Traders of Pudleby

WormTounge has become a trader in Puddleby. He has had many different items through his hands and sold to many different people. In an effort to make things more transparent and maybe even attract some more customers, here's a list of items he is likely to buy and sell.

 Item Price payed Price sold at
Wood 10 coins 20 coins.
Kudzu 4 coins 6 coins
Barrels 2 coins 5 coins
Metal 140 coins 200 coins
Feather 3 coins 4 coins
Wheat, Tangleberries, 12 coins 15 coins
Yeast, Hops 15 coins 20 coins
Barley 20 coins 25 coins
Cacao pods 40 coins 48 coins
Tuned Sunstone Sold on behalf 900 coins
Worn/Raw SS 120 coins 150 coins
Ulis/Potions 180 coins 250 coins
Spores 5 coins 10 coins (free with Uli)
Togron nuts/ Tykan potions 5 coins (nuts) 130 coins (potions)
Lila/Orga berry Sold on behalf 2,000+ coins
Announce token Sold on behalf 2,000 coins
Orga eye 70 100
Cigar 25 coins 40 coins
ID candy 18 coins 25 coins

WormTounge can sell almost any item on behalf of someone. This involves the person giving him the item to sell, and telling him the price they would like it to be sold for. (Good prices can be recomended). Then when it's sold, he then gives the sellers the coins the next time they are in availible. No commision is asked, but tips are welcome.

Worm can take orders from people aswell. If you would like him to get you something, tell him what, and how much you will pay for it. Then next time he sees you, when he has one of the items, he will sell at the price you requested.


If you would like a service advertised that WormTounge can't provide, contact him about advertising. Currently, music composing and playing by Tessa and Xepel are being advertised.

You can contact Worm while in town or PPOB number 1313 or by e-mail.


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