Gradi, day 19 of Spring, 543.

Babajaga asks, "I have noticed the merchants for the stones have moved. Did you get what you wanted?"
Umbrion growls, "You are speaking to me?"
(Babajaga smiles sweetly to Umbrion)
Babajaga says, "Yes I am Umbrion."
Babajaga asks, "I dont think we have met. That is your name yes?"
Babajaga says, "I am Babajaga Vanimalda, the Fleet."
Umbrion growls, "My merchants were removed to remove any incentive from your kind seeking that which you
do not understand."
(Umbrion bows)
(Babajaga bows)

Tyking II asks, "Tenebrion, have those keys finished yet?"
Tenebrion says, "They are Tyking but I feel it would be a worthy quest for you to regain your own one."
Tyking II says, "Tenebrion..."
Tyking II asks, "How on earth could I convince Malkor to give it back?"
(Soulmaster holds back laughter.)
Tenebrion says, "You must learn to look after the things I give you."
Tyking II says, "Tenebrion, it was a mistake."
Tyking II asks, "Would you sell it for 100 coins?"
Soulmaster says, "You are indeed wise, Tenebrion :)"
Icy says, "Tenebrion is in no need of money"
Tenebrion says, "I have complete faith you will convince the trickster to return it to you."
Tyking II says, "Your faith doesn't boost me much, Tenebrion."

Klur asks, "Umbrion what would it take for me and my Clan to gain your trust?"
Klur says, "Is their something we could do to prove our value to you."
Umbrion growls, "My brother has proposed an exceedingly generous offer to your kind..."
Umbrion growls, "against my recommendation."
Klur asks, "Can you explain kind?"
(Umbrion gestures towards the gathered exiles.)
Umbrion growls, "you.... things."
Klur says, "I'm not with the gathered exiles"
(Umbrion laughs.)
Umbrion growls, "I'm sure common orga see distictions amongst themselves!"
Klur asks, "So should I treat you as all your brothers or are you unique?"
Umbrion growls, "You treat us the same as it is."
Klur asks, "I do?"
Umbrion growls, "You all come, begging and scraping"
Klur asks, "Did I?"
Umbrion growls, "Asking much and offering little."
Klur says, "I cam asking to gain your trust."
Klur says, "I ask nothing of you but to give me a chance to prove my value to yuo."
Tenebrion asks, "You see what I have to deal with Klur?"
Klur says, "Hehe"
Umbrion growls, "Then help my brother..."
Klur says, "Well I see you are both very different."
Klur says, "What do you value Umbrion? I know some things Tenebrion values and I
have agreed to get them for him if he works with me. However he says he can't because of you."
Umbrion growls, "Ultimately, my brother and I are not so different..."
Klur asks, "So then are you willing to work with me an my clan?"
Umbrion growls, "I came here today so that my brother could prove that you all were not
the worthless, greedy beggars I believe you to be."
Klur says, "Most exiles are worthless"
Umbrion growls, "Pay up, brother."
(Umbrion laughs quietly.)
Tenebrion says, "I do not cede yet brother."
Klur says, "However I can show you that PM is not."
(Umbrion rolls his eyes.)
Tenebrion says, "I think over time they will prove themselves."
Umbrion growls, "PM?"
Klur says, "If you give me a chance."
Klur says, "Pogue Mahone"
Umbrion growls, "aaahhhh...."
Klur says, "It is my clan."
Klur says, "We are very capable"
Umbrion growls, "yes, I was told of your little club."
(Klur smiles.)
Reye says, "More than a club"

Hellpop asks, "Tenebrion, can you guarentee us that you will not use the stones you ask for to harm Puddleby?"
Tenebrion says, "I can make that guarantee Hellpop."
Tenebrion says, "I have already given my word on that matter."

(This is where Umbrion really can´t resist the tempation, and flames Tyking II to a crisp)

Klur asks, "Is their something I can do to gain your trust Umbrion?"
Umbrion growls, "I have told you."
Klur asks, "I must be slow can you tell me again?"
Umbrion growls, "Assist my brother in gathering the stones for his experiment."
Reye asks, "For the fixed portal?"
Klur asks, "Can he follow my terms?"
Umbrion growls, "What terms are those?"
Klur says, "He and I have discussed them."
Hellpop asks, "Ten, will you share the information you gain from using the stones with us?"
Umbrion growls, "You'll have to let me in on the secret."
Tenebrion says, "I will Hellpop."
(Hellpop nods)
Umbrion growls, "My brother has offered this."
Umbrion growls, "How on earth would we tell you apart?"
Klur says, "By our clan symbol"
Umbrion growls, "Seems like too much trouble."
Klur says, "Well if that is how you view me and my clan then perhaps you are to much trouble also."
Klur says, "I can get you what you seek."
Klur says, "But, I see no value in it unless it is done on my terms."
Umbrion growls, "Ready to pay up, brother?"
Tenebrion says, "Not today. There is still time."
Umbrion growls, "Could you all remove that mess over there? It is... distracting."
Dimsdale says, "you remove it, you made that mess"
Klur says, "It would be better if they all left in my opinion."
Klur asks, "Why do you think he desirves to be taken out umbrion?"
Klur asks, "Is he different from me?"
Umbrion growls, "Yes, Klur. Because you want some special deal.
And Icy wants some special deal. Tyking wants. That annoying thoom wants..."
Umbrion growls, "you are all the same."
Klur asks, "You don't want?"
Klur says, "My understand is you want also."
Umbrion growls, "Have I asked for anything?"
Klur says, "You said you supported your brother"
Reye says, "yes you asked for us to help with your brother's research"
Umbrion growls, "You asked what might earn my trust. I said, "Assist my brother.""
Klur says, "You are the same based on what you told me a min ago."
Klur says, "I said ok I would like to but."
Umbrion growls, "Hardly the same thing."
Klur says, "their is an issue"
Umbrion growls, "But only if you dictate the terms!"
Klur says, "I'm negotiating terms"
Umbrion growls, "I am not negotiating."
Umbrion growls, "When I win our bet, my brother must send me his cook for an entire moon."
Klur says, "Well Umbrion If your saying their is nothing to discuss. That their is only the thing you have
defined and nothing else. Then their is no further point in my discussion with you."
Umbrion growls, "That has been my point from the start, Klur."
Klur says, "Unfortunate"
Klur says, "But good luck"
Klur says, "I hope you get what you seek."
Klur says, "But I will not help under these terms."
(Klur waves.)

Jo Ma'ril says, "Tenebrion, I have a question for you."
Tenebrion asks, "Yes Jo'Maril?"
Jo Ma'ril asks, "I understand there are 12 symbols on the ground in the Ethereal Plane?"
Tenebrion says, "On the ground is a weird description for that place."
Jo Ma'ril says, "Well...In any case.."
Jo Ma'ril asks, "There are 12 symbols?"
Noivad says, "what appears to be the ground then"
Tenebrion says, "Go on."
Jo Ma'ril asks, "Do you believe them to be representative of the 12 Zodiacs?"
Noivad says, "considering there's no earth there"
Tenebrion says, "They are."
Jo Ma'ril asks, "Okay. Do you know how they got there?"
Tenebrion says, "We put them there."
Babajaga asks, "Must have taken you years to build those?"
Jo Ma'ril asks, "I see...and why did you do that?"
Babajaga ponders, "To travel."
Righ Badenoch says, "There are two zodiac circles in the lands that I know of, yet they are different"
Tenebrion says, "The fenced areas are our private property."
Righ Badenoch asks, "Could it be we circle two suns?"
Jo Ma'ril asks, "So you're saying you used the zodiacs to mark your property?"
Babajaga asks, "Quite astonishing work Brions. Did you all help?"
Tenebrion says, "That is correct Jo'Maril."
Tenebrion says, "It was a joint effort Babajaga."
Noivad asks, "who actually installed them?"
Babajaga says, "Ah. How nice. Family working together."
Jo Ma'ril asks, "Well, are you aware of the signifigance of the Zodiac symbols?"
Tenebrion asks, "Significance?"
Jo Ma'ril says, "Well, you see.."
Umbrion growls, "We chose them randomly..."
(Umbrion laughs.)
Jo Ma'ril asks, "Are you certain it was just by chance?"
Hellpop says, "Seems an awful lot of work to do so randomly."
Tenebrion says, "Each symbol represents one passing of the moon within one year."
(Jo Ma'ril nods.)
Jo Ma'ril says, "I was a member of the Zodiac Tribe, I am aware of this..."
Jo Ma'ril says, "Alright then, if they were chosen randomly, then that's all I wanted to know.
Thanks for your time."
(Umbrion laughs)
Tenebrion says, "We do not do anything randomly Jo'Maril."
Jo Ma'ril asks, "Well then, why did you choose the Zodiac symbols?"
Tenebrion says, "To make the fences work."
Noivad says, "because the zodiacs are tied to the plane crossings"
Umbrion growls, "I needed to trap the sylvan male!"
(Umbrion laughs.)
Noivad says, "the zodiacs influence the passings, and without mapping their relationship to the
plane you wouldn't know which to use at which time"

Babajaga says, "But the ethereal sword are not of your making.
Although you have proven your craft, I doubt you could make such a lovely piece."
Babajaga asks, "Or am i wrong?"
Tenebrion says, "I think it is better for everyone if you simply forget the ethereal sword exists Babajaga."
Babajaga says, "I see."
Noivad asks, "why are you collecting the etherreals sword and other items from us then?"
Babajaga says, "But it was such a lovely piece of work. If you really made it, I would thank you."
Babajaga says, "And admire your ability."
Babajaga asks, "Have you ever held that sword Tenebrion?"
Babajaga says, "Your whole body shines and glows."
Tenebrion says, "I think it is better for everyone if you simply forget the ethereal sword exists Babajaga."
Noivad asks, "then why are your agents collecting the Ethereal sword?"

Dimsdale says, ""trap the sylvan male""
(Umbrion chuckles.)
Umbrion growls, "I have a rather skinny sylvan in my keep."
(Umbrion laughs.)
Dimsdale asks, "can i have him?"
Noivad asks, "what is his name?"
Umbrion growls, "You wouldn't want him... all skin and bones."
Tyking II thinks, "This just in, Umbrion says he has a captive sylvan in his keep. Could it be Aldernon?
Umbrion growls, "I don't. He was delivered!"
Hellpop asks, "Who delivered him?"
Umbrion growls, "If I'm not mistaken, he delivered himself!"
Hellpop asks, "Can you tell us his name?"
Umbrion growls, "And now he seeks deliverance..."
(Umbrion chuckles.)

Umbrion growls, "I don't understand the term, Elenis."
Elenis Reyav says, "White magic... that which is in opposition to black magic."
Elenis Reyav asks, "Hmm.. perhaps I should start: Do you practice magic?"
Umbrion growls, "Ah! Primitive terms for science!"
Umbrion growls, "How quaint."
Elenis Reyav says, "Primitive if you will."
Elenis Reyav asks, "But do you practice then... the art?"
Elenis Reyav asks, "Well Umbrion? Call it science, the art or magic... do you practice it?"
Elenis Reyav asks, "Alright. Do you know of the other practicioner of the sciences on your island?"
Umbrion growls, "I assume you refer to Alice?"
Elenis Reyav says, "Indeed I do."
Umbrion growls, "Never heard of her."

Entil'Zha asks, "Do either of you have any news on your progress on stopping the flow of ether?"
Tenebrion says, "It is out of our hands Entil'Zha."
Entil'Zha asks, "Ah... so your method failed?"
Tenebrion says, "I believe it is a problem you will have to solve."
Tenebrion says, "I will assist you as I am able."
(Entil'Zha): Entil'Zha nods.
Jo Ma'ril asks, "Do you have any suggestions as to how we might do that, Tenebrion?"
Tenebrion says, "Your scholars will have to learn much about the Ethereal Plane."
Entil'Zha asks, "What do you think caused your... experiments... to fail?"
Noivad asks, "can you offer any information to help us on our way to understanding them?"
Tenebrion says, "Experiments fail, are repeated, fail again, the cycle continues until the truth is found."
Jo Ma'ril asks, "Well, what experiments did YOU conduct, so we don't have to repeat them and fail as well?"
Umbrion growls, "And how many more times will you fail *this* experiment, brother?"
Entil'Zha says, "Well, you seemed fairly confident that your plan would work, earlier."
Noivad says, "until he gets it right Umbrion"

Tenebrion says, "Recently I have been trying for a variation of a stable portal which could
be harnessed by the stones I have given you."
Jo Ma'ril asks, "And what would this varation of the portal do exactly?"
Noivad says, "Tenebrion, I think you might need a different type of stone to retune"
Tenebrion says, "Allow a bearer of the stone to open a portal where they wish."
Tenebrion says, "It would be less... cumbersome."
Noivad says, "yes like our pendants"
Jo Ma'ril asks, "I Tyking has?"
Noivad asks, "what plane are you trying to get to?"
Tenebrion says, "Noivad, any and all of them."
Noivad asks, "or do you just wish to have a portable stone to go to a well known plane?"
Tenebrion says, "I can move from the Ethereal Plane to most others."
Noivad asks, "with a portable stone set?"
Tenebrion says, "Stones are not needed."
Noivad says, "well when you have this set up"
Jo Ma'ril says, "What other experiments have you performed, Tenebrion? So that we don't have to repeat them..."
Noivad asks, "what are you trying to accomplish then?"
Tenebrion says, "I will discuss that with your scholars as they begin their own experiments Jo'Maril."
Jo Ma'ril exclaims, "Fair enough!"
Noivad says, "you needed our stones for research,"
Noivad asks, "did you succeed?"
Tenebrion says, "I would like to examine the teleportation stones to see how they work."
Noivad says, "I know how they work"
Tenebrion asks, "How do they work?"
Noivad says, "very similar to the pendant"
Noivad says, "they pull the user out of phase"
Tenebrion asks, "The pendants are bound to Purgatory. Where are the teleportation stones bound?"
Noivad says, "they are bound between planes"
Tenebrion asks, "Between planes?"
Noivad says, "you see every point on every plane is connected to every other point"
Tenebrion says, "Yes I know that."
Noivad says, "the teleportation stone simple pulls you out of phase so you can relocate at another point on the same plane"
Noivad says, "if they were tuned differently,"
Tenebrion asks, "Why the same plane?"
Noivad says, "you could end up on another plane, but only if"
Jo Ma'ril says, "So you can move across from one end of the plane to another."
Noivad says, "the stone can handle the frequency"
Tenebrion says, "If that is true then I would very much like to examine them."
Noivad says, "because the teleportation stones vibrate at a sympathetic frequency to our plane"
Tenebrion asks, "So by changing the frequency of their vibration they could be retargeted?"
Noivad says, "so, if we wish to go to other planes, without use of a stable ---"
Noivad says, "yes exactly"
Tenebrion says, "They might be just the thing I am looking for."
Noivad says, "but not all the stones can handle the wide gamut of frequencies"
Noivad says, "we don't know that yet"
Noivad says, "they might"
Noivad says, "but we need to findf out how to retune them"
Babajaga says, "They might also need special tuning."
Noivad says, "you obviously know how"
(Babajaga nods)
Tenebrion says, "You see Umbrion? Some of them have some useful knowledge."
Noivad says, "I don't presume that you'd share that knowledge"
Tenebrion says, "I would share any information of that nature."
Babajaga says, "You would? You have seemed reluctant until now."
Noivad says, "so, either we exchange information to help each other or we go it alone, slower than we might together"
Tenebrion says, "I believe that was the underlying principle of the trade offered."
Noivad says, "I don't know, the Brions do"
Noivad says, "I am not a mystic"
Tenebrion says, "You would gain access to the Ethereal Plane to learn more with safety to your Purgatory."
Tenebrion says, "I would be able to exmaine the teleportation stones to see if they might suit our purpose."
Umbrion growls, "What's left of their Purgatory..."
Noivad says, "though I have Mystic friends who could put your knowledge to use"
Noivad says, "yes"
Noivad says, "though I cannot get a stone"
Noivad says, "we need the mystics involved for that sort of trade"
Tenebrion says, "When enough of you have an interest in learning the Ethereal Plane I hope you
will consider the offer more seriously."
(Umbrion grows stern.)
Noivad says, "I have an understanding of it"
Tenebrion says, "I am told it would take you six months to collect the stones."
Jo Ma'ril says, "Honestly, Tenebrion, most of us are far too weak to learn about the Ethereal Plane."
Noivad says, "at least"
Tenebrion says, "This is about the time it would take us to construct the portal for you."
Soulmaster says, "much longer, Tenebrion"
Noivad says, "and that's only if each raid is successful"
Tenebrion says, "You must tell us when to begin our work."
Noivad asks, "so you need 6 stones?"
Tenebrion says, "One would be a start."
Umbrion growls, "Perhaps you should ask that Klur fellow. He seemed to think it would not be overly difficult."
Tenebrion says, "I will trade one teleportation stone for one ethereal portal stone."
Tenebrion says, "Or six teleportation stones for a permanent portal."
Jo Ma'ril says, "We'd be better off saving up 6 stones."
Noivad asks, "could we trade the 6 over time and keep a ethereal plane stone up to the fifth?"
Tenebrion says, "Explain further Noivad."
Noivad says, "well,"
Noivad says, "let's say I came to you with a stone"
Noivad says, "and wished to have it apply towards a permanent portal"
Noivad says, "but I also wished a stone for the time being"
Noivad asks, "would that be acceptable?"
Umbrion growls, "They never change."
Noivad says, "upon receipt of the 6th stone you build us the portal"
Tenebrion says, "If you returned five portal stones when you have the sixth teleportation stones."
Noivad says, "ah"
Noivad says, "but they crumble sometimes"
Noivad says, "so long as we had say one stone during the collection process that would also be acceptable"
Tenebrion says, "I might consider that Noivad. I will have to discuss those terms with my brothers."
Noivad says, "if we got another T-stone and still had the E-stone, we'd get nothing,
except for it to apply toward our 6 stone requirement"
Noivad says, "it seems fair"
Noivad says, "also, we wouldn't have to come to your keep to go the the EP"
Tenebrion says, "No it would not Noivad."
Umbrion growls, "What investigations?"
Tenebrion says, "This is private property."
Tenebrion says, "Trespassing of that nature only hurts our relationship."
Righ Badenoch asks, "where would you site our permanent portal to the ethereal plane?"
Tenebrion says, "That would have to be sorted out closer to the time of its construction Righ."
Tenebrion says, "We would work on finding a mutually agreeable location."

Noivad asks, "why have you not tried to negotiate with the orga directly?"
Tenebrion asks, "Negotiate with animals? Is it possible?"
(Umbrion rolls his eyes.)
Elenis Reyav says, "Tenebrion, the Orga are not animals."
Noivad says, "well you think of us as animals"
Tenebrion says, "I do not."
Umbrion growls, "I don't."
Noivad says, "I thought you did"
Noivad says, "abominations"
Noivad says, "but they are not animals"
Noivad says, "they build"
Noivad says, "the learn magic"
Tenebrion says, "They are not Children, therefor are animals."
Noivad says, "Ah I see"
Noivad says, "in that context, yes they are animals"