Greetings Noble men and women of Puddleby!

I have been in Puddleby for six weeks now, and I have grown found of
this land and its inhabitants. I started out humbly, killing little
things in The Rat Tower, but have now ventured further and have made my
way to the second circle.

Oh the adventures I have been on, the things I have seen!

When I first came to this land, I memorized the scrolls of fast feet. I
am forever grateful for the wisdom this scroll gave me, as it has saved
me many times. I am also grateful to those who dedicate themselves to
draw maps of the land. Without them, I would have been completely lost.

Oh the first time I saw the awesome Maha! Although the fear
paralyzed my limbs, I could not help but adore that dangerous beast as
it was wracking havoc on the south beach. The panic was total of course,
we all spread like autumn leaves on the wind, but we didn't get
far. Thankfully some experienced fighters brought it down, or else I
would still be lying at the beach, watching the tides roll in.

I remember the many days and nights spent in the hive. Where the sound of
many a newborn yelling ROYAL got my hair to curl in fear. I remember the
first time Lord Michael called me Babajaga the Fleet. Many had fallen,
and there were still more beasts rolling in.It seemed hopeless, and I
was about to die .Holding the moneybag in my left hand, I dodged,
swirled, ran and circled the beasts - until a path was clear and I could
run to safety and call for backup.

I remember many moments fallen in company with good friends .Especially
when that Good Arbilad and my beloved Sleipnir sang a duet in the

I remember proudly my success once as a rabbit, leading a whole army
of undines. Dodging their attacks, trapping them behind rocks, while
those good healers got time to heal the wounded and raise the fallen.I
remember the good healer that accompanied me there behind the rock, and
healed my wounds too.

I remember Michael Aridfox´s first trip to Tanglewood too..
/action laughs out loud

The joy of rescue! The sound of a coin, a yell, knowing that there are
friends who are looking for you.The sound of beasts falling as those
brave warriors make the area clear. The tickling of life, as it pours
trough your veins.

The joy of being a rescuer. Slowly working our way to where the fallen
are .Protecting the healers, fighting, concentration.

A look from my beloved. A gaze of admiration and love. The joy of
adventuring the lands with The Great Lord Sleipnir.

I am forever grateful to The Creator, who has let me experience such a
great world.I bow before all you who have had my name on your tongues,
talked to me and helped me on my way. I bow before all those brave
healers of whom I consider myself a proud friend.

Babajaga Vanimalda, The Fleet