772 K
Gerag the Firedrake are finally killed in town.

332 K
Gerag the Firedrake terrorizes Puddleby´s halflings.

683 K
The shards on Tenebrion´s Isle are assembled, and the whole crystal guides the exiles through the Zodiac Circle, to the Ethereal Plane.

234 K
Bracis comes to town, and is shown the monastery by a group of devoted students.

1.1 MB
Two brave explorers find the difficult path to The Fort on Devil´s Isle.

195 K
3 exiles chosen by Puddleby, J´nder, Thuja and Elenis Reyav speaks to Tenebrion in his keep.

Aki and Sutai holds a contest over who will be the Fenix egg´s owner. The Fenix has other plans..
The Quiz The taming The Fenix rises The discussion

Puddleby´s first Beauty Pageant
Pageant 1&2 Pageant 3&4 Pageant 5,6&7

332 K
Odd things happen during Lilit´s rites in the undine cave.

1.1 MB
Snagglewood mapped by the exiles of Puddleby during two exhausting days.