Meeting with Fat Alice outside her hut on Lyfe Isle in the year 542 as reported by J´jh.

Elenis Reyav says, "'lo again Fat Alice."
Fat Alice says, "I haven't 'ad me breakfastin' today and i's a poor ole lady."
Fat Alice asks, "Anyone's got a spare scarmis egg?"
Elenis Reyav says, "fat alice potions"
Elenis Reyav asks, "scarmis egg?"
Fist of Fluff asks, "A what?"
Fist of Fluff asks, "Is she new?"
Fat Alice says, "I like 'em fried up and crispy."
Oracle says, "unknown monsters have egs ;)"
Elenis Reyav says, "friend and crispy"
Gurgi says, "what are lyfalidae"
Gurgi asks, "can you make a potion?"
Fat Alice says, "Mean disease-ridden cats."
Gurgi says, "ah"
Fat Alice says, "Course I kin make potions."
Fist of Fluff exclaims, "!"
Elenis Reyav asks, "Can you show us?"
Gurgi asks, "what is the disease?"
Ffodor asks, "where do we find scarmis eggs?"
Fat Alice asks, "Where'd ys think?"
Dandelion says, "Poor old thing! All she wants is breakfast"
Entil'Zha asks, "Would you be willing to sell any of your potions, maybe?"
Ffodor says, "I think that would be in their lairs"
Ffodor asks, "are scarmis eggs in their lairs?"
Fat Alice says, "I'll be sellin' ys some potions. No doubt about that."
Gurgi says, "where is the entrance to Umbrion's Castle"
Ledward Vicious says, "Sell away."
Fat Alice says, "bah"
Elenis Reyav asks, "How much would ya sell yer potions fer?"
Fat Alice exclaims, "He's a right friendly one that one is!"
Dandelion asks, "Who, Umbrion?"
Fat Alice says, "You stay away from 'im and' don't get 'im all riled up."
Dandelion ponders, "Oy!"
Thrax asks, "can you train?"
Fat Alice says, "I don' wanna chase all his noisy troops away again."
J'jh asks, "can i buy a potion?"
Elenis Reyav asks, "So, how's about them potions of your's?"
Gurgi asks, "his troops?"
Fat Alice says, "I kin charge more later when ys need 'em more."
Fat Alice says, "ys all look healthy to me."
Entil'Zha says, "Pfft."
(J'jh grins)
(Dandelion grins)
Elenis Reyav asks, "So ya only make healin' potions then?"
Ledward Vicious says, "I can get unhealthy real quick"
(Fat Alice pokes Elenis with her cane.)
Elenis Reyav exclaims, "Ouch!"
(Dandelion laughs)
Elenis Reyav says, "Don't poke *there*"
Fat Alice says, "Not tender enough yet."
Thrax asks, "what about me, Fat Alice?"
(Fat Alice pokes Thrax with her cane.)
(Dandelion laughs)
(Thrax giggles)
(Elenis Reyav chuckles to himself.)
J'jh ponders, "Thrax looks sick..."
Fat Alice says, "Go gets a nice breakfast egg fer a poor ole lady."
Elenis Reyav asks, "Anything yer wanting to make potions with?"
Ffodor asks, "scarmis egg?"
Thrax asks, "what do I get if I get you your breakfast?"
J'jh says, "she needs an egg"
Gurgi asks, "where do we find scarmis eggs?"
Ffodor asks, "where do we find them, alice?"
Fat Alice says, "Ys gets to give me a nice breakfast is whats ya gets."
Thuja says, "In their nest to the north"
Fat Alice says, "An' I won't feel so much like cloutin' ya with me cane."
Thrax exclaims, "that sounds like a good deal!"
Elenis Reyav asks, "So miss Alice... anything you're wanting to brew yer potions with?"
Elenis Reyav asks, "Herbal stuffs and all that?"
Fist of Fluff asks, "Are you a healer Alice?"
Gurgi says, "i'll take 10 potions for free"
Fat Alice says, "I gets all that stuff meself."
Fat Alice asks, "What ya need healin' Fist?"
Fist of Fluff asks, "Do you use a moonstone to heal people?"
Fat Alice says, "bah"
Ffodor asks, "please, do we get scarmis eggs in the big large pits in the sands?"
Fat Alice says, "I gets 'em near there sometimes."
Ffodor says, "ah"
Ffodor asks, "but not inside, right?"
Gurgi asks, "so you will trade scarmis eggs for potions?"
Fat Alice says, "Ys'd charge a poor ole lady fer 'er breakfast?! Shame on ya."
(Dandelion grins)
(J'jh grins)
Ffodor says, "yeah, that's shameful"
Gurgi says, "well I was just wondering if you were charging for potions"
Thuja asks, "You would rather starve?"
Gurgi says, "not the other way around 8D"
Oracle asks, "Fat alice you like to eat bramble berries?"
Fat Alice says, "I's not chargin' anythin'. Yet."
Elenis Reyav asks, "Well, how's about a trade then Alice?"
Gurgi says, "ok"
Thrax asks, "can I have a potion then?"
(Ffodor sighs.)
Gurgi says, "i'll tak 10"
Fat Alice asks, "Will ya just?"
(Kaspar laughs)
Gurgi says, "yes please"
(Gurgi smiles.)
Gurgi says, "or 5 if you are short on supply"
Fat Alice says, "bah"
(Ffodor sighs.)
J'jh asks, "can i trade red healing potions for something better?"
Elenis Reyav thinks to you, "Don't say that they're better. She may not have RHPs here."
Fat Alice asks, "Anyone seen Kizmia?"
Gurgi says, "nope"
J'jh asks, "who is Kizmia?"
Gurgi asks, "where would we find her?"
Entil'Zha asks, "Nope. Can you tell us about ... Kizmia?"
Kaspar says, "never ever seen it/her"
Fist of Fluff ponders, "Kizmia?"
Oracle asks, "he the thoom who came here?"
Fat Alice says, "Well if'n ys do tell 'er ta come see me."
Gurgi asks, "is she the one that lives in the hut up on the beach?"
Fat Alice says, "That's me own 'ut."
(Ffodor smiles.)
(J'jh smiles..)
Ledward Vicious says, "Ahh"
Gurgi says, "ah"
Fat Alice says, "ys kin stop trampin' mud in it too."
Thrax says, "sorry about that"
(Dandelion chuckles)
Gurgi asks, "can you teach us white magic?"
(J'jh grins)
Fat Alice says, "bah white magic"
Fat Alice says, "I walks."
Gurgi asks, "what kind of magic do you do?"
Fat Alice asks, "Ya see any wings?"
Ledward Vicious asks, "Can ya show us the way?"
Fat Alice asks, "So's ys can tramp mud in me 'ut?"
Ledward Vicious says, "Naw, I just want another way ta get off this place."
Fat Alice asks, "Why come 'ere disturbin' poor ole ladies if'n ya wanna leave?"
Fat Alice exclaims, "Don' come 'ere in the first place!"
(Dandelion grins)
Dandelion ponders, "She's got ya there"
Gurgi asks, "What heppened recently to changethe island?"
Fat Alice says, "Earthquakes all the damn time."
Fat Alice says, "Knockin' books off the shelves."
Gurgi asks, "Is Kismia in the caves south of here?"
Fat Alice asks, "The cat caves?"
Gurgi says, "yes"
Ledward Vicious says, "You have a whole book case empty..."
Fat Alice says, "The cats've always lived there."
Entil'Zha asks, "Did the cats dig 'em, too?"
Gurgi asks, "were they always cats?"
Fat Alice says, "Long as I remember."
Fat Alice says, "Never seen a cat dig somethin'."
Ffodor says, "but some of them are sick"
Entil'Zha asks, "Or were those always there too?"
Fat Alice says, "They all are."
Fat Alice says, "Ya will be too if'n ys keep playin' with 'em."
Fat Alice says, "Ys lie don with cats, ys gets fleas."
Gurgi asks, "will you be here still if we go find you an egg now?"
Fat Alice says, "Might be. Gots to collect some 'erbs and things."
Fat Alice says, "Might go get me own egg fer breakfast."
J'jh asks, "can you heal FistofFluff Alice?"
(Fist of Fluff smiles)
Gurgi asks, "which tree do you go down?"
Fat Alice exclaims, "I don' go down trees!"
Gurgi asks, "how do you get to the scarmis lair then?"
Fat Alice says, "I gots me paths."
Elenis Reyav says, "Oo..."
Gurgi asks, "can you show us please?"
Fist of Fluff asks, "Alice could you sell me a potion to heal me?"
Ledward Vicious says, "We can't find a way out, 'cept going down trees and swimmin in tar or something."
Fat Alice says, "bah"
Entil'Zha says, "We could get your scarmis eggs faster if you showed us, maybe."
Fat Alice asks, "So's ys kin make a lotta noise and show the cats where they are?"
Fat Alice says, "I don' think so."
Gurgi says, "the cats dont seem to bother you as it is"
Fat Alice says, "Cos then I couldn' walk 'em safe."
Fat Alice says, "I gots me charms."
(J'jh grins)
Fat Alice asks, "Ya think catsbane grows on trees?"
Entil'Zha asks, "Where *does* catsbane grow?"
Gurgi asks, "can you show us where to get catsbane?"
Fat Alice says, "I's not tellin' where I gets me catsbane! Ys'll pinch it all."
(Dandelion smiles)
Gurgi asks, "does it keep cats away?"
Fat Alice says, "Not less'n ya make a charm outta it."
Gurgi asks, "but if you make a charm then dont you then have the charm?"
Gurgi asks, "so why would you need to make another one?"
Fat Alice says, "Catsbane don' last ferever."
Fist of Fluff asks, "Alice could you sell me a potion to heal me?"
Fat Alice says, "I's not sellin' ys any potions."
Fist of Fluff asks, "Why not?"
Fist of Fluff asks, "Please?"
Fat Alice says, "Cos y'll pay more later."
Fist of Fluff says, "And I really don't think you're fat"
Fat Alice says, "Don' get all flattery with me. It won' do ya no good."
(J'jh grins)
Thrax says, "I've got a friend who needs pages for a book that tenebrion gave him"
Fat Alice asks, "Who?"
Thrax says, "his name is Mr Pudding"
Fat Alice says, "Never 'eard of 'im."
Elenis Reyav asks, "So, Alice, ya know of ole' Tenny, eh?"
Fat Alice says, "Never 'eard of 'im."
Elenis Reyav asks, "Umbrion's brother?"
Fat Alice says, "bah"
Fat Alice says, "Troublemaker."
Elenis Reyav says, "He visits here every now and the I heard."
Fat Alice says, "Don' visit me."
Elenis Reyav asks, "Would ye want 'im to?"
¥The Sun sets.
Fat Alice says, "No."
Fat Alice says, "Maybe."
Fat Alice asks, "Is he rich?"
Fat Alice asks, "What's 'is health like?"
Elenis Reyav says, "He's kinda rich, yeah."
Elenis Reyav says, "He doesn't worry about his health."
Fat Alice says, "bah"
(Fist of Fluff winks at Alice)
Fist of Fluff asks, "Lookin' fer a guy?"
Fat Alice asks, "Who isn't?"
(Elenis Reyav chuckles.)
(Fist of Fluff smiles)
Ziff Rengar asks, "hey, do you have a trick to get rid of those annoyances?"
Fat Alice says, "I lie down and wait fer 'em to go away."
Ziff Rengar says, "pfft"
J'jh says, "(-:"
Ziff Rengar says, "that never worked"
Elenis Reyav asks, "Alice... ya works black magic, right?"
Fat Alice says, "I knows some stuff."
Elenis Reyav says, "Maybe you could tell me something about this... powerful magic in it, so Tenny says."
Elenis Reyav shows his Sword of Souls to everyone.
Fat Alice says, "Looks like a sword."
Elenis Reyav says, "Screams like a banshee if'n ya spill blood on it."
(Fat Alice cackles)
Fat Alice says, "I'd make some noises if'n ya spilled blood on me too."
Ziff Rengar asks, "you arent a sword are you?"
(Fat Alice shakes her cane.)
(J'jh grins)
Fat Alice says, "I kin make people scream with me cane."
Fat Alice says, "Night time alreadys an' I 'aven't had me breakfastin' yet."
Gurgi says, "we'd be faster if you showed us your path, but i suppose you arent that hungry"
Fat Alice says, "I'll go gets me own eggs."
Ledward Vicious exclaims, "Nice ta meet ya!"
Gurgi says, "watch out for those cats"
Fat Alice says, "Not if I see ys first."
J'jh yells, "bye alice"
Elenis Reyav says, "Take care Alice. Enjoy yer breakfast."
Fat Alice ponders, "Gots to get some moonshadow too"
(J'jh smiles..)
J'jh says, "hehe"
Gurgi says, "your cats bane isnt working"
Fat Alice says, "They aint bitin' me."
J'jh ponders, "right"

Entil'Zha says, "We going to the caves? Alice said she'd get her own eggs...."
Gurgi says, "i doubt she will be here if we came back"