273 K
Algernon passes the Second Circle healer test, with a little nudging from friends.


273 K
A discussion on Law and Mystics on the island of Lok'Groton.


956 K
Sleipnir is lead through the new hive for the first time. He is indeed a foolish knight!


273 K
Sir West is laid to rest by his friends.

Influenced by a strong spell Sir Sleipnir Na Gralam is auctioned off.
At arena At auction At the wedding chapel

Group of exiles meet the relatives of the tr´ools in southforest.
Trool part 1 Trool part 2

176 K
On a regular hunt on Dal´Noth, the party meets Qual, the Wizard.
See also under Rescues.

1,5 MB
A group of brave explorers travels beyond Alchemist Folly.

137 K
Yor in an interesting conversation with Qual the Wizard on Dal´Noth.

390 K
Votenkath´s voice is finally heard from the Castle on Dal´Noth.