644 K
The unthinkable happens, Yor hits Qual with the Separ and down falls a wounded Sylvan.

78 K
Tog the Kin talks about Qual and the separ.

39 K
Kirth Gersen cures Ard Ri.

1.2 MB
Kala Sahar meets Tessa Malthus, the secret Separ group forms, hunt for dew infected begins.

98 K
Kala Sahar, the last of the Separ keepers seeks exiles with knowledge about the Dew infection.

137 K
Katpus meets members of LIFE in the safe cave up in Foothills.

117 K
During the Orga War and after the destruction of the Altar, each piece of it had to be found and dragged back to town.

332 K
Dentir Longtooth comes to town