Museum space token auction information!


Muzea, one of the workers at the Puddleby Museum, has asked WormTounge to auction another museum space token. To place a bid by contacting him in the lands, through the post office box number 1313 or via email.

The format for the auction will be a silent auction. The highest bidder pays 50 coins more than the second highest bidder. Bid incriments are 50 coins at the minumum. If two equal bids are made, the first bid will take priority. Feel free to bid as high as you can afford, you will not be overcharged! If you are outbid, WormTounge will endeaver to contact you as soon as possible.

To the winners, or people who are interested: The specs for the image are: 100x100 with height being less of a factor than width. 256-color System palette. If you buy two tokens, you'll be able to make one peice of art twice as wide as the standard. (100x200).

It is also now possible to display short stories and poems along with the art work. They can be up to 10 lines long. A small fee may be incurred when setting up this part of the display. Also, pending bard guild approval, bards music will be able to be played in the museum. Both of these can be combined with artwork to make one impressive display.

The winner of the auction should contact Joe or Ann for more information.

My first auction, Zeus won for 7,002 coins.
My second auction, Rising Claw won for 7,002 coins.
My third auction, the Zouclougeist Alliance won for 7,601 coins.
My fourth auction, the Order of the White Elephant won for 5,001 coins.
My fifth auction, Bulgoruis won for 8,001 coins.
My sixth auction, Lex won for 11,150 coins.
My seventh auction, the Edarian Alliance won for 10,050 coins.


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