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A small rescue heads through Hatreds Hollow, Orga Outback and to Orga Village.

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The Hag Fat Alice falls on Kismia´s Isle on her way to her garden, and then toggles all of Puddleby...

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A massive healing force is needed for a very fallen Entil´Zha.

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3 exiles fallen in Snaggy are saved by no other than Falinea herself.

Facing Qual the Wizard and many of his minions, a group slowly are able to rescue many fallens in the mountains of Dal´Noth.
At beach In the passes The rescue

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An awsome rescue in the lavaroom at Dark Temple, with a Darshak Liche as company...

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A typical rescue in the arachnoid caverns by some most atypical exiles.

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Babajaga the Fleet is kidnapped by the Black Knight during the Ball and Tourney. The exiles rush to save her.