Sonnet for Babajaga and Sleipnir

This sonnet was presented by Healery to Lady Babajaga and Sir Sleipnir on the occasion of their wedding on [?], the [?] Day of Winter in the year 533 of the Ascendancy.

[horz line]

The Earth is muffled 'neath a coat of white;
In peace it sleeps, awaiting springtime Sun.
The silent Moon casts down a silv'ry light
On two bright spirits, newly become one.

A sylvan lady, born in darkling wood,
Both strong and kind is Babajaga Fair.
Beside her stands Sir Sleipnir, true and good,
His heart and honor great beyond compare.

Their love, they swear, shall last for evermore;
Nor death itself shall their sweet vow destroy.
In these dark times, with darker still in store,
Much hope be gained from their resplendent joy.

So let us all rejoice, that, hand in hand,
They walk as one, and thus inspire the land.

[horz line]

An account of the wedding ceremony may also be viewed.

[horz line]

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