Its just a game, to most of us.

WormTounge. A name. A spelling mistake. A way of life.

As I run around helping friends, the rats start to bother me a little more. Incessantly looking for a way to prevent me carrying on with my daily duties. Anyway, while running along I hear a message from a friend saying help is needed near by. I head off towards my comrades to see what I can do. When I get there I discover a rather annoying predicament. Those rats called a few of their larger cousins. This is also one of the few times that the vermin and cats will band together to rid themselves of a pest, that pest being me.

The picture to the left is me. Sutai was kind enough to draw it for me one day when we both had some free time.

The rest of this page is.... under construction! :)


Clan Lord is a role play game created and run by Delta Tao The characters are all exiles from the main land. We were sent here by the mad and evil Emperor Mobuis. The island we live is one of a small chain in the middle of a large ocean. Some of us a criminals, some are political exiles, some have come to this small hostile island to avoid other, worse fates.

In Puddleby Im a healer. If you need a heal most anywhere that Ive heard of, Ill be glad to help! To learn more about me and my travels, look here.

I'm currently working on a list of all the 4th circle healers in Puddleby. It can be found here.


Healers Merchant

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