4:30:47p Neige says, "Allo."
8/15/01 4:30:47p Aurian says, "It's too bad you talk about somethings to only him. Since he's not around we cannot learn more."
8/15/01 4:30:50p K'Pyn says, "Ah Tenebrion! 'Tis good to see you."
8/15/01 4:31:05p K'Pyn ponders, "does Lugubrion talk a lot?"
8/15/01 4:31:13p (K'Pyn chuckles.)
8/15/01 4:31:23p Aurian thinks to you, "neither are talking much"
8/15/01 4:31:27p Raldin says, "Hello, Lugubrion , we've not met I am Raldin."
8/15/01 4:31:30p Tenebrion says, "I am sure the matters I discuss with Tyking would bore you to sleep."
8/15/01 4:31:30p (Raldin bows)
8/15/01 4:31:45p (Lugubrion glances at Raldin.)
8/15/01 4:31:48p Lugubrion says, "Greetings."
8/15/01 4:31:59p Aurian says, "I doubt it, any information is interesting."
8/15/01 4:32:25p Entil'Zha says, "G'day."
8/15/01 4:32:45p K'Pyn asks, "Are you unhappy Lugubrion?"
8/15/01 4:32:50p Lugubrion ponders, "Strange."
8/15/01 4:32:55p (Fundin grins)
8/15/01 4:33:00p (Lugubrion raises an eyebrow.)
8/15/01 4:33:07p Aurian asks, "So why has Lugubrion shown up recently?"
8/15/01 4:33:08p Fundin ponders, "strange world we live in"
8/15/01 4:33:09p Lugubrion asks, "Do I have reason to be?"
8/15/01 4:33:13p K'Pyn ponders, "little mournful maybe?"
8/15/01 4:33:15p K'Pyn says, "uh"
8/15/01 4:33:18p Tenebrion asks, "Recently?"
8/15/01 4:33:18p K'Pyn says, "nosir... sorry"
8/15/01 4:33:30p Aurian says, "Well we haven't seen him before."
8/15/01 4:33:36p Aurian says, "or atleast not much."
8/15/01 4:33:41p (K'Pyn): You see K'Pyn hiding a grin.
8/15/01 4:33:47p (Fundin smiles)
8/15/01 4:34:09p Tenebrion says, "He is often here helping with experiments and debates."
8/15/01 4:34:09p K'Pyn asks, "to what do we owe your presence here today sirs?"
8/15/01 4:34:19p Aurian says, "ah."
8/15/01 4:34:32p Tenebrion says, "We were working on the mystery of the missing ether K'Pyn and needed a short break."
8/15/01 4:34:34p Lugubrion says, "I have been... in the neighborhood... for a very long time."
8/15/01 4:34:41p K'Pyn says, "ah"
8/15/01 4:34:45p K'Pyn asks, "missing Ether sir?"
8/15/01 4:34:50p K'Pyn says, "oh... the siphon"
8/15/01 4:34:54p Tenebrion says, "From the Ethereal Plane."
8/15/01 4:34:58p K'Pyn asks, "has it been happening still?"
8/15/01 4:35:06p Entil'Zha asks, "I'm wondering... do you have any theories on what this missing ether might result in?"
8/15/01 4:35:13p Lugubrion asks, "have you stopped traveling it?"
8/15/01 4:35:20p (Bigfat nods to Tenebrion.)
8/15/01 4:35:24p K'Pyn says, "for the most part Lugubrion"
8/15/01 4:35:32p Lugubrion says, "that implies a "no"."
8/15/01 4:35:33p Entil'Zha says, "I haven't recently, but I can't speak for the others."
8/15/01 4:35:39p K'Pyn says, "uhm."
8/15/01 4:35:44p K'Pyn says, "it would sir yes"
8/15/01 4:35:46p (K'Pyn sighs.)
8/15/01 4:35:53p Raldin mutters.
8/15/01 4:35:54p Fundin says, "im sure it is still being traversed by some"
8/15/01 4:36:07p Lugubrion says, "I have noted no slowing of the flow."
8/15/01 4:36:21p K'Pyn says, "I have... some knowledge of it.. but the travel has been minimal"
8/15/01 4:36:22p Entil'Zha says, "Well, Pogue Mahone and them probably have been going back."
8/15/01 4:36:28p (Fundin nods)
8/15/01 4:36:32p Bigfat says, "aye"
8/15/01 4:36:49p Entil'Zha says, "I don't think more than other group has gone since this most recent chaos storm."
8/15/01 4:36:50p K'Pyn says, "but nothing on the scale of half the town... as before"
8/15/01 4:37:01p Lugubrion asks, "Half the town?"
8/15/01 4:37:10p (Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha frowns.
8/15/01 4:37:13p K'Pyn says, "well... a slight exaggeration for effect sir"
8/15/01 4:37:19p Entil'Zha says, "It was only perhaps fifteen exiles."
8/15/01 4:37:20p (K'Pyn blushes.)
8/15/01 4:37:31p Entil'Zha says, "As I said, perhaps Pogue Mahone has returned also."
8/15/01 4:37:50p K'Pyn asks, "did you notice a distinct disturbance? or continuous leak?"
8/15/01 4:38:00p Tenebrion says, "A continuous flow."
8/15/01 4:38:04p K'Pyn says, "ouch"
8/15/01 4:38:12p K'Pyn says, "that does NOT sound good."
8/15/01 4:38:13p Tenebrion says, "Small still."
8/15/01 4:38:24p Tenebrion says, "It escaped our notice for a long time."
8/15/01 4:38:25p Fundin asks, "so it doesnt change when people are there or not?"
8/15/01 4:38:26p Entil'Zha asks, "Hmm. Are you sure our moving from the etheral plane into purgatory effects it?"
8/15/01 4:38:36p Tenebrion says, "The stream is growing though."
8/15/01 4:38:43p K'Pyn says, "hrm..."
8/15/01 4:38:44p Neige asks, "Could we do something to stop the flow or diverge it's path?"
8/15/01 4:38:46p Lugubrion says, "It seems to pulse at intervals."
8/15/01 4:38:54p K'Pyn asks, "intervals sir?"
8/15/01 4:38:57p Tenebrion says, "No, I am not positive Entil,Zha."
8/15/01 4:39:03p Raldin asks, "any patter to the intervals?"
8/15/01 4:39:03p K'Pyn asks, "rhythmic?"
8/15/01 4:39:09p Raldin asks, "any pattern to the intervals?"
8/15/01 4:39:17p Tenebrion says, "But we cannot find where it goes and Purgatory is"
8/15/01 4:39:25p Lugubrion says, "If I could determine a pattern..."
8/15/01 4:39:26p Tenebrion says, "unavailable might be the correct word"
8/15/01 4:39:36p Lugubrion says, "I most certainly would have."
8/15/01 4:39:36p K'Pyn says, "ah, ok"
8/15/01 4:39:55p K'Pyn says, "chaotic in nature, leak getting stronger..."
8/15/01 4:40:04p K'Pyn asks, "ok... anything else?"
8/15/01 4:40:21p Tenebrion says, "We need your scholars to determine if the ether is building in Purgatory to confirm where it is going."
8/15/01 4:40:22p K'Pyn asks, "is there any particular place or thing that seems to be a leak?"
8/15/01 4:40:31p Entil'Zha says, "Do you think it's possible for the Ethereal Plane and Purgatory to merge into a single plane? As a result of this ether leak, I mean."
8/15/01 4:40:46p K'Pyn exclaims, "yike!"
8/15/01 4:40:51p Neige asks, "If we lost the purgatory, could we use some other plane to replace it?"
8/15/01 4:41:03p Raldin says, "Hm"
8/15/01 4:41:04p K'Pyn says, "that is a dreadful thought Entil"
8/15/01 4:41:09p Tenebrion says, "I have never seen planes merge. It is possible in theory. It would be catastrophic."
8/15/01 4:41:11p K'Pyn exclaims, "no more departing!"
8/15/01 4:41:18p (Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha nods thoughtfully.
8/15/01 4:41:25p (K'Pyn shudders.)
8/15/01 4:41:37p Raldin asks, "what set this off Tenebrion ?"
8/15/01 4:41:47p Tenebrion asks, "Lugubrion do you remember the text about plane boundaries merging?"
8/15/01 4:42:20p (Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha glances at the 'brions warily.
8/15/01 4:42:38p K'Pyn asks, "uh.. I'm not scholar fellows, but any chance of gettin to read some of those texts?"
8/15/01 4:42:40p Lugubrion says, "No, but that is why we keep them available."
8/15/01 4:42:48p K'Pyn exclaims, "!!"
8/15/01 4:42:55p K'Pyn asks, "where?"
8/15/01 4:43:03p Tenebrion asks, "I would like to examine that. Could we look at the version in your library?"
8/15/01 4:43:07p Raldin says, "If you could make some of those texts avaiable to us it would be most helpful"
8/15/01 4:43:12p K'Pyn exclaims, "!!!"
8/15/01 4:43:18p (Lugubrion glances at the assembled horde.)
8/15/01 4:43:22p Lugubrion says, "Quite."
8/15/01 4:43:24p Entil'Zha says, "Ah, yes. We'd greatly appreciate that.."
8/15/01 4:43:25p K'Pyn ponders, "horde!"
8/15/01 4:43:27p Tenebrion says, "It would be helpful if you made things available to us as well."
8/15/01 4:43:35p Entil'Zha asks, "What would you like?"
8/15/01 4:43:36p K'Pyn asks, "like sir?"
8/15/01 4:43:43p Raldin asks, "well the first step is talking right?"
8/15/01 4:43:44p K'Pyn says, "I'd tell you whatever I knew"
8/15/01 4:43:48p Tenebrion says, "Teleportation stones."
8/15/01 4:43:51p K'Pyn says, "to help the cause"
8/15/01 4:43:55p K'Pyn says, "ah that...."
8/15/01 4:43:58p Tenebrion says, "Purgatory pendants."
8/15/01 4:44:01p (Lugubrion's eyes glint.)
8/15/01 4:44:04p Aurian ponders, "Take it as a symbol of trust."
8/15/01 4:44:06p K'Pyn says, "sadly, I have little control on the Mystic guild"
8/15/01 4:44:25p Entil'Zha says, "Yes, the mystic class has a most unfortunate guild..."
8/15/01 4:44:32p (Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha shrugs.
8/15/01 4:44:34p Tenebrion says, "I must leave you. I am curious to read that passage once more."
8/15/01 4:44:43p K'Pyn says, "I've heard rumors though that the Mystic Guild is NOT in favor of the EP portal at all"
8/15/01 4:44:47p Tenebrion says, "Keep your eyes open."
8/15/01 4:44:48p Raldin says, "good evening then."
8/15/01 4:44:52p (K'Pyn waves.)
8/15/01 4:44:58p Entil'Zha ponders, "Well *I'm* not in favor of it."
8/15/01 4:45:06p (K'Pyn sighs.)
8/15/01 4:45:12p Entil'Zha says, "Interesting."
8/15/01 4:45:14p Aurian exclaims, "lets raid the ep!"
8/15/01 4:45:22p K'Pyn says, "if the mystics don't get behind it, it won't happen of eons"