137 K
The exiles of Lok'Groton make a last, futile stand against the void on the island of the Centaur.


410 K
Pieces of the town altar are returned to town.


410 K
Trauma attempts to stop Bartok and his Orga from stealing the town altar.


59 K
Surrounded in the meadow, Bartok finally meets his demise. Or does he....

819 K
A hunting party breaks through to the fourth level of the Orga Camp.

505 K
This provides evidence of orga-undine
collusion. Although only one fury appears, four were in fact killed that day.

176 K
A group of exiles finally take over the abyss.

The Tr´ools are driven back to tr´ool town
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956 K
Where the exiles take the battle to tr´ooltown, and Phiros interrupts a deal between a Sar´Noth and a Tr´ool